Asus AC5300 & AC88u Wireless Router Review

These routers levels are over 9000! Probably as close as youll ever get to full blown ROG madness in a wireless router.


сергей богданов says:

супер агрегат, армада, похож на русский танк!!!

Sega Boy says:

When is going to go bankrupt over all the Carley Kloss ads? Holy god-damn.

Timetraveler Ki says:

So I have a three-floor house. Can I buy 3 Asus AC5300, one for every floor, and combine them to one WLAN?

Martin Lerch says:

I have an RT-AC88U router. Great router – when it works. I ran the latest firmware upgrade a few days after its release. The update went without a hitch. After the update I restarted and noticed that the 2.4GHz radio kept disconnecting devices and then they slowly reconnected. Had that happen before and I was annoyed because I ended up completely wiping the router’s memory, then reinstalling the firmware with their recovery tool, then resetting the router again, then restoring the router by hand (not from backup). It was awful but solved the problem. After trying to clear the settings and then restoring them from a recent backup didn’t work I ended up doing just that. So, If you have an Asus router, I would highly recommend keeping a set of settings screenshots on hand because you will need them after you update your router’s firmware. It’s such a flaw. ASUS should be ashamed having such terrible procedure to follow just to patch and update the firmware. Can you imagine to re-set up your computer or server after doing a software update? I can’t. Shame on you ASUS!

tigerbalm says:

Router industry is a bunch of bullshit…

Harry Nelson says:

Would this stop all the lagging while playing online playstation

Dancing Hawk says:


BurntFaceMan says:

“I cant say anything offensive. ”
“It’s balls rapingly fast.”
Bravo good sir. bravo.

Rufu5 says:

You say router incorrectly. Stop doing that now please.

dan hamid says:


Destiny Gaming says:

I need one of those for my gaming and steaming because my current router is doing the job still causes lag spikes and buffering on videos especially when trying to stream on beam or twitch because having that would really help with streaming games and with new games coming out It would help with streaming the new games but unfortunately I don’t know how to get my hands on something like that

killer121l says:

These new design just look bad

My 2bar says:

You’re English mate, it’s NOT pronounced “r-outer” in the UK, it’s pronounced “rooter”. Don’t sellout for American audiences.

Ethan9750 says:

I am considering buying one of these routers primarily focusing on range and quality of service…. Will there be any improvement of wireless connection stability with any of these routers and of wired connection as well? As for range will the routers be good for 2000 sqft no walls? I’m approximating for walls as my home is less than that by a margin. I need a stable connection with minimal packet loss which i seem to currently have. Speed does not matter to me. I’m inclined to the rt 5300 due to a low price difference in my country of residence. Will also be great if any owners tell of quality control details( specifically overheating as i have read about it on some reviews). Thanks.

Unboxed Tech Reviews says:

“balls raping” lol

Matias D says:

Best Wireless Routers:
1. ASUS RT-AC5300 – Best Wireless Router
2. Linksys Velop Tri-band 3-Pack- Best Wireless Router Mesh Networking
3. ASUS RT-AC88U – Best Wireless Router for Gaming
4. Google Wi-Fi System
5. NETGEAR Nighthawk X10
6. TP-Link Talon AD7200
7. Linksys AC5400 Tri Band
8. NETGEAR Nighthawk X8
9. ASUS RT-AC3200
10. TP-Link AC5400

BoredThatsWhy says:

Can someone help.. Where would be the best location to place a router? I bought the 100mbps from comcast and I need signal to my downstairs TV to stream 4k video and my computer which is upstairs and is located direct opposite end of the house from the tv? Would it better sitting next to the tv or somewhere upstairs in the middle of the house?

Techcon Pk says:

Does Asus RT-AC5300 accept USB Internet Modem?

warmaxxx says:

if i’m going to use only the 2.4ghz not the 5ghz does it make a difference if i get the ac5300 over the ac88u?

Homer Slated says:

It’s pronounced “rooter” not “rawter”.

Clue: do you say “sawp” or “soop” when talking about soup?

TECnovato says:

crees que me sirva para un cyber gaming y que ventajas puedo obtener a diferencia con el que me regalan la compañia. si mejora el lag, puedo controlar para que 1 maquina no se robe todo el internet para ella sola?

George Sweeten says:

I have a Fibre to my property, is there a good modem router that has a fibre connection.

shadow fire says:

Very nice review….Made me decide…Earned a sub…Thanks

123ocelot says:

oh their designed by the Brother hood of NOD dam GDI

John Kavouras says:

Compare these routers to the Google onhub and the D-Link DIR-895L/R. Out of those 4 routers, which one do you think the best?

WX9DX says:

My RT-AC5300 that I bought this last summer 2018 came with bad antenna connectors on the unit. It took till September to get to the point that it could go in on an RMA. I just got it back this past week and they replaced it with another RT-AC5300. It came out of the box brain dead and finally this morning I had to re-flash the unit using their restore tool to flash it. Then to get it to work on my internet service the ASUS tech on the phone had me plug it into my Netgear router as an Access Point cause he could not get it to see my ISPs Ethernet network cable. But I told him hey my Netgear routers see this Ethernet from my ISPs network switch. Not a good showing for ASUS sending me a brain dead unit and not a good thing having to use a Netgear to get it to work at all. Jimmy, WX9DX

tibor ric says:

Could You please measure the distance between the rubber feets on AC5300? Thanks in advance! / tibor

Pedro Gorosviba says:

any POE on those gigabit LAN ports?

Danny Giroux says:

I just ordered the RT-AC88U which should be delivered soon.
ON your comment about it not being able to be mounted on the wall, all you have to do is remove the top rubber feet that look elongated with a circular bit.. those are just covers really for the screw mounts. The round bit is where the screw heads poke through then sort of slide on to secure the router to the wall.

Jon Bountalas says:

Someone may have already said this, but there are wall mount holes on the underneath, close to the rubber strip at the back of the router, there are two rubber caps. Dig those out and the you should see the mounting holes.

Melissa Leake says:

For the AC88u would I be able to play online on a Xbox one s and a PS4 or do I need to get the AC5300? (im not playing at the same time its my kids)

Vlasov581 says:

lmao. I actually don’t get viruses on the hub. Free movie sites have them.

Carl Johnson says:

When you bought asus AC5300 but having bad internet and have 3 Networks 10.GHZ 9000 MBPS 8000 MBPS 70000 MBPS!!!
B-Google Fiber


Abdul Malek says:

can i use from 200m distance ?? couple of house is there and router is on the top of 40feet tower….

TheDevestatorX says:

Have ever experienced issues with it sir? I’ve heard a ton of complaints about this two routers and also the AC3100 about bad 2.4 GHZ connection drops and random disconnects.

David Lindblad says:

Holy shit this guy just rambles on and on.

Eric Johnston says:

AC5300 has a 150 page manual.


which one is better?

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