Wireless-n WiFi Repeater / WiFi Extender – WiFi Repeater router, Setup & Review – No Name

In this video see a No Name / Brandless Wireless-N WiFi repeater and/or WiFi Range Extender setup, repeater configuration and review. I bought this off of ebay for $12.00. See me do a WiFi repeater installation and see how to setup a WiFi extender for a WiFi booster of your existing WLAN network. Watch how to setup Wireless-n WiFi repeater and have a wireless amplifier extender pushing your signal out another 30 to 50 feet from your existing wireless router.

It’s not hard for anyone to learn how to install WiFi extender and get WiFi repeater setup instructions simply by viewing my video in just a few minutes. It’s not hard to figure out where to place WiFi extender after you watch my how-to video.

Get more range for your WLAN network at home and office with a wireless range extender. This wireless-N WiFi repeater extended my WiFi Netgear router sigal further than I expected it to do. I was able to get a consistent wireless signal outside on my porch and patio using my tablet, mobile phone and laptop.

Is this WiFi repeater going to last for the long run? I don’t know. It was made in China but just about everything is today. So for $12 why not give it a try. Cheaper than paying $79 plus tax at your local Walmart or Office Depot with a brand name on it that was also made in China!

So far I’ve been using this for a few days and it has work good as a WiFi router range extender or wifi range router repeater extender booster if you like to use that long phrase instead. For me it’s just a WiFi repeater that repeats my fair to good signal for a longer distance. Like on the other end of my house or even in my neighbors house. Yep for real!.

Some important things to remember are:
1) If your WiFi repeater is to close to your main router, they will compete against each other’s signal since they are both on the same WiFi channel, 1,6, or 11. So you must distance the WiFi extender far enough away to so the channels don’t overlap each other. This will only slow down your LAN/WLAN. Hence, defeating your reason for installing a Wireless-n WiFi repeater to begin with!

2) I believe in surge protectors. Put your wireless repeater on one. Protect it against power outages and AC surges. You might just call it network or electronic insurance, just like car insurance or auto insurance for your box. I know it was only $12.00 but you do want it to last for a while, right? Don’t let the power company kill your new WiFi repeater extender during the night or day when you are not home.

3) Set up can be done by a laptop, computer desktop/tower, tablet or cell phone with WiFi connectivity with an Internet Browser. But it can also be done by a hard wired RJ45 LAN cable too. See my last note for instructions on how to use a RJ45 cable for setup.

BTW: Don’t allow yourself into thinking that this is a WiFi router. A WiFi repeater router, a network WiFi repeater extender are two entirely different dogs. A router routes internet information and the other extends and/or repeats the information on a network that a router routes from the Internet out onto your network. Think of this device more as a WiFi range extender. Some times it’s also refer to as a router range extender, a repeater extender, wifi booster extender or wireless router extender. But they all just repeat your wireless signal halfway between your wifi router and where you want to set up shop. How to Expand Your Wireless Range across your house or yard using this cheap made in China no name no brand Wireless repeater for all your computer devices including cell phones.

Steps for Hard Wired Setup & Hook-up:
Here’s how to go about setting it up, if you don’t have a laptop or computer connected via WiFi, in other words, your computer is connected by way of a hard wired RJ45 LAN cable. Keep in mind that the following procedure is based on you having at least a WiFi router & modem plus the repeater unit:

1) Plug the WiFi Repeater/Extender into a AC wall socket and wait a minute or two.
2) Than connect your computer with the WiFi Repeater by using the enclosed RJ45 LAN cable (you will need to get one if your unit did not come with a RJ45 LAN cat5/6 cable) one end plugs into the RJ45 port on the left side of the repeater and the other end goes into your RJ45 port on your computer.
3) To complete the setup, follow my video steps starting at opening up a web browser and type

One more last thing. This may not necessary be the best wireless range extender but it’s one of the lowest price repeaters I’ve ever come across that actually works GREAT.

Some New Information as of 01/14/2017
The other day while surfing the around the internet I found something interesting over at Walmart.com. It seems that even Walmart is getting in on the act. I just Googled wifi repeater walmart or wifi extender walmart, and sure enough they are selling something very similar to the wifi Extender/Repeater seen in my video review that I bought off eBay. Check it out if you are curious.



Thank you nick i follow all what you said and it seem all is fine my wifi repeater working good.

shockxxx Galaxy says:

anyone experiencing authentication error? always say incorrect password in which I already saved it.

