Amplifi HD Mesh Wifi Router Review / what they AREN’T telling you!

Amplifi HD – – Review of the Amplifi HD Mesh wifi router with two Mesh radio points. There are something you don’t know about the system so be sure to watch!

All of the products in this video:

Amplifi HD –

Video Shot with:

Canon 5D Mark III –
Canon 17-40mm/f4 –
Smooth Q w/iPhone X –


Juancho Vazquez says:

This seems awesome. Is there anyway to buy this at a store. Instead of ordering it online?

Reeshard Scott says:

Thanks for the video, it was right on time for me. I’m considering purchasing this system. I have AT&T Fiber. They supplied me with a AT&T branded modem and wifi router ( ). Do you believe the Amplifi HD will provide faster download and upload speeds? I often feel like they throttle my service at any given time. And forgive me for not knowing but what is “bridge mode”?

Charlie Wilson says:

What is bridge mode???

Demie Bilbao says:

Is this mesh network works abroad also?

Brian Gorsky says:

Rob- Have you tried this out with another brand router that will handle your gigabit connection and just using the Aplifi Mesh Point added on to it? I’m very curious about that configuration.

Ivan Martez says:

First review I have seen that speaks about the speeds when using gigabit internet service! I ultimately returned my Amplifi HD system since I first opened a ticket with them in August 2017 and checked in for updates monthly and they never had an ETA until last week when they said they were in BETA with the firmware that would fix this issue. I just couldn’t wait any longer for the fix and to top it off the speeds were not that great, the coverage though was fantastic. I am currently using a Google WiFi system after trying the Linksys Velop and Netgear Orbi as well. Out of all of them, the Orbi was by far the worst. I liked the Amplifi system, it had great features and coverage but the speed issue with gigabit internet was a deal breaker for me.

Jaydies Leath says:

can you lock out the touch screen so kids don’t mess with it?

sstice1986 says:

I am using 3 Amplifi HD Routers in my home and am so happy with it. I can hardwire into each router and get great speeds. Enjoy your new setup!

Danny McNeal says:

I purchased the AmpliFi HD mesh system a few weeks ago. And while I am overall happier with this system than the Apple AirPort Extreme router it replaced, I can’t get NEAR the speeds with either of the two satellite mesh points as I do with the base unit. And they are in the 5GHz band. Is it possible that they automatically got configured as network “extenders,” which typically cuts speeds in half, instead of actual mesh points? Very happy with the router itself, not so much with the satellites. Hoping a firmware update will improve the speed.

P M says:

Is it really going to make my wifi speed faster? Im planning to buy one. My download speed max is 7 mbps, even if the carrier Verizon says it should be a hu dred. Can you explain it to me how it can speed up internet?

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