Do wifi extenders work? Comparison N300 WifiExtender

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How to install a wifi extender and does it work?
I did a comparison between a regular wifi router and the nc300 netgear wifi extender. I’ve come to the conclusion that the wifi extender is more stable and consistent but a slight bit slower.

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Wolf Reviewing says:

Uhhhh FFS this shitty sky internet of mine I get 0.59 Uload AND I WANT TO STREAM BUT I CANNOTTTTT trying to get a wifi booster WICH most likely won’t bump it so only thing I’ll have to do is Ethernet cable I might even use my 4g it gets 3.9 Mbps upload it’s FASTER THAN MY INTERNET MAN -_-

Who Cares says:

I’m paying 50 and I’m getting 250 mb
Best for gaming

1101001 says:

Dude you live like 30 minutes away from me.

3choBlast3r says:

I bought this exact same WiFi extender yesterdag will be delivered today (20euro free shipping). I barely have any wifi in the attic where I sleep so I needed this. But then I decided that a powerline adapter is a better way to will give me Ethernet for PS4 and wifi at the same time. (

Alb Vas says:

This was one of the best vids out there. The Kid got to the point and even gave us a walk about to see how well it worked. Nice job.

doe3879 says:

I converted the house phone line into ethernet and plug an old router into it.
Works great, fortunately/unfortunately the wires are CAT3 cable and the max speed it can handle is 100mbs.

Paul Creamers says:

I got the netgear ac1200 it’s very good I’m getting all my speed from the main router through it. it’s worth getting this one as it’s also dual band and has fast lane as well

saturnthunder says:

wee-zin tha joo-oose,bu-uuudy

Jeremy Pearson says:

Great video like others pointed out. Def straight to the point. When it cones to what you pay for as as far as download speed and upload speed this is mainly on being wired. When you go wifi you will fluctuate. Another thing that can help out with your speed would be looking at your channels if your overlapping Channels with other people in your neighborhood or your surrounding area they’re going to be pulling from the WiFi channel . I have an extender as well and what I do is I walked to a point where I start losing signal on my cell phone Wi-Fi wise and then I connect the extended there so that way to boost that signal to further out to the house.

Anant Gill says:

After watching your video I bought it and its working good. My internet connection’s maximum speed is 10-12 megabytes per second and I am getting 2 to 3 megabytes per second in the basement room located at the extreme opposite of the house and modem . I know its not alot but still I am able to use Netflix and Youtube at full HD quality. Thanks fam appreciate your video!

DSPN00BY says:

Wifi range extenders are used to extend your wifi “range” not to increase your “speed”

Daimien Taylor says:

NEVER use a REPEATER if you care about Bandwidth, if you have a deadspot in your house and you just want internet access then a Repeater is great; otherwise You do better buying a Client Bridge and another Router and connecting the client bridge to the Main router and use the Ethernet cable to go from the bridge to the 2nd Router, that way you have Full Bandwidth and you are on the same network as the main router. Wireless Repeaters Work but they cut your bandwidth in half because all of the data has to go through a processor and a radio chip in that repeater running 4 functions. The Repeater has to process Upstream and Downstream traffic of data from the Router and also the Upstream and Downstream data of the Clients connected to the Repeater which eliminates Bandwidth by half, practically you have a bottleneck.

Lisa Woodard says:

question for you. I have a shed in the backyard in which I installed a window AC unit. This unit is supposed to be able to connect to my smart phone and be controlled by it. However, it is not picking up the wifi signal from the house. It is a smaller house than yours, and the shed isn’t too too far from the back door. Do you think this extender will help me get connection in the shed? thanks.

Christian Akai says:

Mbps is megabits not megabytes

Joshua Chap says:

I got one of these and get about 90Mbps -45Mbps on average with this range extender i get maybe 25 at best and I’m no more than 15 feet from it.

Derek Rowe says:

You’rey the man Yuriy! Great video my dude.

P Schmied says:

What isn’t clear is whether the extender is in a fixedposition or if you are moving it arounf. An extender/re[eater is ntenmded to be positioned to extend the area of coverage beyond whast is reliable with just the primary AP.

