How to Repeat Public Wifi Hotspot | Wifi Repeater/Extender | GL iNet AR750 Review

How to Repeat a Public Wifi Hotspot Signal | Wifi Repeater | GL iNet AR750 Review
Link to the exact GL iNet AR750 Repeater:

How to Repeat Public Wifi Hotspot | Public Wifi Repeater – AR750 Review

Watch this video if you are interested in learning how to repeat a public secured or non-secured signal. This is great if you are traveling and would like to use this in a hotel and create your own secured hotspot to connect your devices to or if you’d like to repeat a wifi signal that within range of your home and use that in your home.

Wifi Repeater/Extender for Home:

There are a lot of devices out there and it is easy to get lost in the information that exists about the different ways to do this. It took me quite some time to research my specific scenario and which devices and features would be required to make this happen. There is also very little out there on how to set something like this up. I hope this video helps you!
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S Kopa says:

Thanks. Very informative. A follow up on setup/walk through would be great.

bjkman94 says:

A follow up video of setting it up would be worth it, good video but for people like me who arent the brightest, a watch and follow along video of the set up would be perfect. Was looking all over for this

S P says:

Would you be able to show the setup process thanks.

John C says:

Nice! Thanks for sharing all that valuable research information from trial and errors. The guys that badmouth this below just are not up to speed and probably don’t even know what a MAC address is even though you explained it well! LOL Would be nice though if you did another follow up and show how you actually set it up.

John Bobbitt says:

I do it every day at home. Neighbors have xfinity home service and their routers broadcast a second “hotspot” as part of the ONDEMAND network. Been using the tplink wr802n. About $30. Only problem, after about 2 months it dies. Then buy another. Ive bought every one in the city 🙁

sgtginga says:

Not with this peice of rubbish. Absolute rubbish. It won’t stay connected for more than 2 minutes. And never connects to vpn.

Mateo Dimatibag 2 says:

Good day Sir. I just want to ask what’s the maximum meters away from public wifi you can still use this? Hope you will response.

outoftheblue911 says:

Does the router have a connection for a range extending antenna ?

Šarūnas Miliauskas says:

Hello, can You show, how can I setup public wifi repeater which needs a press “agree” using this router ? I bought this router because of this video for repeating public wifi, but I am not able to setup it. Please help 🙂

HJB Productions LLC says:

Too much information…keep it simple and do a setup guide.

Kai Zheng says:

Not even open the box.

Gregory G says:

Less talky, more showy bro.

nick null says:

So i can set this up from my phone?

Leslie L. Gordon says:

I’m looking for a way to connect wirelessly to “free”” unsecured hotel wifi (with THAT sign up page), and then, once connected, I can create a secondary SECURE wifi connecton. About 50% of rooms have an ethernet connection, and then I’m good. It’s when there is no ethernet connection, and with a sign in page and password, I connect to a wireless signal. I think you are explaining this, but you are covering a number of different scenarios. I have a VPN, etc. It sounds like this may be THE THING, but I am not sure. I need the set-up “How To,” especially for a hotel wireless service. I never eat at McDonalds.

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