Wireless Range Extender Setup Guide & Showcase NCIX Tech Tips


Today Linus shows how to set up a Linksys wireless N range extender and demonstrates the impressive extension of range that can be achieved!

Range extenders are great for improving the coverage of your wireless network WITHOUT adding a separate SSID (inconvenient).


Jay Landry says:

Are you able to use 2 range extenders?

John Green says:

You look a little bit fresh dude

rveng3 says:

can you use  more than one on a single network

hitmontopz says:

how to set up the extender if I lost the CD, how to get to the set up wizard please?

Ammar Tattan says:

can i use the same way but for the linksys re4100w ????

Michael Xie says:

It’s not hypothetical, don’t lie =P

andressanimal says:

good vibes

Josh Greening says:

omg so young… such an old video jeez

fatbloke says:

before buying an extender check if your router is outdated if youre using a one given by your provider

Jeff Southerland says:

New subscriber glad to find your channel. Great review of just what I need. Actually I just need that router. Mine is purple & blk!

Lars Larsen says:

He doesn’t like wireless systems, he’s nuts

Wags84 says:

I was wondering if changing the broadcast channels would make a better connection
bearing mind that you probably have a ton of WiFi networks fighting over the airwaves in that location

Andrew Ramirez says:

Can this device be plugged into a non wireless desktop with the ethernet? I am trying to do that and not catching a signal automatically? 

reverentcreature says:

He’s well sexy and also great at explaining things.

polys77 says:

Today I am happy owner, but suffered a lot until I realized that it does not work if a network cable is plugged into any of the output ports of the router. The device drops the internet connection. Try that and be happy because the machine works very well for almost two years in my house.

Snake210 says:

13:47 sorry ? what ?

Flavius Tech says:

why don’t u ping test while u walking and u will see when u lose signal wich related to milliseconds response to extender or even u can ping a website ip and check when u lose signal.

Bandit. says:

I play my video games upstairs and my wifi is absolute crap xD i get average of 300 ping 🙁 is there any other way to extend wifi?

YES10 says:

I don’t know how far or how well isolated your garage is, but I have zero problems streaming Netflix on my phone 1400 feet from my house outside via a wireless n router and wireless g repeater. No issues or stutter or anything. External hard drive streaming, no problems at all. So I dont know what sort of interference you have there. And just to kill any dead spots I added another repeater to the network. The whole setup cost less than $50 in hardware and about couple of hours mainly learning how to flash the routers with firmware. No issues whatsoever. Why you would use wire these days is beyond me.

Mang Shawn says:

Another awesome video and I do appreciate the extra effort of showing us just how far that the wireless functions with and without the wifi range extender. I think however you might try to show more in detail how you connected and disconnected from the regular wifi to the wifi range extender.
Thanks again.

YouWrasse IsMine says:

how are you going to bitch about range when you prefere a hard line gigabit cable? how much range do you get with a damn cord?

Abdulmajeed 187 says:

I have linksys N600 

every 1 hour is dissconecte why ?

Jake Davidson says:

how about you take those ridiculous earrings out then I’ll finish watching your video

dennis says:

lol…thanks for that Spock!

Thomas Samoht says:

You still get great signal ’cause you’re in the parking lot and there’s nothing between you and the range extender: usually if you enter the configs of your router and crank up the signal power, you’re still getting freaking great signal. The usual scenario where someone buys a range extender is when they have several concrete walls and obstacles in between – yet they hope to solve the connectivity problem with it. In this cases, as you said before, it’s better to go with powerline adapters.

M-J -Y says:

Do an updated video of this NCIXcom 

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