Xiaomi WIFI Extender/Repeater – Review & Router Pairing

Xiaomi WIFI Extender/Repeater – Review & Router Pairing
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Komang Tri Putra says:

i bought this one. very good product

Rayan El-Beainy says:

why my MI router LED always blink in orange ?

Yohanes Chandra says:

is it ok to keep it always pluged in to a power source? or will it overheat?

ayu sefryna says:

what the green app name? i search in my app store but icant find that

isildo da silva says:

can´t find the app 🙁

Rohan Kothari says:

what is the extended range of mi router
eg 50m 70m etc

devotee says:


Alihan Musulmanbek says:

How to change SSID of network of repeater?

Irvan Said says:

my mi home app cannot detect the repeater even after a reset….what should I do?

tejas mahindrakar says:

does every device wanting to connect to repeater needs to install Mi
home app or its just needed during the intial setup of the repeater?

Scorpio_680 says:

באיזה מרחק מהראוטר כדאי לשים אותו?

Haidar Ali says:

hai, i want to ask. right now wifi in my apartment is really bad. if i go to my room my phone only got 1 bar of signal, if i use this device will it help?? i appreciate if you respond to my question sir. thank you very much

David O'Connor says:

Thank you.

עמוס ישראלי says:


Eran Ohayon says:

מה אתה מזיין עם המבטא הזה?? אתה ישראלי אחושרמוטה אפליקציה של בנק הפועלים!!

הראל צאלון says:

very good !!!

gendutz20 says:

so it makes new SSID name or it just duplicate your current SSID? Thanks

hngge says:

Hi I hope u can help me , I just bought this xiao mi wifi repeater , I’m using iPhone too , however when I access the app , the app says there is no wifi repeater found … There is only mi air purifier 2 and mi air purifier … Can help ? I believe is the app problem …

Han Lin says:

welp, nothing about the performance of the product or even if it works. I wouldn’t call this a review as its only showing the product itself.


why my MI router LED always blink in orange ?

wisnu indrasworo says:

Ok this is weird, i couldn’t find xiaomi home app in appstore :((

Wayne Robinson says:

Hi All, I am posting this because I am using the Xiaomi WiFi repeater/adapter and it works great NOW!!

The set up can be confusing, I used my iPhone in the end and downloaded the Mi Home app from the App Store.

Ok, Make sure your home wifi network is up and running and connected to internet, very important to check as it will throw red herrings in later if not.

Go to the IOS app store and download Mi Home By Xiaomi, From here you need to login or create a login and password to continue.

Plug your new MiWiFi repeater in to a USB port, either on PC/laptop/router/games console or wall charging plug. keep everything in the same room for now for ease of setup you can move things once set up.

Hopefully the repeater is now flashing with an orangey/yellow light, start up your MiHome app on your IOS device and log in.

Now this part might take a few attempts, but it does work in the end. once the App is up and running in the bottom of the screen click My Devices. A screen with all devices should come up with a big EMPTY ! sign. no problems here comes the set up. You will probably need a pin or a needle for resetting the repeater.Now is a good time to get one.

There should be a + sign in the top right corner, Press it. Now this might work straight away or it might not ( it didn’t for me). Hopefully you now have a big list of devices to choose from in all devices, scroll down the page and find MI Wi-Fi amplifier.

Check that the repeater is still flashing yellowy/orange, click yellow light blinking towards the lower part of the screen and click next. Not sure if it helps but make sure your IOS device is connected to your network and not the repeater yet. It now asks for your network Wi-Fi password, Type it in and press next.

Now go to settings on your IOS device and select the MiWiFi repeater and connect, hopefully when you go back to the MI Home APP the connection has already started and the % is rising steady.

This is where you get lucky or not. If when the progress gets to 100% the light has changed from flashy yellow/orange to blue your there. But if not you will have to reset the repeater (with the pin or needle) and start the process again. I Have had the flashy yellow/ orange light many times and even a steady red( which i haven’t seen anyone talk of before. either way its a reset and start again. some times it take time for the repeater to reset and be seen by your IOS device. Take your time and retry,it will work eventually.

Once your light turns blue your in. You can now move it to the dead spot in your house and login.

Your repeater will now be the same name as your home Network, except it will have the word “PLUS” after it and you can connect with your home networks password/pin or key.

Hopefully this helps, if it doesn’t work keep hitting the reset and restart the IOS app as well. Think this might work the same for android but not sure.

Zober Shop says:

אבל איך הוא מגדיל את הטווח של האינטרנט אם הוא לא קלט את הראוטר עצמו ?
בשביל להגדיל את הטווח צריך להגדיר את המגדיל לראוטר הקיים .

Renato says:

Cómo y por dónde descargo la app mi home para mi iPhone?

Homecmk says:

Will the app work for the Xiaomi Portable WiFi 150Mbps USB 2.0 Wireless Adapter Router Network Adapter too?

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