Asus RT AC3100 Wireless Router Review

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The first thing you’ll notice after opening the RT-AC3100 is it’s massive size. This thing reminds you of an alienware laptop with antennas. The cardboard packaging is pretty heavy duty. You would think that there’s more in this box but in reality the boxing material is just added weight. Truthfully, this is a very nice box and very well packaged.


Now inside the box you’ll find…

A “Getting Started Guide”
A fast and easy setup guide
The RT-AC3100 unit
4 dual band antennas
A setup CD
An RJ-45 cable
And warranty information

On the front of the unit you have almost as many indicator lights as James Brown baby momma’s.
No, I’m kidding…but that is true.

In addition to that, you have a USB 3.0 port on the left hand side and 1 wifi & led button on the right.

On the back of the unit you have…
A reset button
A WPS button
A USB 2.0 port,
4 x gigabit Ethernet LAN ports
A WAN port
A Power adapter port
And a power button.

So what’s different about this router compared to your average router? Well, first and foremost is performance. This unit has a 128 megabyte flash and 512MB of DDR 3 RAM. The RT-AC3100 was designed for performance. With a 1.4ghz dual -core processor, the performance from this unit is truly incredible. A router can be the bottle neck on your network and the folks over as Asus knew that and done something about it.

Secondly, is the range. Now some of you are about to have a “That’s what she said” moment, but this is truthfully a big long ranger. The RT-AC3100 is rated for 5400 square feet coverage. If you’re like me and have more than one level in your home, then you know those wifi dead spots can be very annoying. Not any more, this unit solves that. In fact, this is the first router I’ve seen provide this kind of long range coverage.

Last but not least, this thing is feature rich! There are tons of useful features you will find in this unit that you will not find in your average router. For example…

You can share files and media with every device on your network by simply plugging in a USB thumb drive or an external USB drive into the USB port on this router.
The AiProtection feature is powered by trend micro and provides vulnerability detection, malicious site protection, and other tools to help keep threats off your network. Having this protection at the router level instead of your computer’s OS level…provides that extra layer of security.
Graphically see and view bottle necks on your network.
View the top 5 used applications on your network
Monitor bandwidth, view web history, and so much more.
The AsusWRT web based administration GUI is the best designed GUI I’ve seen in a router. Simple, Intuitive and feature rich….you really cannot ask for more.

But after all this…. Is it worth the cost? Well, coming in at $279.00, you might want to think about enjoying this router by watching this video over, and over, and over again. I think this router is worth every penny but it’s not for everyone. If your a heavy gamer and performance is very important to you….or if you have a bunch of devices on your network and need a router that can keep up with your home network demands….then you may want to look into buying this.


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Thanks for making this review under 6:30 minutes.
It is appreciated.
Way too many reviewers out here ramble and ramble and ramble nowadays.

houa vang says:

you know, if you want 8 ethernet ports, buy the 88u version. everything is the same. even the firmware updates. only difference is the number of ethernet ports. this one is only 4 but the 88u comes with 8 ports.

Davison Thomas says:

Is this still your best router. I ready to by a new router.. My current router is at least 6 years old with a 3.0 modem.

Mike Tran says:

How to do the link aggregation on the router ? please be detail. Thanks

VGamer80 says:

Nice video, I just got one this bad boys and I made a unboxing video. I was wondering if I should use the regular wifi connection or the 5G? What do you think? I just started a gaming and PC channel so please Check out and Sub!

Mike Tran says:

I have the same wireless router as you and I got it working and everything. However the WAN LED just keep on blinking non stop, is it normal or is it defective ? Is there anything I can do to fix it ? or take it back to the store and exchange for another one. thanks

Rick Sanchez says:

Having trouble connecting to the internet with mine and suggestions for help or tips so you can help me connect to the internet

Marshall Mayes says:

Great review, most people don’t give the hardware specs of a router.

Moody Ali says:

got one lastweek amd is 2018 its amazing

humanitysonlyhope says:

If you want this router but with 8 Ethernet ports buy the RT-AC88

Matt C says:

Great review! We love ours!

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