Installing a wilson 4G cellular signal booster

There is little or no cell phone signal available at my house; so, I decided to install a Wilson cellular repeater. In this video, I use model DT4G 460101. I have installed 3 of these systems (for other people) and one in my own truck. I’ve been impressed with all of them…they add about 2 bars to what is already available. Faster speeds, fewer dropped calls, and increased battery life are all benefits that I see when using one of these systems.


Ary Junior says:

What is the tower distance to your home?

Matt Verley says:

I have the “mobile 3G” unit, SKU 460102.  I have had these in my last 2 work trucks; I bought the first one about 4 years ago.  It works great!  I will probably buy a 4G unit in the near future, and move the 3G one into one of my other vehicles.  Here is a link to the one that I currently have:

Inayet Hadi says:

how much do you think a person should beer paid to install this in a house?

warren pamment says:

Hi this may sound a silly question to you, but does this booster boost 3g signal as well as 4g signal

BewareTheIdes says:

As well you were worried about it “looking clean” as far as installation. A wire coming from a wall to the bottom of a cabinet isn’t “looking clean”. A smarter way of doing it would be to have it all enclosed within that cabinet. But hey, I’m a genius with common sense and you’re clearly someone lacking in that area.

Jay Kumar says:

pl give your phone number

87peppy says:

Thanks for all the great info and excellent videos. Can you provide the model number of this or a link to the one you installed.


does it provide signals for any network???

PirateMTH - says:

Thanks for the video. Real world examples from folks like you give me the confidence to get’r done.

Abdulaziz AL-Naimi says:

Thank you. Great work

Jonathan Strong says:

Great video – thanks. I like doing my own work, and it’s always easiest if I can visualize the various steps first – this video illustrates all the key steps perfectly. Think I’ll be ordering a Connect 4G-X soon. Just have to do a bit of a site survey first, see what kind of exterior signal I have, and check the measurements of the house to make sure I can get proper separation between antennae. Really appreciate you taking the time to post the video – thanks.

starwarsfanforlife says:

Nice install! Just as an FYI they make 90 degree angled coaxial elbows that would allow you to run the cable straight up for a cleaner look to your box.

Inayet Hadi says:

how much do you think a person should beer paid to install this in a house?

Jordan Strickler says:

The barrel connector in the wall plate will reduce quality of the signal. You can use a high frequency barrel connector but eliminating it is best. Fewer connections and high quality wire. The shielding on the wire

Josh B says:

had the basic $100 thing from best buy in previous vehicle worked awsome

Z Young says:

Thanks for the video. Getting ready to install one on the house tuesday. Exact same model actually. Very helpful.

Peter Nestor says:

Thanks for a perfect video and link. It seems that the Wilson line is the leader. I will order one today. Best Regards, Pete

MrSolveMYMaze says:

I’ve actually got a similar problem with my house in that the signal is so poor that I’ve literally got to hang out the window to get a message/make a phone call. This could be exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks for the friendly video.

MeJustMe says:

does the outside antenna need to be facing the cell tower that you are picking up 4g or just in the general area of 4g coverage?

Diego Romero says:

Excellent video!

Jon Sab says:

Can this create wireless interference on wifi signals such as 2.4ghz and 5ghz.


Wilson one of the best out their ! Have sold their products for 20 years .

BewareTheIdes says:

You have shitty service because you have a shitty OLD phone. The signal tech in phones have improved greatly since when that phone was considered new. You spend hundreds on a signal booster when all you really needed to do was get a better phone.

AMP Tech says:

thats pretty amazing but i highly recommend investing in a network closet. You can even use a pantry or supply closet so things are atleast enclosed somehow

Glycerine309 says:

Thanks, that was very helpful. 

surfshooterhawaii says:

By any chance did you perform any internet data throughput test before and after installation?   I would like to install one of these to pull out poor cell 4G LTE coverage.

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