Netgear N300 WiFi Range Extender

Nobody likes WiFi dead spot around the home as every device needs to be connected these days. One way of preventing this is with a device like Netgear’s WiFi Range Extender which boosts your current WiFi setup filling in the gaps.

The N300 is plugs in to a mains socket and works by pairing up with your current WiFi and then repeating the signal out as a new WiFi zone, so you could place it on the edge of your coverage and then it will broadcast the signal further out. What it doesn’t do is create a separate network so you can connect to the extended network and still browse devices and services on your current network which is important if you are using things like DLNA.

A nice feature is that there is an Ethernet port on it so you can use it as a wireless adapter for devices that don’t have WiFi. It supports 802.11.n and should work with any WiFi router. Configuring is straight forward you either you WPS or via a web browser, all it needs to know is your current network’s password.

It’s a simple device that does exactly what you expect. The actual range you get is very much dependent on the type of building you are in, if you have dead spot in your house or office this is well worth looking at for £29.99

Have a look at this video for how it works in practice.


Grant The Ant says:

How do I do the factory reset on the bottom?

patricia frisby says:

I have three extenders how do i get my cell phone to connect automatically to the nearest extender for best signal

L Far says:

Can I use this in my RV at a park that has wifi or do I need access to their router

Ismael Ortiz says:

hey i have a question if i buy this will it speed up my wifi for my ps4 to play ps now??? my 3.3 mbps isnt fast enough

Mike Ashton says:

What do you do if your Netgear range extender doesn’t accept the password you use on your router? I cant get it to work as it doesnt accept the password.

HalGio Dude502 says:

I pay $15 for this shit, I hope I can make it work again, what the issue with this shit?

Alex P says:

Man get that dick out of you mouth!!

Ismael Ortiz says:

please let me know target employee told me it dont speed up at all that it just extends the wifi only

OrangeDude says:

I made it to the finally part and it has a name but it would not let me continue

Mark Adams says:

Great video! A have a question regarding the ethernet port on this device – I would like to have wifi about 50m from the current edge of range. From an old setup there is an ethernet cable that runs from the modem to where I want connectivity.

Is it possible to run the ethernet cable to the range extender and have wifi here?

April Johnson says:

Thank you! You answered the question to the problem I was having!

Cheynne Bunner says:

what if u don’t have a password

Gary Thomas says:

What if the electric (Power) goes off will it reconnect

H u l k a r o n i & C h e e s e says:

>shit ISP
>shit wifi
>having to buy extenders
>still shit wifi
it’s like we’re going backwards in technology and networking.

Wyatt Dean says:

Do you think I could get signal from like 2 doors down across the street

Bubby Ghost says:

Very helpful! I have one question Ian. I am installing security cameras in my backyard and I am running the wires from the cameras to the garage where I will be placing the camera router. Will I be able to plug the camera router into the range extender so the footage can be streamed via wifi? I would hate to run an Ethernet cable from the garage all the way to an inside room. Thank you!

Sharday Nketia says:

can you connect to your mobile as well?

Peter Foster says:

OK let’s say I have an old modem, and then it has a password. Then I have to get a new modem same kind, but with different security code. How do I tell that to the range extender? This kind? That’s the kind we have currently.

Vladimir Yudin says:

I would tell you what my brand new N300 is working very badly with MacBook Pro – still can’t get range extended from router to MackBook in bedroom just in 10 meters range.

dan roberts says:

should have used on them both

DJ Burrough says:

You skip a major step, which leaves a neophyte lost.

66tbird1 says:

Mine won’t setup the second time around. It was a headache the first time but it’s in the trash this round. And why does it make you setup an account?

Mr UNknown says:

Will my connection speed remain the same or lower ?

AliandMan says:

ust bought this, and when i plug it in the router link LED does not light….any idea why? and how to rectify it? thanks

TEAM G.R.D says:

dus it work with xbox one

ARJ IT Dept. says:

I now that it’s not even worth

interchangeable username says:

it works as an extender but when i use an ethernet cable, even though troubleshooting does not detect any problems, my wifi to any devices using the original network or extender do not get any internet access?

Tanya To Hot says:

Can this help u get a better Hotspot single also?

Cameron Macleod says:

My main Wifi router is downstairs, so it’s very weak when I’m trying to join multiplayer servers on my Xbox and it even completely disconnects when I try to play online games. Is this worth getting to help get a better connection on Xbox Live?

Hector Luis says:

It says incorrect password, I’ve have reset the extender like 3 times already.

pepperj says:

Thanks for the video you stupid British asshole!

Kings Of Fifaa says:

i have this connected to my house however over the weekend i am staying over at my cousins and want to take this there. i understand that i will need to set it up there but when i return it home will i still need to connrct it manually or will it connect itself?

Ismael Ortiz says:

also my internet box is down stairs

adrienne hardy says:

Can I use this extender for the Arlo Smart Home Security System without having to plug it directly into my router?

novaldo panjaitan says:

what does “Wifi up to 300Mbps” mean??

WellDAMNMalik says:

What if i use this in my college dorm room? Would it work still if the WIFI have no password?

Tharindu Lakshitha Kariyawasam says:

can this extended network signal at 100%, achieve the original network 100% signal’s speeds?
I have my doubts since essentially the extender can only access 50% of the original network’s signal?
can you please clarify?

LauraStace says:

Once connected, is it best for everyone within the house to then connect to the new link? or will it effect anyone’s connection if they stay on the original network?

alpha yun says:

does this require wps and or netgear genie?

52zzz53 says:

These are rubbish, constantly drops signal

Adolfo Bouyer Ghost80 says:

how do I use this on Xbox One

Daniel Shoop says:

Can I press the wps button on it to connect my ps4?

Holland Tech says:

i live next door to my Aunts. she has wifi. i half to walk to center of yard out side. a pain with mosquitoes do not pick up wifi in my house. can i use this Device to boost the SSID Signal i have the wpa code. I just need to be able to pick up the signal from in the house.

Sir.MackintoshVI says:

so if i stick this in my room I could get 300 mbps maybe

Haven says:

this thing is a piece of shit I had perfect internet except in one room so i got it for 40 dollars it works for 12 hours or so and then stops working for like 3 days then starts working again and it can’t make up it’s mind.

This thing is just a giant hassle for me and is worth like 10 dollars.

mike goodfella says:

I’m seeing error code 1D10t not netgear.ext. 🙁 I think it’s calling me an idiot lol

Mr Braggadocious says:

dose it work with one of those free xfinity wifi boxes ?

Jr Dirty says:

I’m looking for a unit that sends data/ethernet over mains, to a WiFi router, which this doesn’t seem to do. Is there anything that works this way?

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