AmpliFi HD : The Best Mesh WiFi Router? (Unboxing & Review)

AmpliFi HD Mesh WiFi router unboxing and review! In this video, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the brand new Ubiquiti Labs AmpliFi HD WiFi router system, the best router on the market today! Many people have homes with many walls, lots of air-conditioning duct work, long hallways or other obstacles that prevent the WiFi signals from reaching certain rooms. Also, more and more wireless devices are used in an average home and so the WiFi range becomes an important factor. A company called Ubiquiti Networks aims to correct those problems with their new home networking systems called AmpliFi.

The AmpliFi HD router is more than your common home router. It’s a mesh networking system. Basically, this technology brings WiFi coverage to areas of your home that a standard router can’t reach on its own. The router connects to two self-configuring antennas to spread the signal out to insure the best WiFi coverage and to eliminate dead spots in any home. See it as a blanket that covers your entire home with WiFi.

►Check out the latest prices on the AmpliFi HD mesh router:

►US buyers:
HD version:
LR version:
Stand-alone router:
Single Mesh Point HD:

►Canada buyers:
HD version:
LR version:
Stand-alone router:
Single Mesh Point HD:

►France buyers:
HD version:

What’s cool is that the mesh points are all part of the same network and they don’t need any configuration or management. You are free to walk around your home without losing your connection!

In the box, you basically get the router, two mesh points, a power supply, an Ethernet cable and a quick setup guide.

Setup is super easy and is accomplished through a free mobile app (iOS and Android) that is easy to use. Your network is up and running in no time. The app also lets you manage all the parameters of your network. The router comes with automatic updates so you get all the latest features and performance updates automatically.

Thanks to its beautiful industrial design, this router is meant to be on display. The router has a 1.6-inch color LCD touch screen that you can use to display the current time, day and date. Tapping the screen can also show you current internet speeds, IP address and data consumption.

The AmpliFi HD router supports the latest Wi-Fi standards (802.11ac). It can cover up to 20 000 sq.ft according to AmpliFi. It costs 350$ US.
Technical specs:
It has one Gigabit Ethernet port and 4 Gigabit LAN ports.
It has a single-core CPU, 802.11ac dual band circuitry, meaning that it supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands.
It’s a AC1750 router with speeds of up to 450Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and up to 1300Mbps on the 5GHz band.
With the combined speeds of the antennas, it can reach a theoretical maximum throughput speed of 5.25Gbps.

If you have a smaller house or don’t need all that performance, the standard system (199$) covers up to 10 000 sq.ft and has maximum speeds of 2.35Gbps and the LR system (299$) covers 20 000 sq.ft with maximum speeds of 2.35Gbps. You can also get the stand-alone router for 150$.

In summary:
-Stylish router
-Super easy installation and configuration
-Plug and play mesh points
-Solid performance on both 2.4 Ghz and 5 GHz bands
-Awesome range

If you want better Wi-Fi coverage in your house and are looking for an easy to setup option, than the AmpliFi HD Wifi router system is for you!

►Check out the latest prices on the AmpliFi HD mesh router:

►US buyers:
HD version:
LR version:
Stand-alone router:
Single Mesh Point HD:

►Canada buyers:
HD version:
LR version:
Stand-alone router:
Single Mesh Point HD:

►France buyers:
HD version:

Official AmpliFi website:
AmpliFi Facebook page:

Full disclosure: The AmpliFi HD mesh router system was sent to me for free by AmpliFi in exchange for my unbiased review. All the opinions expressed in this video are my own.
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Drex2030 says:

I bought one of those an return it in about 2 hours it was trash a complete trash for me so I got some ubiquiti AP and AP Pro never been so pleased. Might be for someone else but not for me. Also I had the same as us router too but it wasn’t that good.

Patrick Fortin-Ducharme says:

Super Mesh router! Hope I got one some day !!

kentiangela says:

So this would be better than the AirPort Extreme? I m using airport with one in bridge mode.

guymauve0 says:

Bon j’espère ne pas dire de bêtise. Si j’ai bien compris il remplace le routeur wifi asus. Mais tu gardes la box de ton fournisseur ?
Enfin est-il intéressant si je suis déjà en cpl mais avec un wifi catastrophique ? Et pour terminer je comprends qu’il condamne une prise électrique ?

Farzan Ahmad says:

Hi! I love your channel especially the car vids. I don’t have really good wifi so I hope I win

Elton Gonçalves says:

Hi Pat, great video! Just 2 questions:
1- does the main amplifi router sends wifi signal, our just the antenas?
2- the amplifi router will substitute my ISP router, but it will work properly with with my isp provider (I’m from Portugal). Asus and TP-link has wifi routers that can substitute the original router from my isp provider, allowing me to have both internet and tv. (They have compatible firmware). So the amplifi router will allow me to have tv and Ethernet (and telephone also in my case)? Thanks!

