Asus vs Linksys – Router Review and Assessment

ASUS RT-AC88U Wireless-AC3100 Dual Band Gigabit Router:

ASUS RT-N66U Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router:

Linksys AC1900 (Max Stream EA7500) Wireless Router:

TP-Link Archer C7 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router (AC1750):



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Robert Hill says:

Lolwut, the whole LAN dies when the internet connection goes out, this is the result of someone somewhere making a “decision”. They should stop acting in that capacity.

DumpTown says:

I too once had a Linksys router.  Once.  It was flaky and unreliable and eventually failed far sooner than nominal MTBF.  Build quality was mediocre, the perfect accompaniment to dreadful performance.  I vowed never again to purchase a Linksys product.  I anticipate honoring that vow until my last breath.

Robert Symonds says:

I had an EA7500 and I agree it was junk used it 2 month and it quit, I had the 2 year replacement from Best Buy so I took it back and got a different one chen says:

I love your kitchen, it looks so clean, and I love your smile, too, I have ASUSRT-N66U and a linksys EA8500, linksys EA8500 seems closed source, lack of some important feature like cron, to check internet connection periodically, I love open source router, you don’t worry about something like FBI, CIA,etc…., close source usually have better App support, I mean the App on your smart-phone, so merlin is currently opensource that have Apps to use/manage your router, and you can do all things other third party firmware can do for you (dd-wrt, tomato-usb, openwrt), according above reason, ASUS is the best choice for now.

Colin Beck says:

your videos don’t suck Carey

andymath89 says:

great video as usual! Thanks for sharing, 🙂

Ray Daignault says: is actually walmart

Mike Mao says:

Linksys is now part of belkin. enough said.

Kevin Schmitt says:

@.CareyHolzman, it would be interesting to see a compare/contrast the Asus vs. the Synology RT2600ac routers. I know you like Synology (as do I) and it would be great to know your thoughts.

The cyclist says:

the asus router is now $263.01 on the website

TheMidnightNarwhal says:

I had a ASUS router and the 5 ghz never worked out of the box lmao. Now I’m with TP-LINK and it’s real good.

Rob van Hees says:

Always so much pleasure to watch your videos Carey and many thanks for this Asus Router tip !
Warm Regards from Holland.

Robert Symonds says:

I ordered something from ebay and it came in a newegg box and it came from newegg

MD Noon says:

I’m in 1000% agreement with Carey. There is no router better than Asus. I bought RT68 3-4 years ago and I am still using it in 2017 — The Best router!

However, Asus newer routers are not any better than their older routers.

I bought an Asus router last year, one of their latest routers, paid almost $400 for it, with 6 antennas but I was disappointed because it didn’t perform any better than my Asus RT68 so I returned it and I am using RT 68, we connect around 8-10 devices with it (WiFi & Wired Connection) and it is great.

Genghis Mann says: was bought up by Walmart last year to enhance their eCommerce footprint.

Nothing to worry about here.

GRiZLOC says:

I’ve been using the Asus RT-AC88U and that router is just fantastic. Easy to operate fast and stable. It has 8 gigabit lan ports so no need for a switch. You can connect enough wired devices. Just a few days ago I upgraded to the new Asus GT-AC5300. There is a person on youtube who made a video calling it a 450 dollar paper weight because he has many issues. I have to tell that I really recommend the ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 its an amazing router. I dont like linksys and netgear I had many issues in the past because they are not frequently coming out with firmwares. The Asus GT-AC5300 is just like a mini pc with a quad core cpu and 1GB of Ram . and there arent many routers with those specs. If there are people that dont agree and think Netgear R9000 X10 Nighthawk or Linksys WRT 32X are better routers or you have a comment about please reply thank you !!!

Brian Henry says:

seems like the asus RT-N66U has that broken power switch problem, It is a design flaw.*

For anyone looking for a new power switch for there router.

Lycosa says:

Yep. Nice. I got Cisco Modem cable modem, works good mostly great. I got Asus router 🙂 but its affordable. 20-30€. ASUS! Asus has cheaper ones too.

Matt Branting says:

I had the exact same problem with mine. The power button no longer stays in after trying to recycle the power after a firmware update. I pulled the power cord out and found that the internal pin for the power connector started to come out also. Not very happy with ASUS at the moment. I’ve only had the router for a couple of years. Trying to decide if I should go with a different manufacture.

JayzBeerz says:

You actually pay for routers? With the job you have these companies should be giving you them free to test and keep.

