Xiaomi (MI) WiFi Repeater/Amplifier Setup w/ Other Routers

Video guide to setup/configure Xiaomi’s WiFi Repeater/Amplifier to extend the network of a WiFi router not made by Xiaomi. I’m using it to connect to my Asus router.

Download Mi Home app (Play Store version and has a different interface now) – http://tchms.to/MiHome
I purchased the repeater from AliExpress – http://tchms.to/1ZU1CwB

Restrictions: You cannot set a custom password for the network created by the repeater (and you can actually make changes to none of the settings). The app sets the same password as used on your router.

The device is branded as WiFi+. If you instead want to set it up with a Xiaomi Mi Router, you just need to plug the stick into the USB port at the back of the Mi Router and wait for the LED to turn blue.


Hassan Cluster says:

I don’t understand his language

TOOLKIT 1031 says:

nice vedio Q: can i use one more 2nd extender connect to the 1st extender??? router + 1st extender + 2nd extender + any device???

A A says:

I have change it to Security Options (WPA-PSK) OR WPA-PSK [TKIP]

andrea lenzi says:

for those who are having the “time out connection” problem: enter your router (from browser digit or something similar) and set “wpa2” for the password and set 20mhz (not the 20/40 option).

turn on bluetooth and wifi on the phone and connnect to your router establishing a working connection to the internet.

then open “mi app” (provided that you have downloaded it from the play store; if i am not wrong it will ask you to register a “mi account”) ,
add manually the device choosing it form the list (it is the second on the right between the 2 repeater you will find in the list)

follow on screen instructions

blu light will show up

Deepanshu Rajora official says:

can i use it for my pc like i dont have wifi card and lan connection

Ken W. Robinson says:

Friendly notification about facebook group with the latest coupons in Chinese online store:
This product’s price is currently 8.69 USD.


Ashwani kumar says:

Bhai isaaa reset kasaa kartaa haa

Deepak Naik says:

Please tell me can I use any sim in that wifi

eNd30ty says:

So.. If I completed the setup.. Can I use this to connect on my pc?

Subas Basnet says:

Thank you very very much . I appreciate it. regards

Ruchir Patel says:

if we want to use in more than 1 deveice..
We have to install mi app in all devices ???
or in single device??

one1 says:

I have order this device, I thought it is just usb wifi for computers that doesn’t have wifi. Is it possible to use it like that, for desktop computer that doesn’t have currently wifi hardware?

Tashi Tsering says:

sometime we need to change password of router then do we have to change mi Wi-Fi repeater password or it will change automatically same to that of main router.

arvind shah says:

how to install app on kindle fire hdx

Mohid Shaikh says:

my repeater automatically switches off (leds stop glowing as well) so frustating i’ll probably replace it

Fernando Gutierrez Gonzalez says:

My home doesn’t detected mi wifi, I reset my wifi but doesn’t work

Claus Mueller says:


Nicolaus Alexander Lee says:

how to set when device offline?

NLordBanja says:

I set up everything correctly, but got a problem with internet speed when more than one devices are connected on Mi Wifi..
Namely , connection works sporadically..
If I open web page on smartphone , it cuts internet on my PC..
Anyone got the same problem?

Habibur Rahman says:

cant connect it

Mahmudul Hasan says:

After setting up once if I plug it out.. should I have to set up again when I will plug it in??


Hi, thanks for sharing… im hav7ng serious trouble downloading the Mi app. I have 2 Samsung tablets, and an Android phone, and none of them will downad the app. I released the unknown sources in settings, but still not able to do this….can anyone help, please? Ive ordered the Xiaomi repeater…

dou158 says:

For the people who cant log in to the account. Try to change de server to singapure or the others. It works for me.

GHOST888 says:

I just got 2, question can i use this as permanent plugged on a socket for house repeater? 24/7 plugged?

José María Martínez García says:

Another subnormal makig vertical videos. We can’t see anything
Do you know the reasons to develop the Cinemascope system?

polapainer Fun says:

i have some question

Mohib Zobayer says:

Does it reduce wifi speed?

Christian Farahmand says:

So how do I go about connecting my computer wirelessly? I connect but theres no internet coming to the computer

Alexandre Briand says:

I have a question about your notification center. Could you tell me the name of your app?

Chocola Vienette says:

am i the only one that cannot connect to the device?

Bernadette Corpuz says:

can i use this to open hotspot or public wifi (no password) with low signal to boost the signal to my area

debashish giri says:

Does it support 5Ghz band also?

Bharat says:

overall it’s useless without the app

Uzi Panti says:

can i use it as a wifi antenna for my pc coz i have no wifi in my pc

CarolinaIsrael says:

If I connecting it on my smartphone this will it also work on my pc where the device? to get the wifi stronger in the pc from the router/

Jason Wilson says:

I bought one. It wouldn’t setup and would fail at 100% everytime. Sky Q hub router. Set to WPA2 and 2.4Ghz only. Still wouldn’t connect. Used my old Sky router (SR101) and it connected first time and has been working flawless. So, if it doesn’t setup, check WPA setting and turn off 5Ghz. Failing that, swap the router.

Bhavik Malde says:

recharge karne ka mi repeater ??

jay bamaniya says:

There is sim card in mi wifi repeater

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