How to use another router as a range booster for your Wifi Network [UPDATED VERSION]

For a lot of default passwords…


For default IP and also login info.

Otherwise, just google the manufacturer and model number for your router.


Please note that this won’t work for all routers. It will work on most Linksys routers, I imagine. The one shown is a WRT54G hardware revision v2.

It IS possible to use an AC adapter for Ethernet that uses the electrical system in your house instead of a long Ethernet cable. They are costly, though, and usually cause signal degradation, packet loss and high ping – in Layman’s terms, you should use a long Ethernet cable.

This video will show you how to use your older wireless router in conjunction with your new router (via a long ethernet cord to another part of your house) to boost your network’s wireless signal throughout your house. Note: You will have to end up with 2 different wireless networks BUT they are both on the same internet network for you to use for internet access. You will need to connect them via a long Ethernet cable from a client port on the first one to a client port on the second router. The 2nd router’s DHCP server will need to be turned off as the first router will be assigning local IP addresses and the second router MUST have the option to change from “gateway” to “router”, or a similar option, for this to work. On a standard linksys admin or configuration page, it is under “advanced routing”.


张浩然 says:

if i set ssid of two routers same, will my device find two same ssid or only one ssid?

Charlotte V.S. says:

It worked, thanks! My smartphone won’t connect to the network though. but I’m assuming that’s because DHCP is disabled. Do you happen to know how I can connect my smartphone?

Charly Kayo says:

i want make connections between 2 routers via wifi, without cable. do you know how can happen this? with wds not work, when i disabled dhpc server i can’t take ip anymore….?!??

Brandon Myers says:

thanks very helpful

Kyle Perez says:

The router is working as a range booster but I can only access the main routers default gateway

Shaun Roselt says:

This is pretty cool!

dragon77721 says:

Question i have setup up my old router with new cad 7 ethernet cable, my service is 25 mbps speed test say 30.02 but the new/old router is only getting .98 ? ? ? why

common logic says:

Excellent camerawork, wonderful screen caps and detailed explanation. Thank you.
I am trying to cover my farmhouse with one router and also have wireless in two nearby out-buildings.
Am I able to do this same thing with TWO satellite routers using the house router as the main?

Keith Johnson says:


Gilisa Green says:

Hey I’m having issues connecting to the WiFi created. It keeps saying “Can’t obtain an IP address”

Rafeeq Majeed says:

Thanks for the information. Could you please add a video for D-link Dir-306 router instead of your second router used.

itsaname says:

Thanks! I have the exact same older router and had tried previously to do this — I was missing the bit about assigning either gateway or router. I added the missing step and everything was perfect. Many thanks for the info!

42lookc says:

WOW! This really worked! And practically nothing about reconfiguring anything ever works for me! I even used a non-typical router (an old Bell Canada one I bought at Value Village for $5.99 because they had nothing else), and it still worked! No more holding my laptop up in the air like showing off the new Lion King! One HUGE *THANK YOU!* 🙂

Mike OMAX says:

Can I do this with D-Link 815 ? Can’t find broadband to router switch option.

Ansr N says:

I like your video
But my problem is different, I want to extend the range of wifi inside the
building / house. I am developing home automation using wifi.
There is no video on you tube , on this topic.

Skyline Gadgets says:

Hey man I can’t get in to that page the page its going to wired websites any suggestion?

padutchbuilders says:

I did all the steps and it works great! I have the exact same router. I changed the IP address as well but I have a problem. I can’t log back into the router. I want to update the router name but I can’t get back in. I tried using the new IP address but it won’t work. Any ideas? Thanks

reymond deguit says:

i cant find the option for gareway or router on the older model for linksys is rhere any way i can set it up as an extension router.

wage earner says:

… so this disables the IP address 192 that the first router normally has. Does the other normal LAN ports become inoperable? What I’m asking is do the other LAN ports become an issue or a headache for connecting to for the other LAN devices from the primary router?Second question: if I unplug the WiFi secondary router does that upset things and need resetting for the first router LAN ports? What I mean does the primary LAN and secondary WiFi router need setting up every time I unplug the WiFi one?Thank you for answering … if you do

Ashley Miller says:

How would I do this from an access point that is my only source of internet connection?

Nemo Kinter says:

My setup includes internet connection (xfinity) into a netgear c3700 modem/router. 100 ft of network cable ran to garage into a client port of a netgear r6020. I want Wifi connectivity at both locations. It should work via these settings. Is this correct? If so, I am buying these components asap so someone let me know. Thank you.

Ardi Hendra says:

IT WORKS !!!! Thanks very helpful

Isaiah Rivera says:

HI is to make your internet connection faster

Night Stringers says:

What a great video thank you for this production …

RAP says:

I’m Planning On Trying This At The Hotel With A Centurylink Router For Online Gameplay.

lNavigatorl Sgt says:

why not get powerline connectors much easyer

Roger Froud says:

This is fine if your two routers can be accessed at the same time on the PC ie they have different IP addresses. You need the same first three groups to be the same, such as 192.168.1.X but different values for X
If you have two routers with the same X value, you have to connect them one at a time and change one of them to a different IP address.

k4M1a Geo says:

What happens if you make your secondary (older) router have the same SSID NAME with the same password? Wouldn’t it just extend the range of the primary router so that you could roam around your house?

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