ASUS RT-AC68U Dual Band AC1900 Router In-depth Review

Review of the ASUS RT-AC68U Dual Band AC1900 router. Going over real world performance and the many software features.
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➨ASUS RT-AC66U Dual Band AC 1750 Router In-depth Review:

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CraftMojo says:

What hardware revision is that? A2?

Jan Berrios says:

Can anyone pass me the link for this firmware version The latest one I have seems to be having wifi issues… Thanks and great review.

HUGSaLOT Valkyrie says:

There seems to be several versions of the RT-AC68#. Where the # can be any different model moniker. So I’m having a hard time finding what the differences are (some seem to be aesthetic as the “W” moniker is a white version of the router) assuming there are any differences. The “A” model according to Amazon is so new it’s not been released yet, but it looks like all the other versions of the “R, W, U, etc.” that already exist. SO CONFUSING!

Rolando Barrera says:

We bought it and love it, Recommended!!

Roy Barina says:

That is one fine review.
I don’t have that router.. I intend to purchase it
Is it a good idea today? or there is a better value to money router I should consider?

prodezignz says:

a 4tb passport works fine on the usb 3.0

Lleyton Franks says:

Where do you find the password and username

Riaz Rasti says:

I’m looking to purchase one of these bad boys however… there was another review which mentioned that the streaming is not that good with this router. I have a Buffalo NAS and stream a lot of large video files. Have you ran into any streaming issues (speed)?

zukusaka says:

This router is slowing my internet down to basically zero. Please someone help me lol.

NoName says:

I had the router I moved and lost it I am pretty sure I can find the router just not the antenna’s or power cable it is a very good router I had terrible internet and bought this and it is amazing they sell them in tier’s and i got the highest one and I was getting speeds of 4 to 6 gig’s a second it is crazy fast my default internet speed was 10 I have better internet now I think it is 80 megabytes download and 135 upload but I hope I can find it again I will probably buy another one and take the antenna’s out and power cord and take it back

FadGadget1 says:

How do you end individual users internet connection manually?

Janirys Berrios says:

Is this router supposed to range 2300 feet all around? Because it’s dropping signal strength at around 40 feet! PLEASE HELP

Luckygato says:

Good video this router can use SIM card?

Gamphace1 says:

The best investment,had it for years

Raiden X says:

Hi mate, nice review.
Do you know if MAC address filter ON for main wifi and would guest be able to access the Guest wifi?

David Ziffer says:

Thanks for incredible review! Would have been nice to see detail of the DHCP status page (didn’t even see such a page) showing connected devices, since this is after all a router, but hard to complain!

Misi Mihály Marosi says:

does this broadcast simultaneously in 2.4 Ghz and in 5 GHz, at the same time, or only in 1 mode at a time?
Anyone can tell me?

Drop ShockZ says:

How do you go to that website to manage settings

mark bower says:

Just hooked up the RT-AC68U, can believe the difference in speed. Wife has new laptop with 802AC network, mine is still 802n. I checked download speed for both computers I got these speeds before I switched routers, DL=41mps – UL=12mps. After RT-AC68U install the 802AC computer got DL=158.88mps – UL=15.08mps. My 802n boosted 55 and 14 mps. Bottom line, wife is happy so I’m happy☺

Qugie says:

I love the light button. I have it in my bed room so it’s nice to turn off the LED lights when I go to sleep at night.

Soret says:

I want to add that LED Button was added because some people have this thing in their bedrooms and they want to sleep without having UFO lights all over the place.

MooseCanoes says:

Lol m8 your local IP isnt sensitive

Khalid KHOUKHI says:

I have same router when I plug power and turn on Asus logo on the back doesnt light up do you know what’s wrong with it by any chance ?

EpikProd says:

great review a lot more depth. buying one today at Walmart for 50$ since its on sale.

Br1an b says:

it say 2tb max usb storage support in the website

UltradragonDesign says:

Does it support SIM card internet?

wildwarren says:

Really like the intro!

WR3ND says:

The back light is so you can see behind it to connect devices or whatever in a dimly lit area.

Adnan Khan says:

What is a “192.168 page”? LOL!

Leon Goldbell says:

Great review, thanks!
Just wondering what do you think of the ASUS AC88U?

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