Tested: WeBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster

We review the WeBoost EQO, a cell phone booster that works by picking up cellular signals from an area with good reception and amplifying it to an area with poor reception. Patrick Norton talks about the setup process, his experience with signal performance, and what scenarios the WeBoost is most effective.

Shot by Joey Fameli
Edited by Norman Chan

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Warden says:

For your phone to be truly capable of 4G, your phone must be capable of 100Mbps while moving and 1Gbps while stationary. There is no inbetween. That’s why carriers market 4G LTE. 4G LTE is much faster than 3G but not as fast as 4G.

These are facts and cannot be refuted. Carriers either can’t or are too cheap to implement a true 4G network, hence why virtually all carriers have 4G LTE instead.

madcat105 says:

surely this product is known in the state of California to cause cancer!!

Zac Koch says:

blah! idk about this Patrick guy… I feel like tested tries to utilize him as a technical SME but based on the raspberry pi videos, and this video his technical knowledge seems like… meh. The ramblings don’t help either.

I’d be interested in seeing his technical background, jobs, certifications, etc… he just reminds me of some kid at microcenter telling people the Dell XPS is the greatest thing ever.

pcworldman says:

Tested would be so much better if Norman chan would shut the fuck up and get his acne covered face off youtube.

Andre Cabezas says:

and if this tiny cable is for the antenna you loose all your amplifier in it…

sandqwert says:

I’ve decided I’m going to thumb down any video that has a thumbnail that’s not in the video…

Robert Seals says:

I was able to get rid of my landline which covers the cost of the booster.

Remote Tactical says:

The $899 Connect 4G-X is listed more for rural areas…the EQD is Urban

mmax91 says:

Lving in a county that has 99.9% g4 covered. Well we don’t have mountens… but hey it’s something

William Brack says:

piinnnggg timess

even if you get good speed, if it has a bad ping time, its not worth it

TuikeTN says:

Here’s a thought get Verizon… Lol

OohzyJohnDow says:

So what was the purpose of this video? Tested, didnt test anything, no tests results were shown done by others that Tested is backing up. So it was just… ummzz showing of a product / company (brand and company were well displayed and mentioned), followed by endorcing of another website.. I actually feel dumber after watching this video and I guess that is a good thing cause otherwise I might have conceived the notion that this was all just paid for and shoved down our throat as serious “tested content”

Bucket Pony says:

I’m going to downvote videos that are basically 3 min ads for expensive crap that no one really needs

Clay Melton says:

I live in an area with lte. Problem is I’m in a spot where the signal stops about 50 feet on either side of my driveway. Will this help?

Wynner3 says:

Nice to see Patrick Norton. Was not aware of TekThing, checking it out now.

Jay Tee says:

Patrick is the worst. he rants about shit that has nothing to do with the product and says the dumbest shit

zenitslav says:

Great and informative, thanks Patrick!

nrdkiler says:

take out Norman Chan and I will subscribe and change to thumbs up instead of thumbs down

Dimitar Chaushev says:

Do you guys live in Afghanistan or something? How can you live in the USA and need a signal booster…duh?!

Ferg says:

I’m sorry, but I can’t take Patrick seriously with that hat.

Karl Mathias Moberg says:

Please, please, PLEASE note that if you’re not in the US or North America, these are not legal all over the world. In Norway for instance you need a permit from both the telecom operator and the norwegian FCC counterpart to set these up. If you do set one up, you may be fined thousands of dollars for doing so.

rex8499 says:

I have a Wilson booster at home. It bumps me from 1 intermittent bar of 1x to a steady 3 bars of 3G. Worth every penny!

Majo Yumi says:

TMW people care more about the hats in the video rather than the actual video

Paul Douglas says:

Token 4G comment: 4G is the SMOKE they have blown up our collective skirts!

Zachary Laborde says:

AT&T and other carriers just lowered the bar to what they considered 4G which is total BS, but that’s how all those commercials say the same thing about different carriers. Verizon is hands down the best service.

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