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Need to boost your Wi-Fi signal to get all around this house? This range extender from Netgear has worked great- check it our here- http://tinyurl.com/Netgear-WiFi-Booster No programming required- just press two buttons and your new and improved wi-fi network is up and running. Simple, and pretty cheap, too.

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siddharth shekar says:

No LAN port to connect to home theater ?!??!

Pughy2o06 says:

Hey guys, I want to buy this so I can get better connectivity for my xbox one as my bedroom is a deadzone for wifi, I was just wondering if you need your laptop to set anything up because my Macbook pro has decided it does not want to work anymore so its been sent off back to apple haha :). Thanks.

Manoj Thakur says:

This is the third class fake booster, It can’t connect to wireless router if distance is more than 15 feet, My wifi router range is 40 feet, I can’t see this booster in wifi network if I am 20 feet away from it. DO NOT BUY THIS product, Its fake.

Booster connect to my wifi router when it is plugged in same room. Can’t see this booster in wifi network list if I am in another room, but wifi router is visible and connects ok.

FirePrototype says:

Does it only work on netgear wifi box

savior02 says:

I bought this for 4 dollars lol

Justin Tindel says:

Thanks a lot! This video was exactly what I was looking for

Steven says:

How about connecting to an ISP’s mobile hotspot as there’s no way to push there router.

Janice Burton says:

no link rate any help

Desiree Day says:


Linda Lee says:

Thanks for your review – very useful.   I house-sit for several people so move house 4 or 5 times a year.   I often find that I need an extender, so have bought this Netgear WN1000RP after listening to your review.  
Question – when I move to a new location, do I do a factory reset or will it automatically set up the new _ext network at each location?  


Thank you very much for making this vireo. It is as easy as you said. I got mine from Amazon for around 10 Bucks.

kkfun1 says:

Can I use it to extend wifi from a 3g usb dongle? 

Luke Mitchell says:

Heard a lot of bad reviews on amazon, is this the universal version? (I’m in England and we have different sockets, lol)

Ranferi Vasquez says:

would it work in my basement?

robscaglioneproductions says:

does this work with ps3?

Uncle-Gamer Martinx says:

What can boost up wired PC? I heard when having 2 network they can be turn to one & use it fast internet…

LaDonna Saylor says:

this is just for in home, the coverage is so close to my house but its not near enough to pick up from internet tower… will this help? i think we like a mile away 

ehopkins1234 says:

Thank you for this review. I purchased this Booster and installed it, and plugged all my devices into it in as little as 20 minutes.  Thanks again!

DarthE *AFK* says:

Can you use this for a PC too?

bigdmac33 says:

Hi, I used the subtitles/captions on this vid. I need to tell you that there are references like “f*cking” and “devil” and others appearing in the subtitles and there are other words that bear no relation to what you are actually saying. Needless to say, I could not hear any of these words in your vid. So whoever wrote the subtitles is lazy and doing you an injustice. It’s that bad that, as a video copywriter, I was seriously thinking of using the vid as an example of bad captioning. You should check it out. Very useful vid by the way despite this.

Ethan Green says:

What if you don’t have a WPS button on your wireless modem?

motorheadbanger90 says:

Do you have any familiarity with verizon fios routers? will that amplifier be able to connect to my router? I cannot find the WPS button on the router i own

jas tra says:

How far can this wifi boosters range in feet?

Randyn Guzman says:

What is the reason why my ps4 is getting a weak signal from the router ? There both far from each other , could that be the reason ?

LUCKIE Frags says:

Can you review this please? http://www.amazon.co.uk/TP-Link-TL-WA850RE-Universal-Extender-Configuration/dp/B00AHXXJVW/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1399143077&sr=8-4&keywords=wifi+booster

Hugo Donan says:

Hi I have a wn 1000 rp but when I try to put username and password l push enter don’t work. the little tab in my computer say try again the username and password.

mgoehrum says:

What if there is no WPA button on the router

Gary Gladstone says:

Thanks! Nicely done, simple, straightforward, articulate and extremely informative.
(Great web broadcast voice makes hearing all the info very easy.)

y2kjudy says:

It’s a great idea… and I thought the Netgear extender was a good idea.  WRONG!
Just didn’t work… not ready for prime time.  I just don’t trust this if the extender doesn’t work with all the connections.

Sizxer Henrī Kopurikku says:

does this work for any router or does it specifically have to be a Netgear?

Ahmed H says:

Where is the WPS button on MY router? Can’t find it…..

Cheila Perestrelo says:

i step him up and it works like you said , but i still have a problem.
when i put my password on my phone or other device , he says that the password is not correct.
what should or can i do to fix it ?

kind regards,

Brielle & Daddy's adventures says:

this product sucks! i bought one 7 months ago and it didnt help at all. it was like it made it worst! i was better off getting my shitty 2 bar signal then this one saying 4 or 5 becuz it was more slow!

N.C. says:

Just bought this product a day ago and so far I have not succeeded to get it work. I have no router in my room but have been able to pick up signals using the wifi until very recently. I do get however the green lights indicating my computer is reading from the booster but there is no transmission at all. What could be the problem? Grateful for any helpful assistance.

jameboyy says:

This review is absolutely perfect. Thank you so so much, I shall DEFINITELY be purchasing this!

Clayton Kranik says:

i need this, does my router have to be net gear or does it matter, also how does it know which wifi to boost when there are many in range 

RxDoctorDaddy says:

Do these boosters, or any wifi boosters improve Mbps? I currently have 50 Mbps because 100-150 is insanely priced.

William Wright says:

Do you have to “restart your router” or “hold the power button down for a few seconds” to sync the netgear range extender? Or, is it possible for the range extender to just sync on its own? Great Vid!

heresteven says:

i bought one today. so awesome

Ann W says:

Thank you for posting this. I bought the extender used off Ebay & it came with no instructions. Now it’s working!

Fabio T91 says:

yeahhh men i buy that wifi booster and its so cool and so easy to install is very cool my house has 2 floors ant the internet router is up and my room is down , in the pass i didnt havent internet but with that booster i have internet in all house !!!! sry my english , hope u guys understand me

Toby Hales says:

Great video. And what appears to be a great product. Got one on order. Thank you

Tripp Johnson says:

I purchased this product for myself and it works perfectly. Thanks so much for the info.

Yahweh Gaming says:

Thank you, you’re a legend

ftb unleashed says:

i watched so many videos but none of them helped but this one did help

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