BEST GAMING ROUTER OF 2018?! (Netgear Nighthawk XR500 Unboxing)

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DumaOS Walkthrough Video:

Unboxing Part starts at 3:07 lmao

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Nathan Welter says:

what makes this better than the nighthawk ac3200 that is tri-band isnt that better just trying to learn thanks!!

Aj Lawton says:

Hey man have a ? About what router go with the x10 or the rx500 what would you go with for the all around best performance for gaming streaming and everything else iam trying to go with the best of the best price is no issue if you could respond as soon as you can I would greatly appreciate it

Tufan T says:

Bro which cable do you recommend ? Cat6a or cat6? I have 50mbit down and 10mbit up..and should i use for both the same cable (from main router to xr500 and from xr500 to ps4) ?

ShokzMayKill says:

what are the USB ports for?

Кирилл Василенко says:

not working in Russian absolutely on Xbox one Battlefield1

John Sawyer says:

Okay guys help me out. I like to try and run wired internet to my Xbox One for obvious reasons that wired is better. My internet isn’t bad and I’m going to be moving out of my folks home and plan on getting the same type of internet and want a good setup. If I got just this does this count as a modem/WiFi router or do I need to get a modem as well for this to work? If so, what modem should I get? I’d like to stick with NETGEAR. I have the Ethernet switch s8000 nighthawk and want to put it all together.

Hysteria says:

This router was junk, QoS aka PoS slowed my 300mbps speeds to 60mbps. I only game on a cat6 wired connection so this was junk. Went with a nighthawk x6s instead which is giving me 360mbps wired.

Ronald Witteman says:

Still doesn’t beat the cable.

Vortex says:


Jon Oxlade says:

I hear the Asus rog roughter sucks and it does not have the premium features like this roughter has

ZombieTube4u says:

Does this lower your ping ?

Nathan Welter says:

I am getting spectrum internet to install the ultra up to 400 mps in about 5 days want to get the best router for gaming was thinking I was getting the netgear night hawk ac3200 but now seeing this the tech will be installing the router 2 pc’s game in the house but are far from the connection so have to use WIFI so want the best router for that pretty and and of course a couple of ipads. My big questions is will I see a big diff from this router to ac3200 NH ? for the extra 80.00 bucks?

Jason Goble says:

Are you ports on the back mis labeled too?

Romeo Javier says:

Is it compatible with comcast cable ?

potato says:

If I get this do I need to get a Netgear broadband DSL aswell as the gaming router . Or do I only need the router to have internet

Robin Lane Skinn says:

How do you only have 7k subs? Nice setup and vid!

Dima Dranik says:

Hey I’m loving everything about this router.. im having hard time picking between xr500 vs Asus AC5300? For range and speed? What would you recommend? Thanks

Tech HD | Unboxings, Reviews, How To Vids says:

The Unboxing part starts at 3:07 I know I spoke a lot in the beginning but I wanted to get my point out there lmao

J T says:

The netduma geo feature is nice if you live in a high populated areas and is only good p2p gaming.. Every other feature work average at best, not even a custom vpn lol, crappy qos, poor ipv6.. For me my Asus router was much better then this overhyped flakey netgear pos

Culiacán 100% says:

Question about the geo filter. If I have two gaming pc’s can I have one geo filtering for overwatch and the other geo filtering for pubg?

Henry Tran says:

Just bought one, don’t know a thing about setting it up but I will try pretty hard after I watched this video

somnang kong says:

If my internet too slow and i buy that router it
faster than before???

Liroy GaminG says:

Is it working at israel too?

Rafael says:

i have this wireless router but whenever i go to the geo filter it says im located in the west coast. I live in the east coast. Any answer in how to solve this?

OgFamee says:

is your ps4 wireless or ethernet?

Deez Nutz says:

What are your settings? Like is upnp on or off ? Did you use port forwarding? What is your bandwidth allocation for your xbox? Thanks in advance

Rafael Azevedo says:

how you have this connected?
because my Internet comes im a coaxial cable to my isp router. then how would i connect this?

call me Daddy says:


Robert Wilson says:

Going out to buy one now i am impressed with it.

Jun Geov says:

It’s that ur house or you move your location ?

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