Item review – COMFAST CF-WR302S Wireless Repeater

Here is a video review I made about The #COMFAST CF-WR302S Wireless #Repeater/#Extender.

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The brand: COMFAST
The model: CF-WR302S

The pros:
– Easy to setup.
– Seems to have a positive effect on the Wi-Fi signals – It improved the strength of the signals in rooms which had weak Wi-Fi signals and It also what is shown from a test I made with an Android App called “Wifi Analyzer”.

The cons:
– None (If there will be any I will update this section).

Q: Does this device make my Wi-Fi connection faster?
A: No, it does not. What it does is to spread the already existing Wi-Fi signals better in a specific area (if someone has a better explanation I invite you to help me rephrase this answer).

Q: Does this device disconnect sometimes?
A: Yes, it does, and there might be several reasons for that. I realized that sometimes I need to disconnect the device and plug it back to the electric socket and the problem get solved in no time.

Q: Can I connect multiple devices to the Wi-Fi extender’s network at the same time?
A: Yes, there is no problem to connect multiple devices to the Wi-Fi extender’s network at the same time.

Q: The LED indicators are blinking all the time – is this normal?
A: The WiFi repeater has several LED indicators, some appear constantly (power supply for example), while others appear alternately and blink (data transfer or whatever it’s called…).
So as long as it works fine I think this is normal.

Here is the link for the “Wifi Analyzer” app on the Google Play app store:

Here is the description of the item on Aliexpress:
Comfast WIFI Repeater Router 300M Dual 5dBi Antenna Signal Booster Wireless-N wi fi Repeater 802.11N/B/G Network Roteador Wifi

For further questions about this write them down and I will do my best to answer you.

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Jay McCea says:

the setup website doesn’t work!

Roberto Ganskus says:

I got this crap and cannot make it work. firstly my router has no WPS button so I tried with QR code. It opens some strange site with plenty of ads, but not comfast site. So I got to couple of videos like this, but none of them explain how to open the site where I may login with “admin” – “admin” – they show they do, but what is the address? I lost already some time and regret already I bought this Chinese piece of plastic with no proper installation instruction. Anyone to help?

Daniel Ignatov says:

Nice video.

Arnold Ács says:

hey dude!

do you know is there any difference between this model and the CF-WR750AC model?

thelaughingman79 says:

how is it noone…ever talks about the range you might expect? its driving me nuts!

Richelle's Show says:

its not working and it gives me a lot if headache …when I put that URL address it directs me to a whole lot of sites can u tell me how you get to the website of Comcast

Oman Ghebreyesus says:

A very good explanation, thank you sir.

serigne lo says:


manuelkong10 says:

how nice
you chose the most difficult way of setting it up

Cristi Braila says:

Hello. Can you tell me which is the maximum distance coverage?

Tony Stank says:

Does the comfast extender have to be near the wifi router? Cause my wifi router is located inside my room, once you are in the living and dining area the connection is very weak. I plan to plug it in our living room, will that work?

tony tawk says:

how about a speed test comparison.

SuperMuduM says:

can you still use the ethernet port to connect to the internet directly to this device?

e RichSr says:

When I type the URL (, it those not open the page to log in. Is there a different URL ?

Philip Jessup says:

Have you tried the dual band version?

Renzo Cantano says:

Hi! i’m already connected to it, done with the settings but when I try to use the internet (which is im connected with the repeater), and doesn’t load anything

Emre Dururvurur says:

when shooting video, the device was hot?

Gus Widener says:

My password for the extender isn’t the same as my for my origional network. And it never told me what it was? It’s not admin

Jerry Clark says:

Got it connected to linksys wifi but it will not let me go on internet can you help.

Ezzill Zareb says:

hi I wanna know if I need a WiFi network in my house and what does the WiFi repeater do? thanks hopefully I we’ll hear back from you soon

Paul Zimmerman says:

would set up for this be the same on a playstation 4?

Jose Luis Calderón says:

Hello I have this repeater and everything is going very well. The configuration is done by cable for more security and everything is perfect, but the WIFI led keeps blinking always. this is normal? Thank you

Chino Garcia says:

how do you know the extender is connected to your wifi?

Neelesh Domah says:

Hello, this is my first time using a wireless extender.
I managed to get through to the website on the back of the device through my laptop. I managed to get through the repeater, it scanned my original router and i set-up the wireless repeater name and password to my liking. It finished by showing another screen which said: Repeater Setting Complete! Please Re-Connect to the WiFi.

What do i do now? Do i press the WPS button on my router? I don’t understand that part. When i scan the wifi using a mobile for e.g, it shows up showing excellent signal, it connects, i input my password, but no website loads up( it was loading fine with the router wi-fi)

Am i doing something wrong here?

Younes Lagmouch says:

I purchased an access point Comfast CF-WR302S, I followed many stages of their configuration in repeater mode.
But when I want to connect through this repeater I met with limited connection problem.
As I noticed that the problem is in the part of WAN Configuration.

Ellyn Villar says:

Did the speed of your connection stay the same upon using the extender?

Erick Treetops says:

Mine is in repeater mode but I cannot join my existing homegroup or see
mapped network drives. I I believe the issue is that my Comcast is not
in bridge mode and creating it’s own LAN. Unable to find any informatin
on how to configure comcast in bride mode can you assist with information?

MrEugene900 says:

thank you man

Cергей Cтаневич says:

Hi friend. I found you through aliekspress. I do not understand English. I am writing through an interpreter. Please tell me he is good or not. Like!!!

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