Xfinity pods review – Make your home WiFi network awesome!

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No more switching from one router extender to another, trying to get full WiFi coverage in your home. Now, it’s seamless. Go anywhere and you are always connected to the same network with great speeds. This gives me excellent coverage in our 3 level, 4,000 square foot home,

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kevin g says:


Chad Hinderliter says:

I want these…how did you purchase them online. It tells me they are not available to me and won’t let me purchase

Omegasaxon says:

Am I able to plug my computer to one of these via ethernet cable if I don’t have wifi capability?

TheTechGuru says:

These are from Plume, and have excellent reviews too. I personally chose EERO for their security, parental/filtering, and app design. I’ve been extremely happy!

Harkirat Hansra says:

How were you able to order these online if not available in your area yet? Was it through the Comcast site ( When I go there, I get a message that they are not available in my area yet and I am unable to make a purchase.

claystar9valor says:

Just got mine and they work pretty well. Went from 3 -> 27 mbps in the master bedroom and 12 -> 35-40 mbps in the living room. Close to the modem is still close to 200 download.

Nate says:

How do you connect these to like my Xbox or something

Robert Wycoff says:

Not available in the Houston market yet. How much for six pods?

SGH says:

Weak. Sticking with Netgear Orbi. Zero drop in speed. These seem to drop in performance the further away you get.
Also keep in mind, and should be researched, if you decide to leave Comcast to another service, will these pods work with a different modem not designed for Xfinity?

Vicki Conyer-Gieselman says:

I went to the Comcast store yesterday to buy & they only had 6pk in stock, tried to order 3pk from their website since then & said it comes up not product is not available for me to purchase right now,,,and to ‘try again later’,,,bummed.

Darren Damon says:

Thanks for sharing. Are these compatible with the xfinity equipment that’s rented out to me only? Are they compatible with other modems??

Art Vandalay says:

Lol @ the tide pods. Great review

Limebuscus says:

You used a biased Speedtest.

Antwan lucas says:

how long do they take to ship?

Jeffery Gorski says:

You have the blast package

captain08005 says:

What did go to to run the Speed test.

Jeff Silva says:

would have been nice to know what all your speeds were BEFORE the pods

Bad Wolfie666 says:

I would love those Tide pods

Vicki Conyer-Gieselman says:

Well Tom, 1 month into having the Pods and not going well. I use my laptop in the kitchen all the time & never had much of an issue with speed or connection, mainly bought the Pods to help my upstairs desktop and laptop or phone on the patio. I am getting slowest speed and hit or miss connection everyday mostly all day. I take my phone to the 1st Pod & go thru the connection process in case the signal dropped, prior to doing this I can’t tell if the Pod is connected. After going to the 1st Pod it will show connected as well as my other 2. They are plugged into an outlet in a clear area (no plants, table etc) around. Wonder why now I’m having this problem when I didn’t ‘prior’ to the Pods? Any idea?

Alden Cates says:

Megabit. 8 bits in a byte. Internet speeds are measured in megabits (Mbps) not megabytes (MBps)

NachyoBurritos says:

I have gigabyte internet but when I connected one of the xfi pods to my computer I only had around 40 download speed. Anyway to make it to at least 100?

Denise Maestas says:

HAHAHHAAHAH loved the joke in the beginning. Cracked me up!

Gary Meyer says:

I swapped out my Gateway for Comcast’s new “faster and more powerful” modem this week. Is has a pretty design but is hidden so who cares? There are no lights to let you know if everything is working. My speed test with my MacAir next to the modem topped an impressive 400mps but I rarely use it there. It is used on another side of the wall which cut the speed by more than 25%. Upstairs but just above the modem dropped to under 200. But the worst part is that the computer in our home office which is a few rooms away and upstairs cannot get either the 2.4 or 5 signals. We used to have problems and per the suggestion of a Comcast tech got a separate modem with ethernet to get online. But in the past six month the wifi has worked fine—not super fast but acceptable. Now nothing and to top it off the separate modem can’t work because Comcast wants it to be signed into their system which does not recognize it.

A tech came today. For some reason he started out by checking out TVs and putting some kind of device on the cable line that he explained “would keep our cable signal from straying to the neighbors” —WTF? It is hard-wired and can’t do that so I am suspicious what he did. Finally got to the internet and he futzed around and did not even want to go to the office with no signal. I insisted and he saw the modem and said “you can’t have that.” I won’t go into details except to say that I got Comcast to approve the use of it and they no longer challenge it when I call in for help.
This guy’s solution was for me to buy the xFi Pods which they do not carry on the truck. More money to Comcast on top of my already outrageous bill. But I dutifully went online to buy them and was told they are not currently for sale. The stores are closed Sunday and Memorial Day. I called tech support and when prompted said I was calling about Internet connection problems. I was routed to a cable trouble shooter who did not know what the pods are and said to call back in the morning when customer service was open.
Is this anyway to run a company?

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