The Netgear EX6100 extends the range of your Wi-Fi network — and not much else
Editor Dong Ngo tells what it takes for us to be truly happy (at least for a moment) with the Netgear EX6100 Wi-Fi range extender.


thedevildog1775 says:

CNET can’t afford someone who speaks English?

NorCaLove1 says:

best review so far

KBB EMM says:

Try this portable one with the same function, it is good if you travel:

Brent Bennett says:

Great review

Joey Rigsby says:

$90 wow he got jipped

Prokash Debnath says:

I’ve had this product replaced three times by netgear because it keeps breaking

Rocky Rock says:

you definitely wrong ..I got this extender set on my house and I have 3 smart TV’s and I can stream and watch 1080p movies on all 3 TVs at the same time with no problems at all…

harshanath unni says:

can it be used to increase the range of wifi cams ?

Guy says:

So if I had a desktop that’s too far away to plug an Ethernet cable to, I can just plug this into a wall, connect it wirelessly to my router, and plug an Ethernet cable into my computer and it will use the Internet just fine?

xxOveR-DoSeXx says:

i have that extender i use it for gaming cause i have a gaming router

Mike John says:

Anyone planning to buy netgear router or products be aware that you need to pay $139/year for any kind of support on the product. I had to pay $139 to netgear support for my $89 router as I had slow internet speed due to firmware update. After 90 days of purchase you need to buy support options for netgear and believe me with their regular software updates you will be ripped off.

Voltron1823 says:

This is why you don’t trust Cnet. My connection went from 38% to 90% after setting this up. Not to mention it literally took less than 5 mins to get it up and running. Definitely recommend it.

Hobbies Things says:

Personal I have had and still having issues with the AC-750 / EX-6100. I have been on the phone with Netgear for over 2 hours and still nothing, they had me use their Genie and we went step by step together and they kept misleading me. they kept telling me to just click on continue and that was not the case. I later figured it out without them and found the last two steps needed attention. 1. if you do not have a 5g system check NONE, 2 at the end when it ask you to check the box and click continue (do not until you reconnect to the EX-6100. then you can check box and continue. I look at it this way, if Netgear support can’t help to setup I don’t need their products, and at the price Hmmm!!! I run it using a C5 to my router as I was told by Netgear it works great as a C5 extender but I’d rather have bought a cheap router. Plus can not trust Netgear. Buzzsah talks about why

Tycon Soft says:

Technical Support Services From (9 AM to 9 PM PST) (Mon to Sat)
$60 for 1 Year Unlimited Product support
Call – 323-989-2661

BigJohnDiesel says:

I bought one of these just last week and it works great! It also works well with xbox live and PSN in my experiences.

Phil Miller says:

I need an extender that will improve the speed. My router is only 1 floor down but there’s a massive difference between the speed where download is 50 Mbps at the router but it’s only about 10-20 Mbps upstairs. The only solution is to upgrade the wireless modem on the computer.

maryanne longre says:

No iPhone app???

ANNA says:

why do i continually get security key mismatch or authentication problem. i cant connect to the ext on my laptop or tablet .4 lights are green on the ext6100 Netgear. I can see it there but I cant connect. Can you help with this?

| Subscribe to RilayM8 | says:

lol 450mbs is slow, I have max of 3 – 10 lol

Don Caskey says:

I have a netgear n300 range extender. It seems to work fine after setting it up. I can connect to it with any wifi device. HOWEVER, if connected to the n300, I can’t get to the Internet. Any ideas?

Tristan Miller says:

My top lights aren’t coming on please help

Mouse Mickey says:

thank you

shelly yastagirl says:

I just purchase this range netgear amazing


You are now connected to “very salty balls” lmao

Barbara Smith says:

Before you get totally upset because the WPS installation isn’t working, check your existing router – mine had WPS disabled – enabled it and then it was easy – but the instructions should mention this!!!!

NiTrOgAmInG says:

Cam Gould is gay and likes shrek

Jake Brown says:

What one’s good when changing dns


don’t make a video if you can’t even speak the language fluent

Cam Gould says:

You should never buy Netgear products. They are extremely poor quality, and very unreliable.

Lydia Heine says:


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