Best Wifi Router Test – Google Wifi vs Apple Airport Extreme vs Xiaomi Mi Wifi 3

Google Wifi US:
Google Wifi UK:

Xiaomi Mi Wifi 3 US:
Xiaomi Mi Wifi 3 International:

Apple Airport Extreme US:
Apple Airport Extreme UK:

As the number of connected devices is increasing rapidly, the wifi routers need to update as well. I been so far using the Apple Airport Extreme, but have had issues with heat and performance. I was looking for an alternative and came across super affordable Xiaomi Mi Wifi 3 and the latest Google Wifi systems.

In this video:
00:36 Intro
01:05 Hardware and specs
05:39 Software and apps
07:40 Real life test
12:50 Conclusion and recommendation

More info and all the results:

Story/Camera/Editing: Sander Saar



February 2017, London


Dias azul says:

u is the mask?

mmiikkeeb14 says:

hello, do you think it s worth getting the xiaomi router for a kinda lousy connection of 10mbs download and 1mbs upload. the one i have covers most of the house but the internet can get very slow with more than one users on it. would some better distribution help or there is not much to distribute anyway?

Strange Hunter says:

Ну у тебя и произношение, у меня аж уши заболели. Ты случайно не родственник Мутко?

A Digital says:

he looks like ted cruze

Azeem Hashmani says:

Nice comparison …thnks for sharing

Marcel Big says:

My Router: Gigabit Tp-link Archer C9

AZ0960440 says:

The link on Gearbest for the Xiaomi only give an option for EU plug. Does it come with adapters for the U.S? I can’t find any info. Thanks to anyone who can help.

Dineshlikes Frank says:

the best review on youtube.. yu covered everything i need to know

sexntuna says:

Doesn’t make sense to show 3 bars in different colors.. but only that Xiaomi represents the blue color.
You should also show Apple and Google at the beginning of showing the bar charts.

Orlando Fleming says:

With the apple router can you hook up android devices

lovefeist says:

In your final summary, you neglected to point out that the Google device lacks a USB connection. Though the Google device’s performance was the best, the lack of USB is a deal breaker for someone like me who connects their printer to the router via USB. Overall, your video is excellent.

Garrett Cyr says:

actually apple does have mesh networking. you can pair more apple routers to each other to achieve the same as google

Chrit S says:

You can download an app called WiFi analyzer on Android. It gives actual measurements of signal strength and it even recommends which channels to choose.

Aditya Misra says:

Great video I’m buying google WiFi

zodiacfml says:

Kinda useful review but it is basically an apple versus oranges review. The price and features are far too different from each other.

Errol Edwards says:


Siddhu Padhye says:

Mi router 3G is better than Mi router 3

Dawaleeb Alhawa says:

google wifi, are you insane? now overtime you piss is recorded and sold as data.

Patrick Mondor says:

Great video! Agree Google WIFI is a great choice. Use it in two houses without issue.

GT says:

Wonderful, very useful tests.

Gospel Musicians says:

One thing that Mac allow is the Back To My Mac. Airport Extreme does offer a type of Meshed network as well.

maxcady360 says:

I’ve tested the Xiaomi Router for the past 3 weeks and I don’t recommend it. At least this version. I used it to extend my wifi range. I shut off the wifi on the original ISP router, connected the RJ-45 port to the Wan port of the Xiaomi Router and allowed the devices to connect to the later (which causes a decrease in internet speed overall, because the router is feeding the connection to another device). The range is incredible. But the hardware specs aren’t enough to keep up with the devices. The Router’s CPU gets up to 80% a lot of time just to keep up with all the connections (and true, there’s at least 7 devices with wifi in my house at any given time). 80% CPU usage makes all the connections unbearably slow. Video streaming becomes painfully slow, even uploading files becomes horrible. I’ve tried tweaking the settings multiple times and the device simply doesn’t have the hardware necessary for everyday use with various devices. It might work better as a repeater but those have proved themselves to be worthless in my house. Fortunately newer versions of the Xiaomi Router 3 with better specs are now available or save up some money for Xiaomi’s other premium models, which are still more affordable than the higher end router.

Brian Kuyath says:

Great breakdown! Really appreciated the insight. Well done!

Rahul Dahiya says:

Whats the name of your macbook and model number ?

TheRouteShow says:

pls review mi 3g router..

Hussain Shivji says:

let me ask u a question. which is better in ur mind. google wifi or portal routers as mesh system

Sean Typher says:

Very helpful video, thanks for your work

Alex Boehm says:

This is a horrible review. you don’t understand the technologies or the number of antennas each device has… Comparing the internet speed between wireless AC routers. You understand they all saturate your internet connection so the differences will be negligable….

Aadhya Sriram says:

dude, can you compare Netgear Nighthawk to these?

Jay C says:

Hey man i just want to congratulate you this is one of the best reviews i’ve ever seen. Flawless! Thanks for such review!

hadi hammad says:

i like your review
ur the best

Gipsy Habibi says:

So which one should i get the apple or google?

ravvu says:


Russel Duncan says:

Good work on a decent review.

Mark Motard says:

You’re comparing a unsupported device from 2013 with one from 2017 and expect the performance to be similar. Might as well compare the Google Pixel 2 vs the iPhone 4s and see which one is faster and has more features.

Review The Cheapest says:

The government should test your home for radiation.

Ming yew Wong says:

Awesome job

Cesar Sales says:

How many mbps up/down do your ISP provide you?

HailgodMC says:

lol why are u using xiaomi router’s 2.4ghz wireless n instead of 5ghz wireless ac to compare against ac routers? is this a joke or?

How did u even do the “bandwidth” tests? from what i can see all u are doing is looking at the fake connection speeds from the devices. are u even using a program like iperf for real world testing?

Justsoyallknow says:

Thanks so much for your elaborate review here. It’s very helpful.

Terri B says:

Thanks for this “range” test!

Redneck Revelations says:

Best router is TP-Link Archer C7 with OpenWRT so you can fix the channel width (its lovked to 80, but you really want 20)

HydroPlay says:

Thanks for the detailed review! I live in a small apartment (consisting of one room), so I guess I’ll be going for Xiaomi router, since I won’t be experiencing inconveniences with the connection, and I’ll be saving a ton of money.

Rohit Kumar says:

Excellent review and best comparison, bang on target! Well Done.

Melinda Impellizzeri says:

Excellent job! Very helpful. Thank you.

Ati says:

No Asus, Cisco?

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