Best Wifi Router 2018 – Netgear Orbi, Eero Pro, Google Wifi, Amplifi HD

This is a quick comparison and review of some of the top selling best wireless sytems on the market. The four units tested include the Netgear Orbi RBK50, Google Wifi, Eero Pro 2nd gen, Ubiquiti Amplifi HD, and a Ubiquiti NanoHD Access Point. Unfortunately, I ended up returning the Linksys Velop as I had too many issues with it such as problems connecting the mesh units and devices constantly dropping from the network. The Ubiquiti Unifi NanoHD was added to the comparison to give you an idea of what kind of speeds you can expect from a single access point in a 3400 sq ft home.

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William Arrington says:

Google Wifi working great for more than a year. No issues, fast speed, full coverage in a 4000sqft house.

Orlando J. Soto Zeno says:

Google wifi user since it was released. No issues here. They keep getting better with every software upgrade. Had the Orbi and didn’t like it at all. Glad I moved to G-wifi.

shroyale says:

Omg his mbps is 999 or Something

Chen Luo says:

Google WiFi is a system only has AC1200 setup. It’s an unfair comparison even if they are all mesh system doesn’t mean they’re same…

Jonathan Brewer says:

I’ve had google WiFi for a few months now and it’s amazing. No issues with my 100mbps downloads

Austin Turtle says:

I’m using (5) but own 6 samsung connect homes with a asus rog rapture 5300 as the main router.

Signal is really damn good with Spectrum 200/20.

Nicholas Turner says:

I did like your video and subscribed to your channel, but now I am more confused on which set-up to go with even more because of your video. Great video though 🙂

TCC says:

Main: Mikrotik CCR-1009 router –> Mikrotik CSR317 switch –> TP-Link POE+ Switch –> Ubiquiti UAP-AC-Pro
Backup: Mikrotik HAP AC^2. It’s as good as a UBNT UAP AC Lite and Edgerouter X combined, but costs just $69. It’s a switch + access point + router and actually doesn’t suck like most consumer all-in-ones.

Steve T says:

I have Google Wifi setup and I haven’t had any issues with it, maybe try a better strategic way in planting each AP, or get an extra one where you’d think the signal maybe a bit weak at.

kentao4 says:

One more for google WiFi here! Had next to no signal in my basement and now I’m running 4K video down there with no issue.

Connected first node to modem on main floor.Placed one upstairs and the last downstairs. I plugged the last near the bottom of the steps in the basement (as close as possible to main node) and the tv (no cable here – smart apps and Apple tv) is located on the opposite end.

Reason I’m describing is because it’s def important where it is placed. I experimented with bringing the node to the other side of the room with the tv and the speeds dropped dramatically.

In conclusion, in case people are having issues, I recommend playing around more with locations. For example don’t put the nodes at the farthest corners of your place but place closer to main connection and let the coverage reach to the corners while placing the main node as central in the home as possible.

Maybe that helps?

Joshua Austill says:

I have the google wifi and it is covering my 3200 square feet with zero issues. By far the best router I’ve ever had. I’m curious if you got a lemon…

Jaakan Shorter says:

I have a 3 node Google WiFi setup all are hardwired via a gigabit switch handling the data back channel, no issues, my house is covered. The signal doesn’t go passed my yard/end of my driveway which is a good thing.

Bendirval says:

These types of reviews are problematic because they always assume you are not using an ethernet backhaul. Am I the only one who does have ethernet in several parts of my house, some of which have terrible wifi? Some of these systems do not even have ethernet backhaul. Others implement it as an afterthought. How about a review for folks who have a few wires in their house?

Michael Walker says:

Asus RT 5300 its incredible. Avg 100 Mbs down anywhere on 2.4 Ghz, and over 450 On 5 Ghz anywhere in the house 4760 sqf

sandsalpha says:

I’d definitely be interested in seeing how the Samsung SmartThings mesh holds up against the rest.

David Carter says:

How about best mesh networks that have wired backhaul?

Majestechs says:

Hey guys!! I see tons of comments from people who have Google Wifi and are having no issues. Hopefully we can figure out why there are so many mixed reviews. Here’s my experience in a nutshell.

With only a single unit (router) connected, I had absolutely no issues with Google Wifi. I actually got pretty decent speeds all around my house, with the exception of some of the hard to reach areas. The issues didn’t start popping up until I added the additional mesh units. I tried positioning them in several areas around the house but unless I was within 15-20 feet of the access point, I had connectivity issues. The strange part about it is that the wifi signal itself appeared to be strong but the actual throughput was horrible. I read through tons of reviews from users and tech reviewers and a lot of people experienced the same issues that I had in this video so there’s definitely an issue.