Bob B says:

The available wall outlets I have where the two mesh modules would likely go are behind furniture (such as a couch and dresser). Will being behind the furniture significantly affect the modules wifi performance?

Gear Candy says:

Nice review… I was looking into this solution until the Google Wifi was announced. I decided on the Google Wifi and it’s been great so far.

bubbaseal12 says:

Good review! Very happy you did a comparison with the Asus RT-AC5300 because that’s what I was looking to buy before finding this.

Mike McCormick says:

I had heard that this system was easy to set up but. WOW! My Amplifi HD system just arrived and I’m getting ready to set it up. Thanks for a great video!

austin kastner says:

I built my own Mikrotik AP it could reach up to 20.000 plus

Tech Valet says:

Great review Pan. I’ve been thinking about getting one of these myself. I see you’re in Canada too, where did you get yours from?

jcgoobee says:

I use the edgerouter pro 8 and connected to three AP Pros with a cloud controller. Ubiquiti products rock.

Yassin Shorosh says:

hey pan, love your videos

TP link

David Childress says:

hi I have coax running to my current Verizon supplied router and using two Powerline adapters downstairs I have repeated difficulty maintaining stable connection and dead spots I assume I cannot replace my Verizon router with this one since it does not have a coax input but that I should turn off the Wi-Fi broadcast once this is connected to it how do I do that and then the other suggestion you may have thanks

Daniel Osers says:

Since you compared this to the Asus 5300 I’d interested to see how a) the 5Ghz compared close to vs ‘all over’ the house, please (as the Asus offloads some slower device on the 2nd 5 channel), and in general where you had the mesh points compared to where the Asus was, and the Amplify router ‘is’, please.
I.e. was speed overall faster on the Amplify or ‘just’ in certain locations? And was that on the 2.4 or 5Ghz Band? Thanks!
May I also ask what Internet Speed you have (down/up)? THANKS!

Todd Halstead says:

Great video Pan, as always!!  Very interesting, that thing has amazing numbers.

Todd Halstead says:

I want to participate in your drawing Pan!

Mike Tru says:

Hello! Great video. How secure is this?

Colin says:

I have the same router you use to have should I get this on insted

rjknapper says:

Great review. Solid and concise. Subscribing to see more great stuff. Thanks.

J T says:

Pan, I just subscribed. Was looking for a review of this item and i think you got the best review so far. Also the fact that you use a Asus before that, which is good comparison for me, because these Asus routers are already beasts. I run 4 Asus routers (as APs) and another 2 ubiquiti APs actually in my home, about 2500 sqft each floor, 3 floors. But I am thinking of trying this just for simplicity of it and looks.
I like to explain why this is going to be simple for me. I actually run 5 different SSIDs on the current APs. Because I want to control which network i connect to for the best signal strength. Previously, I ran just 1 ssid, but devices seem to be hanging on to a router that it can barely still get a signal when it can actually switch to one that is closest. Pls correct me if i am wrong. So i got frustrated and swapped them all out and used individual SSIDs.
Now with this Amplifi HD, it means I can now go back to 1 SSID, if the mesh points are that good. Do you think 2 mesh points are good enough for your 3 storey home, or would you if you had the luxury to just get another 2?

Francis Forget says:

J’aimerais vraiment gagné ce routeur 😉

Erik Lomax says:

Love the vids Pan, keep them coming! Would love to have one of these, from the giveaway!! Thanks for this so much!!!!

Gianmarco Cadetto says:

pan but i see that the asus one gives you less ping let me know why tks

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

Nothing beats this thing. I have owned over a dozen routers of various performance and this is FAR and AWAY the best available for coverage and performance.

Briggs says:

Came to you channel because I just purchased an Amplifi HD system, great review BTW. However I subscribed because you have a BMW M3. ///M power til I DIE!!!!!

Erich Cervantez says:

I recently just upgraded my already fast 150Mbps Cox cable service to their new Gigablast 1000Mbps service. The Netgear R6300v2 router they gave me just wasn’t cutting it and I switched back to my TP-Link Archer C7 – which blew the doors off the Netgear. Still, coverage in a 2400+ sq. ft. home is weak in some areas. Now I just bought this AmpliFi HD system. Can’t wait till it arrives!

Brian Maupin says:

Great review. Purchased the Amplifi HD System and it was super simple to install as you indicated. I’m sure it is over kill but always better to have more than less. This replaced an older Dlink Game Router 4500 I believe. Now I have WiFi coverage not only in my home but my entire yard!

AbuClaib -l says:

PPPoE Support ?

Mike McCormick says:

Oh. Sorry about that. It was on the same page and I ass-umed 🙂 that it was yours. My bad…


good video! 😉

Socheath chhim says:

can you also test your asus router with the amplifi mesh hd? the amplifi mesh hd is supose to work with any router.

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