RV Cellular Signal Booster Unboxing, Installation, and Review

weBoost Drive 4G-X RV 470410, RV & Motorhome Cell Phone Signal Booster, RV Cell Booster http://amzn.to/2zszAgU

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Ted D. says:

I’m considering a booster, but not sure weBoost is the answer, at least for me. They are expensive units, and I don’t depend on internet lifelines. Not yet, anyway. Thank you for sharing your install. I’m not interested in putting another “hole” in a fiberglass roof. 🙂 Ted & Lee Ann  PS Getting ready to order a couple CDs. We really love your music.

Christopher Cruise says:

I’m riding,riding riding in my RV,my RV, wherever the hell I wanna be, in my RV my RV! yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah hell yeah!!! “Los Pinche Gringo’s RV Club!”

K2 says:

We boost is a great product, ive used them for two years now with great success in areas I could never have a solid signal.

Glenn Rubel says:

Very interesting evaluation of the wi boost system.

thomas dipaolo says:

really appreciate the video. was also thinking of using the existing tv coaxial cable. thanks for the videos

K2 says:

Great video, how many subscribers do YouTubers need to have in order to start getting free stuff and do free advertising for theses companies? Just curious at what point do companies feel its worth there time?

K2 says:

That signal strength doesn’t make sense. -73 dBm should give you great signal full bars on my device. Not sure how your android device is displaying that great signal with such poor quality 4G service.

Jimmy G. says:

Great video, as usual Very informative. Great job

Benjamin Lagunes says:

Robert. Si pueden pasar dos señales en el mismo coaxial sin interferirse, si tienen suficiente separación de frecuencia entre ellas.

William Nau says:

Thank you for your video. I was thinking of doing the same thing but wasn’t sure it would work using the RV cable. Based on your results, I think I will give it a try next spring. I currently have the WeBoost antenna on a long pole i put up next to RV and run cable to satellite in on side of RV. I use it with the ATT Mobley.

Billy G. says:

You didn’t stop at the stop sign at that park

Amadeo Flores Jr says:

Hi I wanted to ask you does it work with t mobile be if it does it sure will help me

Gary Mitchell says:

Cell signals have a very short range. When you are even a few miles from them your signal dramatically deteriorates. Like in Roberts case if there is not much signal available to amplify, the performance will just not be there. These exterior antennas are necessarily omni directional “low signal gain” for use on moving platforms. On a stationary platform a directional antenna with more gain is your only hope for receiving usable signal in weak RF areas. As Andrew stated below more than likely the weboost cable is a different impedance then the standard 75 ohm RG6 or 59 TV transmission cable. Most RF electronics are designed to operate at 50 Ohms RG58 or RG223 double shield. Using the wrong impedance cable will most likely further deteriorate the units performance.

Mark G says:

Did you seal the cable connections on the outside antenna? If not, get some coax sealant (its a soft putty like substance) and seal it. Those connectors are bad about letting water in the coax.

yves fleche says:

il y a beaucoup d’endroit ou il n’y a pas de signal vidéo intéressante

jMon says:

tho your results were somewhat disappointing, being able to communicate via text beats not being able to communicate at all

Hummer4u2nv says:

Good job Robert. But since I have some late advice. After my military service I was DirecTV Field Supervisor, Trainer, and Quality Control for their beginning 18years, I also took care of their V.I.P. customers (such as Alec Baldwin, Andy Griffin, Brittany Spears, Howie Long, NASCAR, and many other Govt&Political people) for HDTV and Home Theater installations. I know what you explain as Y-combiner (6:25-6:35) is called ‘Diplexer”. My advice if you use 2 Diplexers (1 on each end of coaxial cable) then you will be fine to use both TV antenna and another signal together. A Diplexer/Combiner is labeled to tell you the frequency range for each side of connection and also indicates what connection is for TV and other signal.
(9:55-10:00) to fix the antenna and cable resting…just use a zip-tie to attach the cable out of the way and a rubber boot o-ring.
(11:10-11:50) I think the existing coaxial cable is the older style RG59 (made for analog TV signal)…It is better to have RG6 (made for Digital signal). You can see the words written on the side of cable or notice the copper size in middle of connector. The analog RG58 or 59 has more skinny copper like your hair and easy to move with your finger, but RG6 is thicker diameter looks same as pencil lead). If you want to replace old coaxial and ‘fish’ the new RG6 digital style then cut the metal F connector off one end of existing RG59, now the connector is gone and it will slide thru the roof. ‘Fish thru your new piece of RG6 size cable (25ft at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes). There is also a “Cable TV kit” at Home Depot or Lowes to put on new connectors end of coaxial wire. Then use waterproof silicone to seal the hole in roof again. ONE continuous piece is always best because every stop and extension piece loses signal strength / signal quality.
(12:05) The “L” was a good idea but rain water will get into the threads and ‘short’ your wire or eventually rust the copper, so get the ‘rubber boots’ for cable connections, they are very cheap and that is what Professional Technicians use to keep the rain water out. General rule: If any section of cable connections are spliced/extended/ or not grounded it will affect your signal strength & quality. Also consider even after YOU do everything possible on YOUR side, the campground and multiple customers can hurt performance (check out those YouTube videos from David Bott…he has designed wifi service for RV Parks, made some great videos, and is smart about these type things specifically for the RV lifestyle. Here is a couple links to get you started his videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRRYzUMZT3I and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7w16KoK3tgI and many more. Sorry I write so much, but it is important to understand these ‘technical’ type things.

