Urant Wifi Repeater Review and Setup Tutorial

Having Wifi signal problems? Try the URANT Wifi Extender and improve the Wifi range of your network. Currently ~$19 on Amazon 👍 – http://amzn.to/2iXN5xc

Look and Build:

The look of the URANT Wifi repeater is not bad. It is white and has the lights arranged on one side which looks pretty cool when they are all blinking. The plastic does not feel too cheap. One of the problems I have with the build of this device is that it is pretty bulky. When plugged into a wall socket it will make it hard to plug any other devices in to the other plug. So basically you lose a wall socket in your house.

Connection Quality and Range:

The connection was not bad really and once I finished the configuration it seemed to automatically connect pretty quickly. Usually when I purchase Wifi devices like this, such as a travel router or wireless repeater, I like to test the bandwidth before and after the device to see how much it affects the internet speeds. I found that I lost nearly 70% of my bandwidth using this product. While this wouldn’t be horrible for just surfing the internet it would be very bad for streaming movies or TV. It would also not be the best if you had multiple people using the repeated WiFi network. Some bandwidth loss is always to be expected with devices like this so it is something to be aware of for sure.

Easy of Installation:

Installation for this product was extremely easy. Really only involved plugging the URANT Wifi Repeater in and then going to WiFi extender website to configure everything. Took me maybe 5 minutes to have the repeater network up and running.

Setup Instructions:

Follow the step below to setup this device:
1. Plug the URANT WiFi Repeater into a power socket
2. Find and connect to the new WiFi network named “Wifi-Repeater”
3. Once connected go to in your web browser. This can be done on either your phone or computer. the only requirement is that you are connected to the WiFi network in step 2.
3. Select the mode you would like, I selected Repeater mode because I wanted to extend my WiFi network.
4. Find and select your home WiFi Network from the list.
5. Enter your home Wifi Network password, change the Reaper SSID to something unique from your home network SSID and select the apply button.

The URANT WiFi Extender should now be working and extending your network signal.

I like this URANT Wifi Repeater because it worked and was VERY easy to setup. Two things I do not like are the loss in Bandwidth and the large size that would seemingly take up and entire wall socket.

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Claude Fromenteze says:

en frança!s

Steffen Bansholm says:

the divice totaly kills my speed, when i turn it off, i once again get my speed back, goes from 7Mbps to 41Mbps when i turn it of

Melanie Budow says:

can you connect more than 1 device here?

Dinokiller says:

Thank you!!!!

logan run says:

I type in my IP address and no green screen . Will return

Trixz Slapz says:

when i type in the ip address it doesnt go to that green login screen

Gary Zerwas says:


balabalaJennifer WOO says:

Cool, very objective description

505 NM Burquelobo says: this site cant be reached is what i get

Goran Stojanoski says:

Hey I did everything like instructed but when I try to connect on the repeater network it just says optaining ip and cant connect. any help?

new browser says:

Can you use this on a xfinity hotspot I use in my house thats across a parking lot and another at the back of my house thats 500 feet away?. All of a sudden the signal has gone weak when its always been 4 or 5 bars.

Arvin Poblete De Guznan says:

What does the button do? The WPS button??


My router is 100mbps and there are 10 thing connected to it which is the reason my console is laggy so will this wifi repeater make it better and not make it lag


i want to connect my jio my fi router with d-link wifi routr

amal manal says:

hey my repeater wants the password how can i remove password

Jorge Sobarzo says:

My advice: Get a LAN cable, set the device to Access Point mode and you´ll get full speed


Can this be wired for console

bacard100gmail says:

hi, I did this several times but it wont work. the issue is it fails to connect. it has very good strength but when it connects it fails/disconnecst? I tried this on a pc and a 2 tvs. same issue. i did a master install of the router. evrything else works fine. any ideas? it also asks me for the SSDI KEY instead of the password which seems weird. i enter it, it says very good connection, but wont connect. ?any ides please.

Jesse Website says:

But after you set up the whole thing: What is the password for the repeater now?? Is it the same as your router wifi, or something else??? Plz reply

David Hinkle says:

this Booster isn’t worth it it makes your wifi worse it doesn’t extend wifi signal you will actually lose your signal they should have called this wifi the fake Booster. this devices is a scam

Jared Garcia says:

Does anyone know a fix for why it connects but has no internet so it doesn’t allow me to go to the login screen can someone please help

FroZ'n says:

How to change repeater mode to ap mode

Natalya Carmel says:

hey i want to connect to my ps4 through wifi i was able to connect to my phone and laptop its saying the IP address was successful but no internet connection

Saad Thahim says:

do you have to use network cable to connect it with Internet?

Paul Zimmerman says:

would you set this up the same on a playstation 4? just like you did on the phone?

batatinhas says:

Dude i bought this extender but it broke , the realeter “says” that I am conected but im not, help me!

Kersleslie Claire Crist says:

sorry for this ignorant question, ahm does it provide internet connection or it will only extend the range?

John des says:

If one buy this piece of crap and the signal is weaker than before then one should send the piece of crap back and get a full refund.

Christian Soto says:

i cannot access to the ipaddress etc etc


My connection gives me lag when I’m playing games and so if I get this will it improve alot

x-backagain-x says:

so if a wifi network says out of range when you try to login will the fix that

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