Jose Semino says:

1st time I see a guy doing reviews in his kitchen

zz nex says:

Good video. The power button on my n66u did the same thing. Apparently it’s not uncommon in the n66u and ac66u. I hate being undone by a pennies part so I replaced it with a netgear out of spite. I use tomato firmware so hardware is what matters to me and the netgear seems fine. Between this and wondering if an avoton c2750 will succumb to it’s bug it’s been a bad year of product defects for me.

Michelangelo Zee says:

I am sooooo glad to hear your comments about the linksys routers … I used to be a big fan of them early 2000’s and then they just went to crap … the very first thing I had when I bought the E Series was the interface was absolute Garbage… I had to return it the NEXT Day and never looked back … i advise all my clients to use ASUS … it’s a consumer router that works like a pro… thanks for the this video … I’ll be showing this video to people that need to know

Matthew Bennett says:

I can’t say I have used either Linksys or Asus routers before. Great comparison between the two. I have however had the TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 Wireless Router in situ for many years now. A very good reliable, greet Wi-Fi coverage and easily configured. 🙂

JarheadPlays says:

i love my netgear r7000 (ac1900) what a router it really is. but that asus looks amazing.

Michelangelo Zee says:

To add … I too recently I had a lightning blow out my modem and my RT-AC87u connected on a APC Battery backup … Xfinity wasn’t grounded well enough so … lesson here is to check your ground on old houses I’m sure in my 40 year old house wasn’t planning on having more devices in it… also my Sony Sound bar went out as well as 3 out of 8 Security Cameras using shielded CAT5e … Get Grounded my friend

Samuel Kowalski says:

I love your videos Carey

Read Adams says:

Great video Carey, its good to know we can count on you for good, quality, unbiased information from a guy with years of experience!

Error 404 says:

What are your thoughts on building a Pf sense router?

sstrakas says:

Talk about a coincidence, I was just looking for a new router earlier today. this has been getting great reviews. I’m glad to see a real person talk about it. thanks for this video

Matthew Staples says:

Love this video. Its nice to see someone explain what they need in a product and give an honest opinion on what they find.

Metalbolt says: was actually bought out by Walmart. Additionally, paying with debit and getting the no free return shipping only applies to returning the item due to buyer’s remorse. If the item had an issue or you were sent the wrong item, then they would pay for the shipping of the item.

Amfibios says:

about the linksys, the fact that the whole network goes down when there’s no internet is a complete deal breaker and i can’t wrap my mind around why this should even happen. i checked some reviews and noone even mentions it so i guess u gotta dish out $200 and then find out for yourself…?!?! Anyway, thanks for the heads up man.

Alexander Smith says:

Using Router DHCP to assign IP address to computers in network, but have no LAN connection between your machines when Internet connection is down?

Google APIPA, and how to turn it on via registry edit, if it is not turned on by Win OS automatically (default is ON) Never seen or heard of this kind of problem when ISP net connection is down that local LAN ports on router also do not work.

99% of the time lan still works via Apipa or IPs that were assigned to local machines by router when it was working, DHCP lease from routers to each machine actually lasts for a long time before they refresh old lease/assign a new IP address.

Sounds like malfunctioning router, or misconfigured DHCP on router itself.

And yeah, everybody should change their default router and wifi passwords as soon as they install it.

Rick C says:

How about a video discussion on cable modems?

Marshall Mayes says:

All routers have problems, I bought a Asus RT-ac3100, and it was a piece of junk, Kept disconnecting on 5GHZ band, kept losing devices in network map and rebooting itself. Look on You tube on disconnect problems on the RT-ac3100, This seems to be a common problem. I returned it and bought a Linksys EA8500 and have had no problems.

ForbinColossus says:

TPLink leads the others in price for features. But I dont know if I’d trust them. I dont want to be “the stingiest who pays the most”

Tomas Grzwacz says:

Hi Carey,

Just bought the ASUS RT-AC88U a week before seeing this.

It is fantastic. Great download and upload speeds and tweaking features. Also very stable, no connectivity issue so far.

Like TrendMicro on the perimeter.

Very nice

christopher james says:

Carey, I am confused. Don’t you work for Newegg?

Rik Dusk says:

I have AOL ADSL which give you the sagemcom F@st 2704r modem/router in one, power adapter, Ethernet cable, phone line cable, etc. everything you need for free. I get decent speeds, that suit my needs and has been VERY reliable and problem free. The only thing is if the modem should crap out, i would have to wait 1-3 days for AOL to send a replacement because you can’t use just any other modem. Plus i’d have to send the broken one back, since it’s all free, which is an added hassle. For that reason, i may switch soon. I don’t like being limited or controlled like that! This video was helpful, thanks.

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