Linksys AC1200 WiFi Range eXtender – WiFi Repeater Setup & reView -Wifi eXtender for Gaming?

An in your face, up close review: Linksys WiFi Range Extender setup and install. Here’s a Linksys AC1200 unboxing, setup and review video that’s quick and to the point. It shows all you need, to do a Linksys extender/WiFi repeater setup. This Linksys AC 1200 setup and review is on the Linksys RE6700 dual band version. The Linksys ac1200 WiFi range extender setup is easy to do once you watch my video tutorial. Also, this is a pretty good performer and might be the best wifi extender for being used as a WiFi booster for gaming.

Here’s the link for manually accessing the Linksys WiFi range extender through your internet browser:

Pricing information: This unit can be found on the Internet between $75.00 and $99.00.

This is a excellent Linksys wireless range extender that will extend your main router WiFi out beyond 5000 square feet and more. If you have a Xbox live/ Xbox 360 that needs a wifi Ethernet connection, you can use the Ethernet gigabyte port on the Linksys wifi repeater/extender to cable directly to your wifi LAN and Xbox. And this could be a good repeater for gaming in every room of the house, upstairs, downstairs and wherever!

In essence, if want to know how to setup wifi extender quickly without spending hours learning how, then my video is for you.

BTW: These wireless wifi extender devices are also known by several different names like: wifi repeater, wifi booster and wireless repeater. So don’t be thrown off by the terminology used for these wifi devices.

1) Does it eliminate Wi-Fi Dead Zones? Yes.
2) Do I like the WiFi extender for Dead Zones and Signal Strength?


de los santos says:

Can I connect my playstation to this extender? I have the same one, but I haven’t set up yet.

Osmani Darce says:

como es la forma de entrar al admin usando mac

Proformal says:

Yo my just stuck at connecting to network

Janet Wong says:

Hey nickscomputerfix! Love your channel! I would love to talk to you about a business inquiry. If you’re interested, please email me at

John Cor says:


Eddie Ramirez says:

the linksy set up does not come up on my wifi

Tuna Gutz says:

Awesome video and thank you

Joseph Liendro says:

sir mr nick, I have att as my internet provider. I’m looking for a good wifi extender such as the one you’re displaying here. do you think you can recommend me some of the top wifi extenders you would go to for gaming on like, a playstation/xbox system?

Eagle Ales says:

great video, i am gonna buy this one , i am looking for good one and you come up.very great video and full detail . can you tell me how much you pay? thanks your chanal.

Oscar T says:

Can I set it up without A Computer

Jorge Rzezak says:

Thanks for your videos!
Having wired ethernet connectors in each of my rooms but the WiFi of my router does not reach them I’d like to put access points in each room (I have 2 of the cheap you reviewed that I use as AP not as a Repeater) for the mobile phones.
Which of the repeaters that you reviewed with AP functionality would you recommend me in case I wan to add 5GHz band as well?

o CreamyDART o says:

Is it good for gaming though? I can only get a moderate connection for my Xbox one

candiesx says:

Hello nick, how long did it take you to do the whole setup? Although the set up indicated that my extender was in the optimal range, it did not connect to my router and kept blinking amber. I’m not very sure what to do as my room as limited sockets around

Andrianna Thomas says:

How longs does it take for the blinker to turn a amber color

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