T-Mobile 4G LTE Home Signal Booster (CellSpot) Review by @DualSIM.us

“T-Mobile LTE Signal Booster Review” by Leo at LevchikB.com
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Review of call quality, and internet (4g LTE) speed inside the Brick and Concret apartment building with T-Mobile Personal CellSpot Signal Booster.

Test reults:

Outside Speed 10 / 3 Mbps (down/up)
Speed at the window: 6.5 / 1.25 Mbps
Speed inside (without signal booster) 3 / 0.25 Mbps
Speed inside (WITH signal booster) 3 / 1.25 Mbps

Call quality: Without sicgnal booster, calls would drop (sometimes) and call quality was very low. WiFi calling did not help much.

With signal booster, call quality is excellent, no signal drops.

More about T-mo service at: http://www.AndroidArena.org



Exact review I was looking for. Thank you. Too bad they did not have port for external antenna 🙂

Frank Coley says:

WHOA WHOA WHOA!!!! Your phone swapped to 4G lol and it had 500+ PING! that is a terrible connection you have in that Area… When it auto swaps to 4G you know its bad… Real bad.

Hilario Aguirre says:

It’s hspa+. Is not 3G you wouldn’t be getting 8GB DOWN on 3G

TheCambra says:

The signal booster does not throttle your LTE lol I have the same signal booster and I’m getting 45 megabits download. It all depends on the area that you’re in the bars don’t mean anything you could have strong bars but weak downloads speeds

Danny Alvarez says:

No.  They do not throttle your speed.  I have gotten up to 23mbps dn and 10up…. It just depends on the strongest signal you have at your window.  Try switching windows and make sure you have the correct unit at the window, too… 😉  Great vid…. great-looking phone, too.

robert mckinney says:

how much are they

♠Ripley♠ says:

What, are you serious… That’s terrible.

Gary Stephen A says:

Thank you – I needed to see this thing in action

Frank Coley says:

Also too, you should have set your Speed Test to the closest server because that also plays a major part. Your test was good, but you could have done a way better and more detailed test. Your LTE connection in the house is Solid with low ping so talk quality should be damn near perfect.  So yeah, some things to remember… Check your speed test servers in the settings and also make sure you  are on 4G LTE. I’ve  seen that SOMETIMES 4G in certain spots is more developed,so if you slipped off LTE or need to turn it off its actually faster.

Paul Bunyan says:

Hey this was very helpful, thank you. I just ordered one from TMO Customer Service with no deposit, no shipping charge.

Bilal Chaudhry says:

great video 

timeisnow33 says:

Hey man. Are you still using your booster. Is ut worth it?

anticapitalize says:

OK, am I the only one who noticed he propped up the back of his phone against the booster box to test his speed at the window? That would make a huge effect on signal quality. That phone needs to be right up against the window, not against a solid object. (And no, glass is not a solid object, it’s actually a liquid – look it up). The physics of signals in the range the phone uses cause the RF to bounce off solid surfaces, therefore he was losing a lot of strength both on the sending and receiving side by essentially blocking the nearest signal exit point.

WhatWereTheyThinking says:

Its junk, got it.

Arne Maeschaelck says:

Why are you happy with that? Latency on LTE over here (Belgium, Europe) has never been higher than 40 ms.
Inside (lower frequency (800 MHz)) you get 25 Mbps down and 12 Mbps up, that’s the average I almost get everywhere inside.
Outside (higher frequency (1800 MHz)) you get 60 Mbps down and 50 Mbps up. This is what you get if the network is crowded. The highest LTE speed I’ve got was 110 Mbps down and 70 Mbps up, and that was on 1800 MHz with only 15 MHz bandwith (most 1800 MHz antennas have 20 MHz bandwith), so it could’ve been even faster… The highest LTE frequency is 2600 MHz (I’ve never seen one like this, though). Imagine what speeds you’d get with that…

Alejandro Martinez says:

How about when your out on the road like trucking?

Bobbylee Budde says:

Leo it’s no 3G its HSPA + witch is considered 4g for T-Mobile just not LTE

chef yossi says:

which speed test app did you use ?
does the window unit need a good Internet connection in order to deliver a good signal to the coverage unit ?
cuz by the window I don’t have a good connection.

Dan Rudder says:

Love your voice and your videos! Thanks for showing this level of detail. I barely have one bar in my building so I just ordered that device absolutely free of charge, though it is still the property if TMobile and they’ll get theirs if anything happens to it. I’ll save the box 😉 How long have you had this set up? Would you be willing to update the information to see if you’re still getting good results? Also, I’ve noticed my signal is really strong and the surfing fast between 2am and 7am.


do you need to connect this to the internet?

NeoNet says:

Привет земляк! )))

Andres Nunez says:

The reason u didnt have a fast LTE speed was do to the fact that the repeater has to say 8 on the LCD screen. you need to move the repeater far from the receiver. keep it in 8 or 7. do not go with 9…..


They sent it out to you for free?

TheSpartan says:

Mine keeps flashing green even though i get a solid 2 bars in that spot? any ideas

majinkakashi20 says:

does anyone know if i can buy one and use it with metro pcs? im trying
to boost my cellular signal inside my room so i can tether at faster
speeds. obviously ,i dont have land line internet,is that required? if so,ill have to pay for an expensive signal repeater…i hope to avoid this.
p.s. ,i did get a 1 bar boost by placing a small piece of alluminum under the battery, no lie,lol. between 15-20 db boost from that alone.

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