REVIEW T-Mobile Cel Fi Signal Booster

Definitely worth paying $7 shipping. The T-Mobile Cel-Fi Signal Booster improves signal in your home.
They’re also sold on Amazon:
You must get at least 1 bar of 3G or 4G signal in order for it to work. The signal from the window is rebroadcasted to a satellite device in your home where there is weak or no signal and your phone will work exactly as if it was directly connected to a T-Mobile tower. This booster only works for 3G and 4G devices.


Ely YDG says:

Yeah that shit is gonna give me cancer holy fuck

Jeffrey Myers says:

You pay less for Tmobile because their coverage sucks. Try traveling with Tmobile. I switched to ATT and they matched my Tmobile pricing and actually paying less now. 5 iphone unlimited for $275/month

LiftOrGTFO says:

Awesome, I need me one of these. But jeeeeeez these things are like $600.

Jason Brown says:

Sweet job on that screen protector install, lol. Thanks for making the video, too.

John Lyu says:

I just got mine today at no cost through T-Mobile. We normally had a dbm level between -80 to -118 and from 0 bars to 4. With this booster installed the dbm level is from -50 to -70/80. That is a huge improvement in numbers. Areas I had 0 bars I get 3 to 4 bars now.

Michael Azarraga says:

my t-mobile phone has wifi calling, which pretty much works like this without this equipment. i’m sure this works too.

Domnick Bivins says:

Received Mine Today For No Cost Whatsoever.! Glad I Switched From Sprint Over To T-Mobile.

Jeff Smith says:

This worked great for me also. I’m returning my booster now, going back to pay-as-you-go (they don’t give me one for that because I save so much money). I relied on this device but now for cable Internet instead (can’t afford both).

On returning (to avoid hundreds of dollar charge), it says be sure to include everything, even mounting brackets. What? They never had brackets did they? I don’t see any in your video either but internet search showed some that aren’t familiar to me.

I want to point out although a misconception is that your phone would be worse with less bars, but that is false. With booster I had still only one or two bars but even with one bar it just plain started working full speed 4G, no call problems (except when other person didn’t get one of these). Without this it went between 1 or no bars in best locations in my house but one bar means nothing. Problem is if low signal or interference loses packets. With this booster I started losing packets and any higher number of bars (which depends on the phone) would just be a waste of energy with no improvement.

myScentEssence says:

Tmobile is deceiving people to switch! Let call this corporation on their deception and get them to provide adequate. Sign and Share ! Let’s get the word out!!

Arjun Singh says:

i get all the bars. just don’t get any data services. i hope this helps. just ordered one to try it out

Katie Cortes says:

Does it need wifi

Mike Yaeger says:

Hill were you able to get a second unit? I’m taking it your brother is on the same account. I have 5 phones and just ordered one unit for home but would like anther for work as I sit in a major dead zone no matter what carrier you have.

Bogdan Roman says:

friend, do not talk nonsense satellite .speak about tower cells. device that’s what they say in romania : there’s no horse or donkey ..e kind of ostrich -camel .gose if you get lucky and less thick walls between floors collect the pieces that stand 9 and if you do not have enough windows signal is bad.this is a patchwork of your provider .go pro with it ?? mounted a sirio 10 dBm antenna and then talk serioase.overol 50 % of the time it’s ok rest of 50% is whater. preferably is a wired solution and antena.i install about 70 of this toys.are nice and pretty but sometime shity i’d have a nice day !! and good luck with it!!!!!

TheCambra says:

How many bars should you have on the first unit?

yismel07 says:

Sir , if you change your att iphone for a tmobile iphone you will get more signal because you will get the aws band wich isn’t enabled right now in your iphone . Also you can try the wifi calling wich is enabled in the ios 8

Yuriyah Manus says:

I heard that this device only works if you have 4G in your home. I only receive 2G and rarely get 4G in some spots in my bed.

Ai Love says:

HUKISOME Cel Fi booster!

Keith Keber says:

Thanks, this was great. I can’t get my favorite provider, Ting which works off T-Mobile towers in my area, so they offered me a Cel-Fi model like yours. I need my data mostly while in my car on on my bicycle. After watching your video, I know it wouldn’t work for me.

Miguel Jimenez says:

Si funciona.
Ami melo dieron gratis pero tengo ke regresarlo cuando termine mi servicio.

Steven Irvine says:

does it work for tablets? or just phones?

WeAreNotAlone69 says:

Q: Does Nextivity RS224, aka Cel-Fi RS2 boost the VOICE SIGNAL, is it 3/4G, or just 3G?
(T-Mobile USA)

Jesus Amat says:

next time clean the furniture first  It is dusty. Great Review  Thanks

Laura Segur-Bechtold says:

I ordered mine today. Same thing, but lots worse reception, unless the phone is high in the window cell and I have my ear buds connected to it! I also work out of my home, so I am happy this is accommodating to people! Ps. They waved my shipping and they suggested it. Maybe cause I gave them an awful review! Haha

Daniel says:

You get the siga siga signal lol

Carl Kinerd says:

Have you tried wi-fi calling? I hear that T-Mobile has activated this. Sprint also has it.

Collin says:

I got one of these signal booster and let me tell you, there is no improvement. Not even an extra line at my signal.

Rafal Jadacki says:

Great video, running to the T-Mobile store today. Thank you.

Brandi Bennie says:

Why did you have to pay for shipping when you went to the store?

iiAMGr3ATN3Zz says:

Could you do an speed test ( ) and do a before and after? it’d be greatly helpful

Anish Kokkattil says:

Thank you!

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