How to use a spare router as a range booster for your Wifi Network

I have made an updated version of this video that is more clear to understand. See it here:

Please note that this won’t work for all routers. It will work on most Linksys routers, which, in my opinion, are the best you can get.

This video will show you how to use your older wireless router in conjunction with your new router (via a long ethernet cord to another part of your house) to boost your network’s wireless signal throughout your house. Note: You will have to end up with 2 different wireless networks BUT they are both on the same internet network for you to use for internet access. You will need to connect them via a long Ethernet cable from a client port on the first one to a client port on the second router. The 2nd router’s DHCP server will need to be turned off as the first router will be assigning local IP addresses and the second router MUST have the option to change from “gateway” to “router”, or a similar option, for this to work. On a standard linksys admin or configuration page, it is under “advanced routing”.

PS: I’m sorry about the quality of this video/details left out. I put it together really fast. Some details are in the annotations. I also didn’t expect this to get this many views.


ULBEdits says:

will this work for an asus router?

Gilbert Ferro says:

Thank you excellent!!! Finally some one that uses a WRT54G

Russ Eastburn says:

pointless if I’m running wire. Is there no way to repeat the signal using an old wireless router/cable modem without running ethernet wire to repeater?

Dante Bernal says:

do you neeed a laptop for this

Kyle 23 says:

Does the ssid and password has to be the same on both the router and the acess point?

Kod! Krazy says:

Hi can you change the ip address on the second router is it different from your normal router.

Daniel Bright says:

I did this a few years ago, some things are just common sense. .or at least should be

Swiftt says:

whenever i connected my old router to computer and tried to go to the admin page it says theres no internet connection and it cant connect to the page

P Ho says:

Hi Chiefjoboo: I solved my problem already: by giving my router a fixed IP address 192.168.1.XXX (<253). Tks.

SplittingVoices says:

FANTASTIC ! worked like a charm. Thank You 🙂

Doug Tyler says:

Thank you much, works great on smart tv in the back room or any wireless I need

P Ho says:

How do I change “gateway” to “router” on a Linksys E1700 link router? In the Advanced Routing there’s no switching option for that. If the leave the Advance Routing page unchanged, I find it can only work intermittently, i.e. sometimes it works, sometime not.- P Ho

hrishikesh tele says:

Can the old one and new one be of different company?

Techness50 says:

Thanks so much! You were a great help buddy.

Gary E Gillam says:

Yea. going preety well and then you lose us all when you start pluging in wires and then not understanding………didn’t work for me.

Kamachnikov says:

Do i have to use a static IP address to start configuration? Mine doesn’t respond even after 30/30/30

tausif304 says:

That what I was looking for, I will try it at my home and hopefully it will work. I have two questions though.
1> I guess once I set it up I should be able to use second router as a network switch too, because I need to connect my network printer to it.

2> Here you have created different network how can I setup another router so but it only shows one network name. suppose if I have 4 different rooms and if I do this was there will be 4 networks available, is there any way I can set it up all four routers that it will only show one network available. Like all 4 router only sharing one network signal?

I hope I have cleared my self. Waiting to hear from you.

pecka2k says:

can you plug an ethernet cable into the new router for a pc for example? or is it just acting as a wifi extender?

hallobaaaby says:

Thanks so much for your vid!! I have a new router sucking internet from a modem downstairs. Upstairs i have the computer getting weak wifi signal from downstairs through usb wifi adapter key hooked into the computer.
I have a second (old) Asus rt-n56u router. I wonder if i should plug it with ethernet cable to actual router in terms to get a second transmitter, as in your vid. I wonder if the fact of my using wifi usb key adapter to my PC spoils the game?
Also, can i get rid of shitty wifi adapter and use my Asus upstairs as a receiver instead, picking the signal from the actual router downstairs? I tried but messed up all these ‘properties’ and network settings aaargh lo Thanks so much for competence and sharing!

ajanki34 says:

Also, the Gateway part in the Linksys router page. Mine doesn’t say Gateway or Router. Mine just says NAT: Enable or Disable. But, the NAT is the same as the Gateway option. You just have to disable it or the hosting feature. My question is, I can’t get my bridge router to have a different IP address like the When I try to call up the admin page it can’t reach it. Its fine with the address where it takes me to the main router but if I change the bridge’s address with the Ethernet cable. It can’t reach it, why ?

Tommy Lee says:

Perhaps we can configure the second router as a repeater bridge instead ?

y0Karn says:

i watched a few videos saying change the ip adress and do it above 100

Bradley Hoffman says:

Plug the router into the other router and take the router and enable it on the router…. suggestion? : router A to router B or main to secondary would be alot less confusing. Otherwise very helpful, thanks for the tidbit about xbox live.

Leonardo D93 says:

Hello,i have 1 problem,i have done it,and it can connect with my laptop but when i connect with smartphone it dont work?what is the problem,thanks???

raja deshpande says:

good day to you from germany. . the video is interesting. I have main wlan router : vodafone EasyBox 904 xDSL(vdsl) . and additionally i want to use Asus WL-500g as repeater. I did read many things in google and tried a lot , but no success. I am using windows 7 for wlan router EasyBox, bridge / repeater configuration ( easybox and wl-500g) . I want to send you about 10 (small) screen shots with notes in a .doc File. How do i send it to you ? i can send you my email address, so to keep heavy traffic here. , best regards, rDesh

Simple_CFrame says:


Constapated bannana says:

ok ive had one problem when i connect to the new access point it says no network access

soham c says:

Do i need to connect both the routers all the time?

L Vazquez says:

what is theMTU & size number for? on the minute 3:17 of your video

Judi Anderson says:

This would be great, you talked a bit slower, and if we could actually see the video a bit closer to see what you are doing through the whole process. For those of us that a bit older and technically challenged a bit, that would help. I understood what was being said but it went pretty fast, and the demonstration was very difficult to see.

jonathan smith says:

I used the same model and it did not work.I did it step for step 3 times did not work

y0Karn says:

also i didnt have the gateway tab is that okay?

bullet 4x4 says:

what modem are you plugged into the spare range extender or your maian one i got lost at the start

y0Karn says:

also you know how you want back to ehternet at 7:00 i was trying to go back but every time i search the ip it said the site cant be reached?

Brian Carinder says:

if i have a main wireless n router and then use a wireless g as the extender wont that just slow down my connection?

acacia 258456 says:

What range will it extend too? I need 50m through some walls too.

Scott's Jeep Adventures says:

is there a way to use the old router as a wifi repeater without needing to be plugged in with the ether net cable? just plug it in say in my garage with just the power cord and extend wifi?

wiNkZzZ says:

saved my life thanks

Nitin Bhushan Bansal says:

hi can Linksys E900 Wireless-N300 Router be used as extender?

Hardcore Gamer5639 says:

Can you make it not have 2 networks? Like to stay with the name you have now?

tigerbalm says:

Wut’s the point of this when you has to have a cat5 connected to BOTH routers? This is why they made the “mesh” routers like Google wifi…

John Bell says:

can you give me a print out on how to do it

Ts0usermax says:

let me guess, in this video you log into a router and set it to act as wireless AP?

Wade Morris says:

Can you either use wired or wireless on the extra router?

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