AmpliFi Router and Wireless Wifi Extender Review – Simple mesh wireless from Ubiquiti networks

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Ubiquiti is launching a new easy-to-use wireless mesh system and router for extending wireless networks in a home. See more networking : and subscribe!

01:25 – Hardware overview
02:07 – Router component
03:03 – Wireless extenders
04:33 – Configuration app
06:28 – Speed tests
07:58 – Advanced settings and port forwarding
08:55 – Conclusion and final thoughts

I really like how easy this system was to set up. The configuration app will automatically connect to the router to get things configured. The extenders work just by simply plugging them into an outlet. They’ll either both connect directly back to the router component or one will relay through the other. Zero configuration, just plug and play.

For most folks it’ll be up and running in 10 minutes, less so if there is no firmware update required.

All in this is a very easy to use system from a company that has been making advanced (an affordable) wireless gear for the enterprise market for some time now. They’ve done a nice job with their first foray into the consumer market.

See my review of their Unifi enterprise product:

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vgamesx1 says:

Nice review, I quite like this although I think it’s rather pricey for a consumer product…
I mean they sell enterprise-grade stuff that’s cheaper for crying out loud, I don’t think this makes a lot of sense being sold as a consumer product at its current price, consumers may like simple set it and forget it tech but from my very limited experience they also don’t tend to spend any more than about $100 on their network and as a DIY hobbyist I wouldn’t spend that much either unless it was for a more serious setup, such as building my own tricked out pfsense box.

Paul Cox says:

I have no desire to change my network config at home, but both my parents and my in-laws have houses with spots the wifi signal doesn’t reach. This kind of plug-and-play solution is super appealing.

TheSUPERburrito99 says:

You mentioned the base being available on it’s own, and showed a LAN cable plugged into it. Can you use the base station effectively and remain wireless? Cool product, that I can use if it does/is. Thanks Lon!

Nooooooooooooooooooo! says:

Even the cheaper one is beyond most people’s budget for a wireless router. I’ll probably stick to installing ubiquiti access points for my customers instead.

Joacim Linder says:

Hi Lon! You said it’s wise to put the extenders in the corner of your house, but isn’t it even smarter to put them half way out? I mean in the corners it’s a too weak signal to amplify. In my view it’s better to have a fairly good signal, which your gadgets can hook up to.

Biscuitboy says:

Odds are you won’t see this, but I just stumbled upon your channel this past week and your objectiveness when reviewing products mixed with your personality make your channel amazing.

Linksys120n says:

Can someone help me here… If I got one of these and put a repeater literally 2 feet from my desktop computer would I get better speeds than if I bought just the router without the repeater?

Roof RT says:

is this a Tri-Band router?

Jim Martin says:

Hi Lon, great video. I was wondering about how far can one of the mesh extenders be from the base in order to be at 90%+ signal strength (assume 4 lights on meter)? also, could you share what the signal strength was for the laptop test you did where it was at 100 Mbps? your video showed 48%, is that correct? and how far is that bedroom in direct line distance?

Joshua Zeman says:

Such a great video, as always. I really enjoy just how no-nonsense and really informative you are.

HackTechDiy Projects says:


Nicholas Cheney says:

I have a Netgear Nighthawk in my basement and although my house is relatively small, i lose a bar or 2 on the main floor and upstairs im lucky to get a signal on the 2nd floor. This probably isnt practical but is it possible to just get like a 50 dollar router for the main floor and just connect all the devices on the 2nd floor to that? The reason i ask is because ive had a couple extenders and after the headache of getting them connected to the router in the basement, the speed was lacking a bit for my needs. Do you maybe have a better solution?

Ebacherville says:

id like to know how they got power through that metal magnet ball.. thats really cool..

Seek And Destroy says:


Commander Lexa says:

This is impressive.

Phil Drums says:

This such a cool WiFi solution for a big house. I am completely sold.

ishii-san says:

your reviews are great! i’m using UniFi AC LR in my house. i like it but with my new house, i don’t have crawl space or attic space to wire. do you recommend using this?

Trevor Adrian says:

Hi Lon, when you are connected to one of the repeaters are you on the same ssid as the main router or do the repeaters have their own ssid?

Senpai_Jayy says:

Am i early?

Gameboy246 says:

Lon, would you say the AmpliFi Router is better than Google Wifi?

Mk says:

Should I pick this up or an Asus AC88U?

Nikky m says:

Thank for reviewing this Lon. I got a question: can the internet get pass thru between the extenders if only 1 extender connected to the main unit? I have a long-style home and the main unit cannot be put in the middle of the house. Hope i dont confuses you

Mr30friends says:


Christopher Say says:

@Lon.TV can you please do a comparison between this and the other Mesh networks devices maybe Google Wi-Fi?

Paw Paw says:

Thanks for the review. You convincingly demonstrated that the system works well, but the design of the extender (or satellite) units is troublesome. The rotate/breakaway feature would attract children to play with them. The built-in power plug limits the location of the satellite units. A separate power plug and low-voltage cable would allow more optimal placement on a table or shelf.

shALKE says:

What about latency from AP to Router ?

Eric Brunhammer says:

That’s a pretty neat thing, may have to look at it in the future. I am still blown away by the Actiontec MoCa 2.0 adapters I got based on your review. I can’t thank you enough, I would have never known they existed had I not seen them here.

Chris Pistocco says:

Great review! Crosstalk Solutions did a review of this product, but did not get the results you did and ended up re- installing his old router. Bad unit perhaps?

FunsterProductions says:

not a fan of all the models of this its confusing

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