Amplifi HD Review – My Favorite WiFi Router of 2018

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This is my first video of two, looking at the Amplifi HD Mesh WiFi Router, and my reasons for why it’s my favorite router of 2018! I absolutely love it, it’s worked flawlessly and provided rock solid performance since I got it up and going. I’ll soon post a review of the teleport and how it works! Stay tuned for the teleport review.

As a disclaimer, I will ONLY produce videos for products that I love. Even if I receive them from the company, I will not say a word if I don’t truly believe in the product. Ubiquiti sent me the Amplifi HD, and only after extensive testing did I decide that it was worth reviewing and quickly became, in my opinion, the best router I’ve used.

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The Friendly Reviewer says:

You’re back! Another stellar video. I did a comparison myself and wouldn’t quite rank it as the “best”, but it certainly looks the best out of all of them. Keep up the great work!

SimpleFly Tech says:

Great work!

Nathan Rave says:

We’re not in Indiana anymore Toto…

This video is better than any of the McKinnon vids I’ve see to date.

What are the two books next to the lock on the shelf?

Michael Esquibel says:

I have NO IDEA why you have blown up. Perfect video, every facet! Glad you’re back at it!

RJ Phillips says:

I have had this for almost 3 months and had it replaced because it wouldn’t keep up with speeds. The new one is still the same.  I have 300 dl and 30 up and the highest DL it ever get is 210 at best…  its great but it dips…  if I run a speed test within the app I get 210 up then 2 min later 60 up, then 2 min later 140…  it never stays consistent.  Do you have the same issues ?

LuMi Naire says:

What about features like DNS, DynDNS, DHCP, MAC ACL, AV and Malware, Radius security, Authentication moides and lets not forget Firewall, traffic inspection?

Have you tried it against GRC’s Shields UP? to see how secure it is?

I like security and don’t mind paying for performance and security.

Irfaan Faki says:

Your ping is fucked yo

Hakeem Hakim says:

what do you mean a “second”router? Are you saying any router? or does it have to be an Amplifi router???

Tru Zhou says:

Hi Taylor, would you please turn on the auto cc subtitle?

HoosierbackOD says:

Yo brother! Seen ya on Hubbard’s channel and came over to check it out. Smashed that red button!! Check us out as well. Peace!!

WuschelofDespair says:

I love mine as well, so good!

One downside I’d note is that remote access over the app only works with Facebook or Google log in and well, that’s obviously not gonna happen.

Question though: what’s the point in wiring your streaming devices if the streaming content still travels over WiFi? Sure your devices are connected via cable to each other but they don’t exchange data, do they?

Your KILLER aesthetics gave you an instant sub from my side, keep it up 🙂

Logan Lovell says:

Needed more info on the router before buying, I’m sold. I also subbed. Great vid

CescoCDN says:

Classy look to your video, Taylor. And with it, I’m now dropping eero off my list and debating between the Orbi and AmpliFI. I’d have loved a desktop app like the Orbi and a working USB port for Time Machine but…
Bottomline, well done, sir.Subscribed 🙂

Oscar Lara says:

wait so you’re saying I could just buy two of their routers and they’ll hook up creating another access point? what are the pros/cons doing this instead of going for their mesh network package

Ron Kopald says:

Question: you’re using two of the routers? Are they hard wired to each other for the backhaul? Still trying to nail my home setup.

Daniel Baldry says:

Seriously awesome vid Taylor… love the channel.

P Riddle says:

Well #$@%#@$…I had been reading up on this system and was thinking it was the way to go for a mesh system with a usb port that I can run a media drive from but you just crushed my dreams man.  I currently run an external hd with all my media on it through my knighthawk modem/router and I can stream from that drive on any device connected to my network.  Looking to move to a mesh network when I move into a new place but have yet to find a mesh system that supports usb connected hard drives.  The search continues…Thanks for the vid/review.

Art T. says:

Subscribed. I bought one of these 6 months ago and learned more about it in this video then those 6 months. Of course I’m not tech savvy to say the least! Thanks man

Richard Forester says:

Really great video! The sound quality and the camera work are some of the best I’ve seen. I also happen to agree with you that the AmpliFi HD is a great router! I do want to point out, however, that it does have QoS. You can set your clients to Normal, Gaming, or Streaming optimized.

Matias Gonzalez says:

Great vid! Do you by any means know how well does this router combat bufferbloat? A simple test at dsl reports would do

GolfGuitarsGrace says:

Great video Taylor! Well done man!

Synyster Goose says:

Looking into getting one myself

Judd Austin says:

As a downside you said theres no QOS, yet here’s an explanation on how to do it from Ubiquiti

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