If the repeater is not within the boundary of the primary AP coverage, contary to what most advertising implies, it will NOT provide extended area with reliability or signal strength comparable to that of the good coverage of the primary coverage. If well positioned, you can extend coverage area by about 60% to areas where the primary access point is not usable, with transmission speeds of 75-85 of what the primary AP can provide, becasue the APs are cascaded.

For best extension of coverage, if the repeater has an AP mode, use it. Whether connected by wifi or ethernet to the WAN router, changing the repeater AP to a different channel will reduce interference, is improved and throughput. This also gives you the option to add 5GHz operation to a system which formerly had only 2.4GHz.


n300? broke ass

Al Ramadi says:

dear what is that back ground song? wanted to download that aong

Jasper007 S says:

looks like it is not worth buying. I got the same one and have mixed feelings about it. If it works, it’s not much better

Jasper Bushey says:

I gonna get one of these cause a room in my house if you just walk into it bam lost connection

Gary Dean says:

The point is, how far away have you placed the extender from the main router. If your extender is in close proximity good results are expected. But where did you place the extender in distance, after all extenders are required for distance?. This is why they’re called ‘wifi extender’. Other than the master bedroom, you’re testing in all the places you seem to be able to obtain a quality connection without an extender. What’s the point in that? Other than the missed required info, good video, clear and you speak well.

Brian Chamberlin says:

Waste of money.

Fresh over the fence says:

so if I put this in my room for example will my WiFi be better in my room while the main WiFi is in the living room and will it be faster?

Mac Pelao says:

the best repeaters are the powerline repeaters.. that way, you get the full speed coming from the house wiring to wherever the repeater is pluged on the other side of the house.

L I C K E Y B O Y says:

This video doesn’t show where the rooms are in correlation to where the router is. shitty review

Tim Schmidt says:

Great video man. I bought a 20 dollar amake WiFi extender off Amazon after watching this video & I couldn’t be more satisfied with it. I bought it so we could get stable internet on the carport & pool area we were only getting about 2 Mbps outside now we are getting 26 Mbps. I have to say the extender has been a God send in our situation & for 20 bucks u can’t go wrong.

Mike Detrevrep says:

Of all the reviewers on extenders you are the youngest, but the only one that got right to the point. The video was simple yet very informative. Thanks.

Andron MacBeton says:

That crap is for retarded people. Normal people use a cable and a second AP.

SoulSolus says:

hey is this product still working for you or did it break after awhile?

Fridgemusa says:

Consumer grade wireless range extenders are shit, do yourself a favour and purchase an Edimax or Ubiquiti extender and save yourself a lot of future headaches! I am a computer technician by trade and even using a third party firmware like OpenWRT or DDWRT can’t improve the shitty hardware in these cheap devices 🙁

Jorge Serna says:

Suckiest technology I have ever used. I go from 70mbs to 4 mb on other side of home. Oh mine is the 750ac.

Works almost identicle in the same room, placed the extender about 30ft away from router and really disappointed me.

Mohamad Akbari says:

Does it make any different if for example my router is from another company except Netgear?! Can I still use it with my router ? My router is from Fritzbox

Damir S says:

It’s mega bits, not mega bytes

Hairy Neck says:

It does work. The pc I have downstairs went from 0.80mbs to 12.00mbs just by using a repeater.

bruce e says:

I bought this for my ring doorbell, weel later ring sent me theirs for free so returned this one. I guess it helps but before i could test it we updated our router and internet speed with fios.

remo spadaccini says:

I used to own one of them. really unstable. never kept a solid connection no matter how far from the router it was and no matter how far I was from the extender. I now used powerline adapters in tandem with a proper good router and I get full speed and also 5ghz

Charly Lopez says:

I have a smart tv in my bedroom but the signal it gets from the router is low. I am thinking of buying a extender, but also I am tempted to try to wire the tv running a ethernet cable from the router to the tv. I think that is the best solution but it’s less practical as you don’t want to see cables running all around your house. Installing an extender is more practical but less good for your health…

Muhammad Bilal says:

totally worth it. bought a tp link TL-WA850RE, main router in the basement and extender on the ground floor. the entire ground floor is covered well by the router and the internet speed is also stable.

john garner says:

YuriyA very good & Informative video. I think I will try the N300. What did you think of the N300 Performance.J.

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