11thWarrior says:

Dude, you just blew through that stop sign!

Not sure it’s worth $500 if I can’t even check text messages or scroll through Twitter, but thank you for the review. Keep doing your work.

Mark Vin says:

Robert, how can you not have a tv? I would go insane without it. Lol. Love your videos keep up the good work 🙂

CITAP1 says:

I can’t say how many times I wish I had one of those. West Coast Roller just installed a WEBOOST too and had similar results as you. You can get your service on the fringe and a little beyond but when the signal’s gone, it’s gone. There are better antennas available that may improve communication a little more. Next step is a SAT Phone. Great review and thanks Robert,,,

Benjamin Lagunes says:

un detalle a considerar si quieres utilizar el cable de la TV para el booster, es que para la TV es de 75 Ohms y para el booster debe ser de 50 Ohms. Te va a causar pérdida de señal el que no sea el cable adecuado

Neal Kleinman says:

Robert, Neal from Miami here. I have a similar set up I am installing before my trip this weekend. I am using the tv cable/satellite input on the side of the rv using a LNR-195 cable to F adapter. and back out on the inside by the television to the booster. I am using a directional yagi antenna. I hope to have a positive report next week from the Winter Star Party in Chiefland Fl.

Traveling with Rick says:

Robert this actually is the best booster there is.

Roberto Martinez says:

Muy instructivo, thank Robert

RVing Illustrated says:

Good honest feedback Robert.

Now our story… we were camping in Manatee Springs State Park in Florida back in spring (2017). While at our campsite, we were having trouble getting a cell signal. 1 bar would come in waves. And it wouldn’t last long at all. Couldn’t access the internet at all. We happened to go to Gainesville and saw a Best Buy. Went in a purchased the WeBoost sleek. It’s one of the smaller versions like you mentioned. Paid around $200. Can’t remember exactly. Got back to the park and hooked it up. It brought in another bar and sometimes two. But we constantly retained a signal. I later purchase a little better antenna from weBoost. We now use our ZTE Mobley with its unlimited data plan with it when traveling and it works great. I think the RV version like you have here with that nicer antenna would be nice to have. One day, we will get one. But anyway, wanted to share our experience and how much we like our weBoost.

Mike and Willene Gladu says:

We have the same Weboost cellular booster, before camping in Palo Duro Canyon State park in Texas we read some reviews that said there was a weak AT+T signal there but no usable Verizon. We confirmed that information with the gate attendant. Since we have Verizon we thought we would be without internet for our stay. We camped in the bottom of the canyon, in the Juniper campground, the most remote campground in the park. I checked my cell phone and it fluctuated between no service and 1 bar of 1x. Just for grins I turned on the Weboost and to our amazement we now had 3 bars of solid 4G LTE, good enough to stream Youtube and my wife was able to make phone calls. On our recent 5-1/2 week trip from Alaska to Georgia, we had internet every night thanks to the Weboost.

Andrew Ivanov says:

Robert, the cable that came with the booster is most likely – 50 Ohms. The RG-6 TV antenna cable is 75 Ohms. Mixing the cables will create some impedance mismatch. It’s best to use a proper LOW LOSS cable.
Another thing worth mentioning. All external coax cable connections must be sealed properly. Moisture may cause some serious problems when it gets into the coax cable.
Also, it may be worth adding a directional external antenna. You already have a rotator for your TV antenna and can use it with the directional antenna.

Gary Campbell says:

Good video Robert but i wouldnt give 500 for it.

Arokh B. says:

This is awesome. Been waiting for a detailed look at these boosters. Ever use a Wi-Fi booster? Is it similar?

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