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LeMar Gunn says:

Whether I win this or not I’m getting one, we have multiple dead spots throughout our house

Tony Stark says:

I want it because you are one of the few on here who are genuine and I know it would work.

Michael Nguyen says:

I need a mesh system in my home because currently I have a really fast AT&T Fiber 1000 internet service in my home approximately 2,600sq ft. I use the Nest camera around my home but when I tried to put one Nest cam out my garage driveway. No wifi signal available and also very bad signal in the far end of the house where the master bedroom is located. Also this mesh system looks very minimalist and fit in with my  ecosystem.

curlygurl says:

Would be helpful to fix the problem spot in my daughter’s room. thanks for the informative review.

Jon Pak says:

i need it cause my 2nd floor is really slow. would love to be able to setup a smart room for the kids!

dixoncoxon says:

i need this….3rd floor internet coverage sucks in my home


I want this please! From Malaysia! 🙂

Luiz Cláudio says:

I need this AmplFi at home! If it is so good as you showed, then I will avoid to to spend hundreds of money in cable to change the actual place of my damn moden, lol. Saludos do Brasil =D

Armando Ferreira says:

*Giveaway Instructions: Leave a comment why you need a new Wi-Fi Mesh system for your home and Like this video. Winner will be announced on my Instagram Nov 1 in my story. I will also post winner on Twitter so make sure to follow me on social media.*

Jonté Burke says:

My two story home is made from concrete and I want to be able to be upstairs on the internet.

Aaron Kimmins says:

I need this cuz cable one sucks! I go about 20-25 feet to the bedroom and my speed drops to about 1MB! Back I only get about 15 standing in the modern…

godcore223 says:

I have horrible internet I pay for 100mb down and get 20 in my living room, 15 in my gym room, 80 in my bedroom ( next to the router room) and 94 in my computer room which has the router in. Would help alot with studies and assessments for my cert 3 in commerical cookery

Zhenia Umanets says:

I need Wi-Fi mesh because I live in a country where we cannot get them. I have very thick walls and hard to find a proper solution for such conditions.

MR كووورة says:

I want to win it because the WiFi retour is in my dad room and my room is far so the internet is slow

Brendan Rosa says:

I would love to win the giveaway! The walls of my house are seemingly made of lead. My Google OnHub just isn’t cutting it.

Ricardo Sanchez says:

i want it because i love free stuff.

Francisco Rodriguez says:

I need this mesh networking because my home only has one connection for the router on one end of my home so the other end has no hope of achieving a decent connection. I pay for 100/10 and the opposite side tops up at 10/8

nilesh0 says:

I am moving into a new house and this exactly what I need there!

Eric Paul Goldie says:

Fantastic video, well explained, concise and not to technical! I will be sharing this with friends when they ask for advice on Mesh VS AP! Thank you again!

Pablo Sencion says:

Hola… I’m in NYC. My apartment is mostly concrete Walls. No stand alone router can reach to the far end of the bedroom. That small mesh wifi system is perfect for me. I was ready to buy one. I’m going to wait for you to give me that one.

Nicolas Jauregui says:

Been looking forward to buying one myself to upgrade the crappy range my cable modem has

Muzamal Abadullah says:

I love the design. Does this works with teleport ?

steeth5 says:

Can you show us a rough diagram plan of where the hubs are located? In reference to your Ubuntu router?

Blake Keeton says:

I’m moving to a bigger house next month and this would be a great addition! So please pick me!

dvang2 says:

I need the new mesh network because since my house is long and my router is on one end of the house, wifi is really really bad. Winning this would definitely solve the problem.

Hector G. says:

Thanks for the video Mando, it is great that these systems are getting more affordable. I also want to ask, if you know, is this system compatible with ubiquity’s Teleport? Thanks again.

Manoj shesh Nagendra says:

There are a lot of walls and obstruction in my house. Hope I win this and fix the dead WiFi zones at my place!

Geraldo Stanislas says:

Because I live in a place where internet providers gives only 2.5mbps .if that’s bad then read more. My modem is like in the place where there’s a lot of interruption and I can’t just like move it.

Tyler Lamb says:

I am in need of a WiFi mesh system because I live in a split-design one story home with concrete walls. The wifi signal is non-existant on one side of the home

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