WiFi Range Extender – WiFi Booster explained – Which is the best?

Here is the WiFi extender that I recommend https://amzn.to/2N6pSH3

What is a WiFi extender – WiFi booster? A wifi extender is what extends the range of a wireless signal from a wifi router. It acts like a bridge between a wifi router and a wifi device, that is outside the range of a wifi router. It’s also known as a wifi booster.

NETGEAR WiFi AC1200 Range Extender (EX6200)


rmSX13 says:

Can you make a video wherein we can setup a Seamless Roaming? Does it have to be the same brand and how about its settings, dhcp/nat turned on or off?

Kwipper says:

Don’t Range Extenders divide the bandwidth in half in order to extend the signal?

Semper Fi says:

Will devices seamlessly and automatically switch between access points based on signal strength if I move the device around the house?

iTz_DaNiiLo says:

Thank you for taking so much time to make such high quality, well put together and easy to understand videos sharing your knowledge. You really deserve to have at least 15x the amount of subs you currently have.

Ishwar Kumar says:

Does wifi extender affects the speed….as compared to the speed of signals from orignal router?

Ankit Patel says:

You are the best on youtube man. your videos are very easy to understand and you talk straight to the point. No non sense Videos. Keep it up man we need more of your videos

Matt Bruce says:

That poor guy on the treadmill

Daniel Gomez says:

I have extra routers and use them as access points and I use powerline kits to transmit signal through the electricity and now I have WiFi everywhere in my house

Bomspresh Eze says:

I’m thinking of setting up something like this. But I’m worried about speeds, how much speed am I gonna lose by going with an option like this.

eWOLF says:

WiFi extenders shoud be avoided at all cost. There is no reason for using them, specialy when 99,99% users don’t know/want to configure them properly, and even then there is severe perforamnce degradation.. What I always recommend to be used instead are several AP’s in mesh mode. Of course, placing cables and AP’s in infrastrucutre mode is always the best option.

suraj singh says:

Thank you so much for all your videos.
I really appreciate all your hard work.
However, I do have one request can you upload a video to this question “What are the activities that happen when you switch on a computer till you get desktop screen?”.

Madhavi Thakur says:

I’m learning a lot from your videos … well explained. thanks a Ton! can you please make videos on different types of ports & network

Albert Anon says:

I’m with everybody else here when they remark on how easy it is to understand any subject he is explaining it. In fact, as far as I’m concerned, he’s one of the best I’ve ever run across but the title of this video seems incorrect. WiFi range extender – WiFi booster explained – which is the best? But there was no judgement of which is the best of anything. He just explained that a WiFi extender just boosted the original signal to other areas of the house or apartment. I was hoping that he was going to compare WiFi extenders to WiFi repeaters because that’s an area I’m concerned with right now. A friend of mine lives in an apartment building with free WiFi but the coverage is lousy and they can only get the internet in the bathroom, which is not idea. It stinks, in fact. It’s a c***y situation but I guess at least there’s always someplace to sit in there. Those last two sentences were just dumb jokes but If anyone knows how to extend the signal to the rest of the apartment, please let me know.

Supermariya Real says:

Good day sir. I have a quedtion. My android phone have a wifi b/g/n. And my router have a wifi ac. Is my android phone is compatible with wifi ac in my router? Thanks.

Ian Pollard says:

Great video, just one question. What about passwords? I want this for the garage but do not want my neighbors using my internet. Thank you.

Richard Brohammer says:

Have you done Mesh wifi?

Nazmul Taher says:

your video’s are very helpful..
Especially for learning various tech more deeply


You are the best man. Keep it up

Craig Willis says:

So when you connect to the “HomeExt” does it have it’s code or password? or do you use the Home Router Password?

PowerCert Animated Videos says:

Here is the WiFi extender that I recommend (affiliate) https://amzn.to/2N6pSH3

Gigi says:


Ricardo Rodríguez says:

As always, a very good computer topics explanation video!

TheBigb1973 says:

What is the difference between this and mesh?

exZerry says:

You just took windows logo to make windows in the house, so lame
Great information

amin al abdullah says:

Isnt it a wireless mesh topology?

Bara gunawan says:

wifi extender only be used to extend the distance of the wifi router ?? can it be for extend the distance of access points ??

Hari M says:

Hello powercert….I like ur videos, its very helpful…When can I expect comptia security+ full course videos? I am waiting !!!

Soumyadeep Koley says:

Excellent video! Like all your awesome works!


Could you make a video how VPN works?

Rahul Patel says:

this channel is so underrated

Anson Dsouza says:

is Wifi Extender the same as Wireless Access point?

Juan Mulford says:

I just want to say that you are a true artist, that all…

Ralph Bekaert says:

Will the extender work from a HOME to a DETACHED garage of appx 40 ft  away ? If not please recommend how I can do this ,thank you .

Problems To Solution says:

Hello, can you please tell me how you made the blinking led in those devices using power point???
Please teach me sir.

rachid el ouryagli says:

i like this

Cryss YX says:

Thank you!

rolland mousseaux says:

got a $15 tp link brand repeater…works really good for what it costs…had to register it online and have not had a problem with it since….6 months or more now….i had a virtual box set up as i had planned to install linux at some point….my network adapter control was hijacked by tp link and placed it into the virtual box without an OS so i had to delete the virtual box for everything to work normal….i like tp link brand electronics (also use a 5 channel ethernet switch works great….shoulda spent more and got the smart switch for better connectivity bandwidth stability)

tech buzz says:

Will the speed of internet get decreased when using wifi extender.

Danni Andersen says:

Is there a limit to how many you can add? And can you add a extender to the extender? So Home – HomeExt – HomeExtExt if that makes sence? Btw love your channel!

Steven Armoo says:

You would be a very great lecturer!

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