Wireless N Wifi repeater Review

Sorry for the timing of the cuts, having issues with movie maker…



Pablo Cubillos says:

las antenas son desmontables o son fijas

Mealyman 94 says:

This item is worthless, anyway. Mine lasted about 10 days before it no longer connected to my wifi router. I could connect to the device, but it couldn’t connect me to the Internet. Lot of good that does. Buy the NetGear version for $15 more.

Jamal Abusharkh says:

I am having a hard time to make it work wirelessly and they only time that it seems to be working is when I plug it to the main router in my house

greengem418 says:

You said you were gonna show how to set it up. I know nothing about configuring routers, so it would’ve been nice it you did a step by step.

Jackie Dee says:

what a waste of time watching

Justa Guy says:

A lot of people would have liked to see it set up

Mike McKinley says:

Did not show how to set up. Waste of time watching the video.

John Biddle says:

We have this, can we encrpt it? I cant find any info o nthe net about secring it. When you have settings open in ios, its discoverable, which concerns me as we live in built up area. Thanks

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