Asus AC2900 dual-band Wi-Fi router (RT-AC86U) review: Speed with options

With top speeds and added features for gaming, security and network prioritization, the new Asus AC2900 router is an affordable must-have for your home network.

Asus has built a fast router with something for everyone:

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Joku Sekou says:

Thumbs down

Wes McCalley says:

No Dong Ngo?!?!?!?

Indomitable Fear says:

This sounds like a nice router HOWEVER, WHY IS DONG NO LONGER HERE?! He was an entertaining bastard. That sucks.

Josh Jones says:

Dong ngo is no longer with CNET complete legend.

burgos2008 says:

first cooly now dong nooooo

Alex Gonzalez says:

We want dong back to the reviews

Acmeanime Bhabie says:

Thumbs down because no Dong

Joku Sekou says:

Where is dong

Luis Santiago says:

Doesn’t matter if your isp is throttling you lol

Ahmed Abdul Sattar says:

its shit asus not good try linksys

TKO KO says:

Where is dong

Allan Cuadra says:

Nah homie!! if the Asian dude don’t recommend it , I’m not messing with It

Michael Webber says:


Tanmoy Nandi says:

This man reminds me of GNU linux logo 😉

C M says:

NO Dong ?? He’s the Guy Dude!

banco 22 says:


Bsquared says:

Gosh you folks want Dong so bad… get off his ding dong!!!

JPer says:

Where Dong at?!?!

tichua says:

Without Dong, this video is as boring as Apple keynotes without Steve,.

Jabez 115 says:

When there’s no DONG everything is WONG!

C M says:

No Cnet

Shakib Amiri says:

Need some expert help. Which router should I buy between Asus RT-AC68U or TP link Talon AD7200. Asus cost around 180 USD and the TP link cost around 329 USD. I have seen many reviews on the ASUS and has got good views. I just want to be secured for the future. And the prices are different in Scandinavia compared to US.
Or someone has other suggestion, please let me know. Many thanks in advance 🙂

Anas Adel says:

How to have LTE/4G connection with it ?

alvarortega2 says:

Where did Dong go??

shadowstorm545 says:

I only clicked this video for Dong
Bring back dong

albert009 says:

Everyone dislike CNET vids until Dong comes back!

Zhengwen Tan says:

where is the DONG?

dvxAznxvb says:

We never asked for this

albert009 says:

WHERE IS DONG!!!! I don’t want anybody else to do these reviews but him!!! Come on CNET!!

Roy J says:

People in the comments sure love them some Dong.

whiteandnerdytuba says:

You got some pubes on your chin. Wipe it off

aut0n3 says:

No Dong Ngo, we won’t ngo!

Alex Kuiper says:

Rice and stir fry!!

innerpurpose says:

I’m really sad that Dong Ngo isn’t working for CNET anymore… What’s up?! He was so happy at his job, and so darn good at it, I don’t think he made the decision to leave.. With CNET being taken over by CBS, now “CBS Interactive”, I fear the corporate beasts couldn’t see his wry humor and not so subtle sexual innuendo and might have fired him over it. He’s a confident dude, I respect him a lot, he made us all laugh and he informed his viewers about products so well. He was a journalist… We want him back!

Clifton Harris says:

No RGB on that router?

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