Testing ASUS [AiMesh] [Repeater] [Access Point] Whole-home WiFi

I used 3 Asus wireless routers [RT-AC68U] to set up a whole-home wireless network, once by using the #Asus #AiMesh system and once by using the Asus #Repeater and Access Point operation modes and then did some interesting tests which you can see them in this video!
The results are based on my testing environment here and it doesn’t mean everybody should get the same results. Also the wireless routers are Dual-band routers, so this video is not that much applicable to Tri-band routers because they can dedicate a 5 GHz radio to the inter-router communication which can result in a different whole-home wireless experience. I hope you find this video useful! 🙂

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Disclaimer: 1- The test results you see in this video are based on the wireless routers I used (Asus RT-AC68U) and also my testing environment (building material, interference, noise, volume of network traffic, channel utilization etc) and it doesn’t mean everybody should get the same results. Performing these tests might show different results in different testing environments. 2- This video is for educational purposes only. I do not hold any responsibility on what happens after you use this information. Please make any changes to your wireless network at your own risk.


BlaGGah says:

Great video. I’m supposed to be getting 4 Rt-AC68u routers to build an AiMesh system in my home. I’m doing all the connections using powerline adapters. Would you recommend me to do it that way?

Lee Baster says:

Very useful video! I confused which plan is better , buy a RP-AC68U and use Repeater mode or buy a RT-AC68U and use AiMesh mode. And ur viedo is just solve it!

Matthew DiNatale says:

So if i have a regular ac68u and a T-Mobile verison can i use the tmobile one as a nobe without changing firmware?

Chuckles9350 says:

This was so useful. I’m trying to set up an extender for the front of my house since the single drops off there and was having a hard time getting my head around how it would work as far as roaming.

Watched a couple of your other videos as well and learned a thing or two. Thanks! Subscribing!

davesdream says:

Hi Behfor I have the ASUS RT-AC66R. Do your 68s model top plate get as hot as mine. Its been working all this years, but sometimes, rarely, I feel like the wi-fi drops. I just wondering if its related with this high temperature.

face80 says:

Great Video, this helped me alot on my Home network. Greetings from Germany


I have some configuration of AIMESH, could you help?
(1) How can I change AIMESH node to AIMESH router since AIMESH node cannot be accessed (using browser to login)?
(2) Why AIMESH node cannot be accessed using browser to login??
(3) Now I have 2 RT-AC68U and 1 AX11000. Beside, I have 2 broadband in ground floor and 2nd floor. Which configuration is better?
RT-AC68U in ground floor with AIMESH router mode +
AX11000 in 1st floor with AIMESH node +
RT-AC68U in 2nd floor with AIMESH router mode OR
AX11000 in ground floor with AIMESH router mode +
RT-AC68U in 1st floor with AIMESH node +
RT-AC68U in 2nd floor with AIMESH router mode OR
Maybe I want to know advanced model is better to configured AIMESH router mode or AIMESH node?

Frank Du says:

One thing on my my mind is to see how the TCP session re-converge when roaming between different AiMesh nodes. when doing PING, ICMP does not care any session, it drop or it connect, in the real world, we often use TCP for stateful connections. I have application reconnect when I have roaming issue using AiMesh, e.g. playing game on iPhone, etc.I personally do not know how to do such TCP test to see how roaming acts

Tariq Niazi says:

Great video. Gave me insight with debugging. If you have a Asus ROG RT-AC5300 router, could you share your experience? In AI-Mesh, having random disconnects between the nodes.

Erik Johnson says:

I just found you from a quick Google search, and I wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your content, Behfor! Your tests are exactly what I wanted to see using the exact methods I use to test at home.

Thanks so much for your quality content, and you’ve definitely gained a subscriber.

John Bae says:

Hi Behfor. Thank you for your testing. I have successfully set up an AiMesh with 2x RT-ac68U similar to your videos. i am enjoying the speed improvements, however, my device is in close proximity to both the main router and node, and it looks like my wireless connection keeps switching between them. Do you think it is possible to use the roaming assistance setting to prevent switching when signals overlap? i.e. opposite to roaming. Thanks!

Adrian Rubio says:

Very detailed video, I like more control over my network as well. I’m going to invest in a tmobile ac68u router since those are cheaper then the normal asus ac68u. I know asus just did a firmware update to block tmobile routers from using aimesh but now im not worried about not having aimesh at all. Thank you!!

bjay dy says:

Thanks we appreciate all the effort.

Victor Bayas says:

Hi Behfor, is the Netgear R6400 enough for 50mbps fiber with 5 devices using the connection at the same time?

khaynn2112 says:

i agree node info is very limited. we would need also a command on the interface for rebooting remotely.
I hope Asus will include more features in an upcoming FW release.

mil098 says:

Thank you for another informative video. Off topic, do you recommend “Enable Smart Connect” when using wireless?
I’m using a RT-AC86U and hope to buy a RT-AC68U soon to run AiMesh.

adenb76 says:

Thanks for sharing !!

Matthew DiNatale says:

Can you still use the t-mobile routers with ai mech?

GOD says:

Excellent video. Well done. Thanks.

electr0 electro says:

very soothing background music

Bomspresh Eze says:

so what if i have two routers one as primary and one as repeater will it be possible for me to connect to the primary router to the repeater completely wirelessly and have the repeater connect to the primaryvia 2.4ghz and and then broadcast via 5ghz in order to avoid taking a hit to my speeds. im a noob and i apologize if that sounds like a silly idea, im just curious.

SilentShad0W679 says:

Great video.

Max Nguyen says:

Great stuff. I have a ac86u now and moving into a new home. About 4200sqft with the basement. I’m going to try to get the router the most centrally located as possible and see if it reaches the entire house. If not, I will for sure get another ac86u and use aimesh. Thanks for the info!

sam gu says:

really good video, very professional

Simon Fan says:

That is great video talk about AI MESH and test, thank you

Scott says:

I have a non-ASUS repeater connecting to one of my wireless AIMesh nodes but it drops the connection shortly after. It only works if I have the repeater connecting to the primary router. Is this by design or do I have an issue somewhere?

Carlos Castillo says:

Very good videos. What AiMesh firmware version are you using? I want to prevent the T-Mobile AC1900 router (now working as an ASUS RT-AC68U) to reset back to T-Mobile factory firmware. Thanks

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