zBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster Review: Improve Your Reception Indoors!

zBoost sent over their ZB545 signal booster, which improves signal reception for CDMA and GSM 3G. For folks who can’t make calls or use data indoors, is this the right product to fix connection woes? Let’s test it out!
Shop zBoost on Amazon: http://goo.gl/iIzCQv
More info on zBoost products: http://www.zboost.com/

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Andrew Mackoul says:

For Sprint, they sell an AirWave which does the same thing but through your internet connection. It only works on Sprint.

Benjamin Sedlinger says:

Ooh not cheap but cheaper than a lot of solutions i found on net around 400-500 euro! I bought a simole antenna for fixing on window with wire and a little bix to lay the phone onto, but i don’t see as much difference

1960tinotiger says:

i have of this the led light flash turn green and from green turn orange and stay orange

greenleafkratom says:

HOA’s are cocksuckers!

Benjamin Sedlinger says:

By the way! Did you already try printing a picture made with samsung s6 on a kodak instant photo printer? I printed 3 of my best pics but somehow they looked extremely.. well lets say over digitalized and quit poor

Benjamin Sedlinger says:

Another question off topic! Do you now why sony takes so horrible long to get lollipop to my free z2 tablet? Its now nearly 6 months after my htc one m7 got lollipop

Benjamin Sedlinger says:

And all together i say thanks for all your mobile reviews, cause after seen a lot reviews, you just make the most interesting i think compared to reviews like “..here you see the box, headphones included..” crap

Benjamin Sedlinger says:

How much will it cost? I am looking for a payable solution for my fathers flat

Janis91 says:

Going from -74 dBm up to -58 dBm is an increase by a factor of 40! Not just 25% more. 😉

Mohd Babul says:

haw many friend I need 1 pice

youfermont says:

Got that exact model for more than a year at work and it’s fantastic. I use a 100 feet coaxial cable even if they say no more than 50 and it’s working just fine.

Tech for Kings says:

Making calls in my condo is not pretty. If only Verizon would hurry their lazy behinds up and enable Wi-Fi calling I’d be golden.

Noor UDDIN says:

Sir i have a problem whan i go my home roof my mobili signal is orking but not working my home,is this booster useful for me or any mobile?

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