Use your old router as WIFI extender (with simple steps)

Hey guys in this video i will be showing how you can use your old router as wifi extender.


Kee Arun says:

Does both router have to be the same channel?

Xēnømørph Drone says:

Very helpful! But is there a way to do that process without wires

Alvaro Rubén Hurtado Maldonado says:

Are you using the same yellow output ports to connect both routers? in that case are you using the direct or cross cable? this leaves the second DSL port totally free right?

Wayne Herman says:

You put the AP router on ‘Channel 7’. Did you do that because you assigned it IP address <>? Stuff on my WiFi network are already ‘subnet mask’ < =>10. Like my Wireless printer.

nmfp says:

Thank You very much for this video, you helped me a lot 🙂

neovictorius says:

So, the LAN cable seems to come out of the LAN4 port on the primary router, but what port does it go into on the secondary?

amithbho414 bho414 says:


lehmanev1 says:

What app were you using to see the signal strengths?

spaceace5621 says:

What if you have multiple ports in your home? can you just get your provider to active a port upstairs and connect a router there while the main router is downstairs?

Ashwani Gera says:

Can we use this without lan wire


Its so helpful thank you

zakeish 26 says:

thank you bro !! big help ..

KayFries says:

Hopefully there would be no problem if you use another name differently than the other wireless.

Мир Инстаграм Новости и Тренды says:

Ахаха, в Индии появились роутеры)))


Bro .. need help.. i have followed all these steps. Wifi is working perfectly . But internet connection is not available in secondary router.. reply quickly

sarathi jagan says:

Any problem will come in primary router

Gourav Agrawal says:

This will work if you connect the LAN cable to both the router.

Milad J says:

I want to expand my wifi range on D-Link DSL-2740U with another TP-link n series modem . your solution does not work for me . because i must do some setting to connect this two modem together. you just did some setting on the second modem ! . can you help me about this ?

Lenovo485755 asdd says:

on some router try dissable dhcp for me works you are big dude free net 🙂

Mc Jonsey says:

Black box

Fine Art-Nepal says:

thank you bro… your video help me … 🙂


Hy tell me that both the router have the same ip then if i change it secondary router primary router also change its ip address ?? How to fix it

ORK says:

Finally a normal straight to the point video, thanks!

FlameNGames says:

Good and clear guide.

Vallabh Narayan says:

Not working, I am able to see 2 different networks with the same name, only one gives me connection whole the other just shows good shall strength and stops at obtaining IP address.

Do I need to ensure the channels are the same?

Mr. cartoon says:

Thanks for the solution! 🙂 can I do the same and add 3rd router as an extender? Will I have to join the LAN cable to the main router?

Rajat Gupta says:

Sir, I have Beetel 450TC3 how to use this as secondary WiFi router entender???

Jaspreet Gill says:


datavisuals says:

Thanks for this. Well explained, although I soon as I change my extra router’s IP, I can no longer access it 🙁 Tried many times.


So do you have to put the Same information in the old route as the main one??

ihab s says:

Sorry friend!! I did not understand the last step. Did you connect routers togther by LAN cable or what?

Rhazes Basil says:

What if I have different IP address from the main router?

neves says:

1:35 do not see the conect cable…YOu have to show how conect the cables…

rahul kumar says: wala page nhi khul rha hai kya kro

Jim J says:

So the two router must be connected by a network cable? Can you do this wireless ly ?

Amar Kashyap says:

Thanks if it works

fesoJ says:

Thank you!

Vinay Singh says:

Can i use remaining ports of 2nd router to use internet in PC?

Asep Juanda says:

Very handly.Easy to get & A such of an lmportants thing to be kept in our home.

dasun tech says:

10 star for you good

Happy Jandi says:

Awesome work. Simple steps, It helps me for setup second modem as a wifi extender and now wifi works brilliant and even though I’m at my neighbor’s place. Keep it up mate 🙂

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