Wifi is very dependent on the environment where it’s being used, especially considering nearby interference. If you’re using your wifi in an area that is mostly clear of other nearby wireless networks or interference, then I would imagine that you wouldn’t experience many issues. However, if you live in a heavily populated area or an area with a lot of wireless interference that won’t be the case. I would say that my house falls somewhere in the middle, which is good for testing. That being said, I think that there are some issues that are specific to how the Google Wifi mesh access points are connected and I can only hope that Google can address with an over-the-air update.

conrado k says:

What do you think of the new smartThings wifi?

MrOnyourbike says:

I bought a RBK and signal strength was amazing however every appliance kept dropping wifi

So after a week it went back

DerTommynator says:

Is a mesh router worth it if I just get 1 of them, or should I go with a “traditional” router then? (the coverage with 1 is enough, and I only have a max speed of 20mbit)

Fazal Fariz says:

Wondering why you had problems with Google Wifi. Mine gave me no issues so far. The speeds are consistent no matter where I check. (They’re stronger even through several layers of concrete walls) Maybe the placement and what not had an issue, not sure.

UttR Concrete says:

Orbi looks the best, I’m still rock the Apple Airport Time Capsule 3 terabyt and a Airport Extreme. If I had to chose one, Orbi….

Jonathon Weldon says:

Haha, I am still using 12meg speeds. I don’t even know how I would use the kind of speeds shown in this video.

jerry Robinson says: confused with your speed test, please confirm your home personal

Michael Meehan says:

It’s all about the client

Ethan Brule says:

I like that you add your bloopers at the end, it makes you relatable,

Kaoru Sugimura says:

Few things missed in here. The first is that I didn’t hear you mention your homes layout/walls. If you have concrete, wood or sheetrock it makes a huge difference. The same goes with the range from each point. Some, like the amplifihd, will double hop or you may connect to the main router but it won’t have reliable signals. The last thing is that the Amplifihd’s mesh points AREN’T omnidirectional. This is a big deal and it’s why you won’t get good signals if you are slightly off the direction the antenna is facing.

Mark LaPrade says:

I haven’t had any problems with Google WiFi and this is going into second year and even better since they allowed me to change your internal lan IP address..

Alejandro Lavie says:

Thanks for the video. In it, you mention that Orbi satellite can be connected to the router via ethernet to improve speed. Where is this documented? It looks like the Ethernet ports on the satellite are only to plug in other devices, but not the router.

I believe this is called ethernet backchannel… That is one feature that Eero highlights for their pro system.

Quatele says:

I wouldn’t consider doing mesh inside a building. Save yourself trouble for years to come and spend the extra time and money to hardwire APs to a central switch. If you want to save money, you can get end-of-life enterprise grade hardware on the cheap. About a year ago on eBay for about $90, I got a Cisco 2106 WLAN controller and six 1142 APs. I have two APs on each floor of the house near outside walls, and two in opposite corner soffits of my detached garage to saturate coverage both indoors and outdoors. The power, flexibility, and price of this system is amazing compared to systems targeted to residential buyers.

Jesus Guadalupe says:

What’s your opinion on the this product ?

Samsung SmartThings Wifi Mesh Router Range Extender Whole-Home Coverage SmartThings Hub Functionality – Zigbee, Z-Wave, Cloud to Cloud Protocols – White (3 Pack)

The best at random says:

I have Hughesnet satellite internet and they suck. I am getting speeds of 1.26 download speed. With 3.70 upload speed. They call that high speed internet. Of you have any ideas to help please respond.

James M says:

I have 7 Nest cameras and a dozen other products and Google Wi-Fi was a complete joke. I also got away from mesh Wi-Fi systems because they actually interfere with one another and decrease internet speed. I have better coverage which a single Wi-Fi router.

mathprimes says:

You can use Ethernet cables to pass through cement walls and Google WiFi access points will use the cables connection to create a mesh network.

Brian Hakey says:

Great video, I’ve got a few Eeros coming tomorrow.

Holly Redding says:

I have hughesnet had it for maybe a year now and looking to find a better wifi svcs. What I have now is very terrible and way to high for the prices

Roy Dubois says:

I put a linkys velop system into a two story house that’s double your size no issues what so ever and quadrupled the speed of the wifi in that house

Pink Quartz says: has over 6,000 reviews for google WiFi and a 4.8/5 it’s good

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