TurnRaise 150Mbps 802.11n Long Range Booster Wifi Antenna Unboxing

Unboxing and impressions of the TurnRaise 150Mbps 802.11n Long Range Booster Wifi Antenna.

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If you need drivers for this (it’s based on the RT5730 chip so you want the first download in the list for the RT5X7X…)



This is the New The NEW WiFi Antenna Long Distance booster Wireless up to 3000m Away Hot Spots, Which can Grab out of range WiFi signals. The long distance WiFi antenna allows you to tap into hot spots almost anywhere. With a range of nearly 3,000m, you’ll have a reach of 6 miles. Make your at home WiFi network broader or access distant public networks otherwise out of range. Water and corrosion resistant housing means it works indoors and out. Includes easy install CD, 5m USB cord and desktop stand. Only compatible PC.
Size:13.6 x 11.7 x 4.0cm
Package weight:16.5 oz/468g
The length of the USB cable:5.0m
Compatible with
Window 7/Windows XP/ Vista/Win8/Win8.1/Win10

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michael villas says:

can you use it to a windows 10 laptop or netbook?

Michael Flores says:

How do I install the drivers? I have windows 8

ralph joseph says:

Can any show how to connet the wifi which it tramit to phone and tablet

ralph joseph says:

Does this send out a wifi signal after setting it up because the box said so

Susan Gallela says:

Thanks so much for you help. Your video was very helpful.

luther7449 says:

When you were showing the box at the start, I was reading ” LeGuang”…but it came out as “Le Guano”, which I think means the shit or something like that. I think this is a sign to take my guano elsewhere.

Stoney M says:

Do this works on Xfinity hotspots and boost the speed?

Forensic Contract Audit llc says:

I have a McDonald’s a quarter mile away. would this pick up there wifi?

CocoPlops says:

Can i use this so i can get WIFI further from my house?

Sergio LL says:

3000 meters is less than 2 miles….

buzzsah says:

Have you noticed if you lost any speed?

M Y says:

After initial setup, i.e Network chosen to replicate, can u just unplug from ur pc and plug it to a usb socket outlet. do u necessarily need it plugged to a laptop to work ?

asianthor says:

I’m blown away by this product, I ordered it through Amazon and received it in less than 2 weeks, I hooked it up to my PC and downloaded the drivers and in less than 1 minute I literarly picked up DOZENS of free WIFI hotspots from Starbucks, 3 Hospitals, Mcdonalds, Public library, the Free Business assosiacion commercial strip of businneses in the Brooklyn, NY area where I live. It even have me a nice boost in speed. I have no problem with this produck. 2 big thumbs up.

Senan Majetic says:

Could I make virtual NET with that?

John M. W. Smith says:

Will it work with a fiber optic super router of 5Ghz?

Tamang Shankar says:

can i conect free wifi in my hot sport?

Lisa N says:

I got this and it won’t even show up in Device Manager. I can’t load the software either.

theen cube says:

my house is surounded by trees and the hotspot is .5 miles away will it work?

Arthur Arcayan says:

thanks. I just want it to be connected to a router to save power.

ralph joseph says:

Hello does this device send out wifi signal

lonewolf031 says:

Does this work with Mac?

Orlanny de jesus Feliz ureña says:

This is better than a yagi wifi antenna??????

ralph joseph says:

can any one show or tell how the repeater works on d device

VortexHDGaming says:

is the usb cable to setup the stuff then can i just plug it into a usb wall adapter

Arthur Arcayan says:

can i plug it in to my wifi router so that it will share the internet that it receives?

ravi grover says:

can this device help me to extend my wifi network to 1 km

Susan Gallela says:

Hi, there is no site for LeGuang.net. Is there another site? Thanks

guyjames70 says:

Is it best to use this by the router or by the pc in distant location ?

jason borce says:

Is it possible to use this to connect to a hotspot that’s blocked by one tree? Would I get pretty good bars it’s only down the street

Eridon Yzeiraj says:

are you saying that with this I can catch the Wi-Fi of my neighbour that is 100 meters away from my home ?

Donnie O says:

Could you do a distance test to see how far you can get from the wifi router?

buboy cabelin says:

Hi!, I just purchased this Leguang wifi adapter.. i am planning to get an extension cable to place it on my rooftop, to transmit more connections. is it possible to work? tnX!

Joe Smith says:

hey can it work with windows 10?

barnebyboy says:

dude i bought this two years ago…now i am buying a second one….it has repeater and ap functions…you can repeat the signals from here to there,….lol!

michael worley says:

so what would I have to do in order for my mobile device’s to use it ?

Mac H says:

You say it has a Ralink RT5370 chip, but the one I have LG-N100 has a Ralink RT3070L inside.

Roque Arellano says:

can i plug it in my wii or my PlayStation

Dicky prostate says:

should i get this or a card king wifi antenna?

Inigo Etxeberria says:

Hi! I have installed drivers and I’m able to acces to long ditance wifi signals. GoodBut now I’d like to reply the sginal to use it into other mobilles devices. I’d like to use it as router.Do I have to install a software?Thanks for any response!!

ok says:

Do this thing increase range ??

michael villas says:

can you use it to a windows 10 laptop or netbook?

willi koeller says:

cannot work with android phone ou tablet?

T.J. Ritchie says:

can you use it without a pc? why?

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