NETGEAR WiFi Extender Setup: How To

Learn how to install and set up a wall-plug WiFi range extender.

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NETGEAR WiFi Range Extenders boost your existing network range, delivering WiFi signal where you need it most. NETGEAR Range Extenders work with any standard WiFi router & is ideal for HD video streaming & gaming. Get the whole-home connectivity you need for iPads®, smartphones, laptops & more.

Supported Range Extenders:


If your router does not support WPS, watch the Range Extender setup with NETGEAR Installation Assistant video:”

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Paxton Pill says:

Currently stealing wifi while watching this.

Tony W says:

ty! was a great help! Very easy to follow

BizarreRo Fry says:

netgear is ass

oceancolours says:

You should really avoid using these types of wifi extenders because they actually slow down your wifi network. Think about it, you place these extenders near the edge of your existing wifi coverage to ‘extend’ it, so what you are actually doing is just extending an already weak or less than optimal signal. Plus by creating an extra ‘hop’ you are adding more lag (higher pings) to the extended wifi network. This gets worse the more extenders you add.

A much better solution is to use powerline adapters which uses your mains supply as a network. Simply connect one powerline adapter to your router and put another powerline adapter where you have a weak or no wifi signal then attach a new wifi access point there, or use a powerline adapter with a built in wifi access point. For example TP-Link’s TL-WPA4220 KIT is one of many powerline wifi solutions available. By doing this you are creating a new, faster, stronger wifi signal rather than just repeating/extending a weak signal. Plus if you need more coverage you can add more wifi access points using powerline adapters without slowing down the network like extenders do.

Hence this is why powerline solutions are much better than extenders. Also note that the cost of these extenders and the cost of entry level powerline wifi kits (like the one named above) are about the same price or just a little more.

Katherine Trapp says:

How will this help me with my pc computer

Landon McKinley says:

“Seamless” ha. The setup of the device is problematic because you chose a .net link when you could’ve just used a separate IP. That and the setup process never actually takes you to a GUI page for settings, just keeps asking you to use the Genie.

Trevor Ethun says:

Can this device boost your speed or is it just an extender

Jowelbitar lel says:

Netgear sucks dick

James Lee says:

What happens if the router is upstairs and my room is downstairs how in the heck I’m going to get better connection with this


Don’t buy this

Cyrus Loves India says:

good information. i have all solid greens on my extender! Just purchased it today right now 2 hours ago.

cocorules 76 says:

this was so helpful it completely works it really helps me in my room

iEstella says:

does this work with other wifis than netgear?

Diane LeDoux says:

I set up this with wrong email by accident.  How can I change this?

Sobha Kavalreddy says:

wps button is working

Dawud Tajik says:

Bitte Sprechen auch Deutsch.
ich habe auch die mashine aber
kommt nicht Kontakt mit andere

Brian Reynolds says:

i have a complaint you all did me wrong at netgear. you where servered my complaint via us mail # 9405803699300396618698.

ThatSlenderDude says:

I got the red light of death

Micke Pferd says:

how do you change the wifi extender name?

Clamp God says:

Can I use that for my Xbox and put my Ethernet cord in that??

Romeo says:

Seriously though how are you able to sell a product that has no way to setup by browser, I might as well paid £49.99 to a gypsy for a piece of plastic.

Romeo says:


Pierre Marteau Van Wetter says:

Thanks a lot for your excelent tutorial it helped me a lot. Best regards. PM

Don Kanis says:

Read the reviews before you buy NetGear!!!
Junk Junk Junk, and they are dishonest!!! My wifi extender did not work even with an assistant on the phone and THEN they tried to sell me $99.00 worth of phony clean up for my Mac. My wifi works fine but their extender is junk. There is no one in the government holding these types responsible anymore. 4 hours of my time wasted by these crooks. :((((

John K says:

I’m trying to watch this video with your router. Your router keeps restarting so I cant even get through a minute of this video. I literally just bought this router for a second time. Your customer service literally makes up excuses as to why it doesn’t work and how I have to pay for shipping for you to replace it. Why am I complaining here? Because I can’t complain to your customer service. They barely speak english.

Redneck67 country says:

i just bought one of these today and it helps so much thank you

INSTINCT Gaming says:


Carl Mazur says:

Installed 3… YES 3, Netgear boxes to help a friend get better service to their upstairs, and they’re all junk. They have dropouts for the iPhones. Just installed this small box, and thought it was going to work. I had to travel back home hours away and now they’re stuck with the box. Disappointed because it worked great AT FIRST from my wife and my own iPhone’s. Then, when they came home… BAM! Didn’t work for them, but our iPhones still worked. So freaking upset.

Hailey Moffit says:

This product is garbage. The instructions supplied are poor and you simply can’t connect to their website featuring the set up wizard. When you use their support chat they answer with a bot and gives general instructions. In my case it supplied 4 different methods to connect. I eventually ran a cable from my PC to the extender and that almost worked. I say almost because to synch the extender you have to enter your password..that is fine and expected but this thing only allowed for 6 digets or letters to synch which in my case is useless. Wound up returning it. BTW I work in IT.

Daniel Mamo says:

Does this only work with net gear routers or can it also be xfinity routers? Pls answeerer

TREE 木 says:

This product is a 90 dollar steaming pile of shit. Two days in and I’m seeing flaws up the ass, sadly I needed this piece of shit for my two story house to extend the wi-fi range for my Xbox One S downstairs (the router is upstairs). Long story short, the internet is constantly disconnecting while I’m in the middle of a fucking match and changing it to either a 2G or 5G connection doesn’t help for fuck all, this is shit for the birds and honestly I guess I’m an idiot for buying this too. It’s alright though I’m getting my fucking money back you corporate dipshits.


Easy my ass. I bought one and had to return it cuz the damn thing wouldn’t pick up, not even with a Ethernet cord

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