Gaming Online, 4K Steaming, and Live Streaming? This WiFi AC Router has the fastest speeds & longest range!
Archer AC5400 WiFi Router:
Talon AD7200 WiFi Router:
My Modem:
Archer AC3200:
Best WiFi Router UNDER $100:
Ethernet Adapter:
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Product Info:
-Boost Your Wi-Fi – Advanced NitroQAMTM (1024-QAM) and 4-Stream technology increase maximum Wi-Fi speeds on all bands by 25%, achieving combined Wi-Fi speeds of up to 5334Mbps
-More Bands, More Devices – Tri-Band Wi-Fi offers three distinct wireless bands for more devices
-Multiple Reliable Connections – MU-MIMO* allows the router to achieve 4X efficiency by communicating with up to four devices at once
-Smoother Performance – Smart Connect automatically assigns each device to the best available band to achieve optimal performance
-Powerful Processing – Ultra-Fast 1.4GHz Dual-Core CPU and 3 co-processors provide fast and stable overall performance
-Maximized Range – 8 External Antennas maximize the Wi-Fi coverage and enhance the wireless connections
-Quality of Service (QoS) sofware built-in. Easily choose which types of internet usage to prioritize such as: Gaming, Streaming, Surfing, Chatting, Standard or Custom.
-Works with Alexa for voice control and IFTTT for smart home customization


Oscar Cortez says:

I Have a Family, and we have multiple devices (6 smartphones, 2 PS4, macbook, wifi desktop) how does it work for multiple devices??

Chip Friday says:

I have a crazy odd house with my antenna and router coming in at then Ham shack which is in the middle in the string of house (which is long and then like a train).  My Bedroom is at the caboose and have times that I have to weight for buffers.  Just jumped my speed from 10 megs (?) to 20 megs.  Renting the WIFI company’s router for extra 10 bucks.  With this router do I need something “in front of” my router like a modem (modulated-demodulator)?

ever6 says:

Nice video man but I’m very curious about to major things for me VPN setup and drop devices connection since I currently have the EA 5400 Linksys beast router and it’s currently doing the annoying drop internet connection stuff. I’ve had this router since it was first released and now seeing this TP link router I’m thinking hmmn should I switch and sale my Linksys since I have over 20 devices and of course gaming consoles. I also have the same modem as you and cox fastest internet speed.

So my question how woud you compare this to Linksys EA9500 5400 router to this and have you had any drop conections for 1-2mins and it comes back? I even had tech support help change my settings and it still does it 3x a day.

2. I’m strongly thinking about setting up vpn my first time and trying out Nordvpn so can I do it with this TP link archer? thanks

smash ahoe says:

great router I purchased the ac3200 a step down but for only using it for just gaming it works great. Thanks to the amazon prime I only paid 128.00 for it

jeffrey r says:

Is this better than the TPLINK AC1750 Dualband?

Demetrius Tyler says:

What is the monthly cost

Michael Castro says:

This thing is pretty pricy. But I bet the WiFi speed is insanely FAST

Jeremy says:

hey man, I don’t care about the wifi function. I only care about security. Would you recommend one?

Oddball6 says:

How does this compare to the Nighthawk X10?

Rafael Fernandez says:

So I bought the Google WiFi thinking that it would improve my WiFi but once my son starts gaming and I’m on Netflix the wifi starts lagging. Worse than the ac1900 I had before. So tomorrow I’m returning Google WiFi and buying this router.

Shimpy Z says:

Best Gaming Wifi But Its To Expensive…

The Gadget God says:

Gaming Online, 4K Steaming and Live Streaming? This WiFi AC Router provides the fastest speeds & longest range!
Archer AC5400 WiFi Router:
Talon AD7200 WiFi Router:
My Modem:
Archer AC3200:
Best WiFi Router UNDER $100:
Gadget Deals:

Connect with me 🙂

prodezignz says:

Well apple does not agree. They would make that with no buttons, or lights, or usb ports, or more then 2 Ethernet ports.

S Gavin says:

Does it have QoS software? Don’t see QoS listed anywhere.

24Eagle11 says:

Nice, I’ve actually been looking for a router, was hoping this was a modem/router 2 in 1. Suggestion, instead of making an 18 minute video where in the second half of the vid you are repeating yourself about the router, you should’ve transitioned into the modem you suggested half way through. Is the modem just as good, does it support both cable and dsl? If not, maybe you can make a vid about a modem that supports both that is also awesome. Tell me before you make a vid about it though, so I can stop renting my modem ;P

Things Liberals Say says:

How is the wall penetration?

Gaming Is Life says:

is this better than the linksys ac2600 great video again thanks

Ging the Hunter says:

I’m gonna get it but my pc is 2 rooms away from the router and I wanna use cable is there a solution I don’t know what to do my pc doesn’t have WiFi only cable for internet

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