Gurpinder Singh says:

it stop working after month…can’t find wifi signal on phone

Mertcan Gökkaya says:

I am doing what you are doing but I am not writing it, but I have written the user name, but what is a password, not a password? And I want to add wifi repeter to wifi networks but it looks encrypted but I can not connect.

Targaryen Jahaerys says:

i bought this but it stop working and i can’t see in in wifi list and its not restarting… help!!! please?

Tony Copeland says:

thanks for the help pal. you are a decent instructor. good rate of speech, easy to understand… etc. thanks.

Abhishek Patry says:

Hey, I’ve used it with my old router. Now I use a new DSL router.

How do I reconfigure my WiFi Repeater?

ZIAS BOI says:

So is the IP the same for everyone

Tony MilleBloogiant says:

Like everything else in my life . It works for them and not for me !

MrSkaDan says:

Hey, man. I don’t know if you’re still around, but I can’t find the firmware anywhere… I need to upgrade it because it won’t accept special chars in the wifi password.

andre vieira says:

Hi.. I received today mine.. But it not showing any network what should I do

Maria Buhagiar says:

Can somebody tell me what do I have to write in the security key please ?

Dani danim says:

I have problem with n repeater , all smartphone in my house have wifi , except mine android mobile, I restart repeater few times and configure again, but there is no result. Please help me in solving the problem.

Luis goncalvez says:

can i connnect it directly to my internet modem through ethernet cable?

DjReynaZ says:

This piece of crap, won’t reset after I found out you have to use the same password as your network. When I try to connect to the WiFi repeater, it just connects back to my WiFi instead. I’ve tried to reset it again and again with no respond.

Pizzarius says:

Got a $1800 PC and just now I noticed that I get like 50kbps

LoA-LoA Maokaiii says:

Thank you. Got it working

LukeDeSkillsMaster says:

It doesnt reset when i try to reset it, can you help!?

Satans Duck says:

I don’t know if you still read these but, if you do, I’d like some help.
When I plug the repeater into the wall, all of the lights come on. The power button is orange and the other 3 are green.
I have tried resetting it. Multiple times. I have also tried different sockets and rotations, resetting it each time.
None of this works, the lights are still the same and it isn’t being picked up by anything.

Flachnase says:

Hello, I have allready set up my repeater (it’s the same one). My problem is, after i logged- in in the browser and everything worked fine a few minutes, I wanted to log in again to change a few settings and i couldn’t load the page. I was going to look after the IP adress of my connected network manually with the console but I then I realised, I’m not in the WiFi-Repeater network anymore. It switched automatically to our normal family network so I saw the IP adress of the family one. I now see the repeater in the network list but theres an X and it says that the computer settings are different than the repeater’s settings. I can’t connect to it. Also I can’t reset it… I think. Like it doesn’t do anything.

After all the information I would like to ask if somebody knows how to fix my Problems.

quickworld says:

thanks dude

Deathmax Liew says:

can i know wifi repeater need phone cable to work?

KoolKleeKai says:

Thanks , i need to reset mine every few months as it plays up , tho once reset its fine (for a few months lol) I always forget how to do it !

WonderLizzz says:

Thanks this video helped me with my wifi range extender set up

Sanyi Szabó says:

Hi Guys!
I have a same wifi Repeater.
I have a Iphone 5, and it can not accept the good password, but a Iphone 6s, and Samsung S6 and 2 laptops are connected with the same, good password.
What can i do?
I reseted the iphone, but it is the same.
Where can i download a firmware, for this repeater?!
Pls help me!

Lisa Johnson says:

I have two of these and for the price are amazing. They just work and have had them in operation for two years now.

Kaziko says:

Can u make a vid like i have a 2 floor house and if i connect it wirelessly the internet on 2nd floor is shit so can i connect a lan cable from my modem to that mini repeater??

ilana s says:

?i did everything like in the video but my computer from some reason says “cant connect to this network” why

Prithvi Raj says:

Very good step-by-step guide to set up the Wifi extender. I could do it in few mins, Thanks a lot.

x-backagain-x says:

if a wifi network is out of range will this help me be able to sign in to it

Wife2Mommy13 5 says:

Hi, I just received this in mail, once I plugged it in, all lights are green indicating its connected to the internet(Wireless) Do I still need to set it up and can i do this from my phone?

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