Increase WiFi Coverage / Range DIGISOL DG-WR3001N WiFi Repeater Review

You can easily increase your WiFi range by using a WiFi repeater also called WiFi extenders and I review a WiFi repeater by DIGISOL called the DG-WR3001N which is very simple to use and by using it you can easily extend your WiFi network

You can purchase this WiFi repeater in India from Flipkart

DIGISOL WiFi repeater unboxing


lokesh saini says:

I have a dlink WiFi how I connect with this by put it together tell me pllZzzz my WiFi range is slow

Abhishek Nama says:

Is it true that your speed halves when using a wifi extender?

Anmol Jain says:

Thank you sir
Really helpful video
You rock!!

Crapbaskets says:

suppose i have 4 mbps connection..will i get the full 4 mbps from this repeater?

IS Rak35h says:

Can this repeater extend both 2.4ghz band and 5 ghz band ?? If not please put up a link for the product which you recommend for the same

Minam Siddiqui says:

I have a modem thus it works with it too
Though it does not has any wps button

Gurpreet Singh says:

sir…. wps push is compulsory required..? actually I’m using my office network but they don’t have idea about this…. so tell me how….

sarang patil says:

Guys please suggest me wifi router for home usage.. Upto 1000-1200 rupees…
I use PPPoE connection.. Provided local cable ISP..
I was thinking of buying tplink wr840… But my ISP is suggesting me to buy digisol dg-hr 3400 router..
What is your opinion!? I’m currently using dlink dir-600m.. I have connection dropping problems on my dlink.. So I’m Planning to change router..!

Saurabh Chougule says:

I have a 1500sq.ft house, should I buy a tp link wr941nd which has three removable antenna or tp link wr841nd with a range extender

Nithin Kamble says:

If the speed that I get on my primary wireless router is 2 Mbps, how much speed can I expect from this device in repeater mode?

Paritosh Hanspal says:

tp-link or these one.. which one is better when compared only on basis of stable wireless network..??

Gurpreet Singh says:

actually I’m live in Lebanon and here network cost is to high…

Dhruvin Iyer says:

Sir.. What to do if my router doesn’t have wps button..? How can i proceed further?

Shashikant Patel says:

hello sir 
i want to buy a router under 2.5k with high wifi range usb port and what is the range of this digisol range extender have

Sushanth Kumar says:

Sir,what is the use in wifi Digisol DG-WR3001N wifi repeater…? this is not working before 3months. plz replay sir

Manish Roy says:

can you explain the configuration of Cisco Linksys E900 Wireless-N300 Router and how do i share cablenet (rj45) thru Cisco Linksys E900 Wireless-N300 Router

lakshay jain says:

awesome !!! thnkz

Ayushman Nandwana says:

is it possible to connect it to first repeater

remuslupinhp says:

hi, i tried this device today for testing and it worked very well for 4 hours then I removed it and plugged it in another switch where it didnt work, the wifi range was low there, then i plugged it where i had plugged it originally and it didnt work properly, what can i do to make it work again?

Dragon_Ball 818 says:

it gets hot

Nikhil Gupta says:

This thing is very expensive, I can easily get a Wifi Repeater in this range with two antenna that will have 4 LAN ports and better Wifi Signal. Don’t you think?

Hardeep Singh says:

My router does not have WPS button. Will this device work for me?

Sunil Punjabi says:

quite helpful video. thank you for the insight

Niladri Paul says:

Hlw Ranjit sir,plz review SONY XPERIA E1…………I think it is very good phone under 10k and better then SAMSUNG S DUOS2 & NOKIA X………….plz cheak this phone and gave your opinion……………plz sir cheak it and plz say about this music phone by SONY………….

Yash Raval says:

Can it extend the range of adsl2+ routers??

Dips says:

hello ranjit.. i am deep.. i have bought a dlink dsl2750u and i have lan connection as internet connection.. not dsl or broadband connection.. and i want to convert my internet into wifi through the router.. could you please explain me how to do this??.. i have searched net for solutions but couldn’t get anything but depression.. it will very kindness of you if you respond to my problem and i think as these lan connections are spreading through comnaies(like pmpl) many of us will be grateful to you if you kindly solve this…please help..

Nick Melody says:

Sir i have a B.S.N.L connection i need a best router ? which router is best for my B.S.N.L connection.

Suraj N M says:

Please do the gaming review of ps4.

Samee Asghar says:

Great product and thank you for the great review.
I bought this as soon as i watched your video and this product works well with my Belkin Modem Router as well as low end Airtel Binatone Modem router.
Now i am getting full network and speed.
Thank you again Ranjit and I hope we will meet soon 🙂

vs siva says:


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