WEBOOST Cell Signal Booster at the Cabin – Unbox, Install, and Review!

In this video we will unbox, install and then review this cell signal booster. The results were excellent! Huge gains in signal. I can finally watch YouTube from the cabin!

This unit was purchased at The Cabin Depot. https://www.thecabindepot.com/

I used the Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor: Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor: https://www.amazon.com/P3-P4400-Electricity-Usage-Monitor/dp/B00009MDBU

I also used an app called OpenSignal to map the nearest cell towers.

and Network Cell Info to measure the db gain of the signal.


C MH says:

Better get a ‘MoM’ tat. She dropped some serious $$$. Moms are the best. As it was bought in Canada, will it work on US neworks?

Timely as I was starting to look for one of these. I have the same issue, dropped calls, 1 bar or no service. Appreciate you videos.

Lisa Murphy says:

Great video. I’ve been thinking of getting one of these boosters. I get sometime a bar or two in one spot in my camper on our property. After seeing how easy it was for you to install I’m going to have to get one. Glad you didn’t get hurt up on that roof. That wouldn’t have been good.

Nick Henton says:

What a blessing to have your Mother present you with the gift of clear communication.That’s love right there.

East Texas Nomad says:

Was that a 12 y/o bottle of Blanton’s on the shelf beside the inside antenna? Good way to spend your winter.

Dan Jennings says:

Remember it worked for you? Better thank mom! Lol great gift and great info. Thanks

Christopher Boone says:

What kind of range do you get from your inside antenna or do you have to sit next to it

Off Grid Bo says:

Great video my friend!! I need o get me one of those!!!! I get on bar at the cabin. Thanks for sharing and glad you are ok! 7 hours is a long time.

Arcani Prea says:

Glad you have cell service again! Yep when I first seen the cable I knew that it was coax cable with an N connector on it. You mentioned that your kinda on a high hill/spot at the cabin, ever think about getting your Amateur Radio License? You can spend many a night in a warm cabin talking to people over the world! Just a thought, keep the video’s coming!

bob esselstyn says:

Thanks NB always good to hear from you

MaineAR says:

I”ve been thinking about this for my cabin, but camp is the only place work can’t find me 🙂

Michael Illingby says:

Just a thought here, you should see if you can raise it up 10′ higher and see what that does to your signal. The tree density changes significantly as you get higher, and the higher the better. or you could thin the trees a little in the direction. the RF is really easy to dampen with any obstructions, eliminate all that you can. Let me know if this helps.

exroyalcanadian says:

Like the NF shirt !

J HEND says:

As always love your videos NB ! Question I have is how far do you figure you are from nearest cell tower? I am about 20 miles and would definitely get this product. Thank you for sharing

John French says:

Hey really like the videos. You should consider getting a mic of some kind. Sometimes its hard to hear you. 😉


Great job!helps and wilson makes a lot of quality electronics cell phone and other communication acessories,they even a strength test for any cell phone company that you can do on remote properties to find the best location strength to put an antenna or whatever communication device you want

Matt Smith says:

Great video!I was wondering how far away from camp can you go until you lose cell signal again?

Ronald Parady says:

U got quite a bit of heat loss on the right side and not the same on the other


Hey brother, thanks for the shout out. You do a great job of laying out the simplicity and ease of use of this product. I found it interesting though that your outside antenna is the inside antenna that came with my kit and your old outside dirrectional antenna is identical to the outside antenna that also came with my kit accept for the cable that comes out of the antenna which is standard coax cable. Either way, thanks for another great video.

Double N Ranch says:

Like the Fox News app.

tree feller says:

Did you consider the 12 volt?

Dan B says:

Great info! You mentioned you were using a phone to video with. Do you use other video equipment as well? If so what did you use to get started with. I’ve been thinking about starting a channel but I don’t have much experience with video cameras and editing and things. Get started would be on a shoestring so any advice would be appreciated.

Colin says:

Awesome review, thank you for sharing. Just a quick suggestion with that coax cable. The connector up on the roof at the antenna, when you have a chance, try to get something over it to waterproof it. Even just some heat shrink tubing would be just fine. Those connectors take on water and rust out pretty quickly sometimes. I used to do a lot of satellite dish installs, and always tried to keep them water tight. Great video, and I am glad to see you have a good reliable option now in case of emergencies. Take care, and all the best 🙂

MandJ c says:

now that you have signal , is your data usage going to go up?? try powering your laptop thru your internet connection password – it may save data usage on your phone.

West Coast Photo says:

Excellent review. The old cable appears to be coax type RG-11 with type “N” type connector. This cable and connector is used for low signal loss in a high frequency environment. It is the standard for Radio Frequency cables in a professional installation. RG-6 cable with “F” fittings work, but the signal loss is much higher. I don’t know what carrier you are using, but you might want to have a friend on a different carrier come to your cabin and see how much signal (more bars) they receive. On the West Coast, In all my years of work, I have noticed that Verizon is usually superior in signal strength to all the other carriers outside of town. I use AT&T and for the most part, they will have much less signal available out of town. Friends with Verizon always have more signal. Keep up the interesting videos. We don’t have anything like this in California.

Peter Stean says:

If you’re miles and miles from the nearest tower, which I’m guessing you are, both physical objects and atmospheric conditions between you and the tower will play a part in the quality of your signal. Despite the fact that there are any number of objects between your phone and the tower in urban areas this rarely becomes an issue because they’re very closely spaced, down to just hundreds of feet apart in medium to large cities. There are more than 20 towers within a quarter mile of where I am right now at home in London for example, and I’m seven miles out of the centre of town. There are several mapping tools that shows you where your nearest towers are, and I’ve linked to one of the better ones – it’s quite an eye-opener when you look at the difference between urban and rural: https://www.cellmapper.net/map

Just out of interest what downstream bandwidth are you’re getting out there on 4G?


awesome! glad you were able to get it installed.

Kenny L. Cline says:

Dang I need to get one of those. I live in central Illinois where it flat and no trees. Plus AT&T tower is just 2 miles away. lmao

michael jeffries says:


mgrffths says:

Happy New Year, Dale!! I love your channel and every time you post a new video I can’t wait to see it. Thanks for the great review on the weboost and also for showing how to do the install! Take care and be safe!

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