Do Signal Boosters Really Work?

Cell phone signal boosters – Worth it? WeBoost Eqo vs Reach Case (r79x) signal booster review. Is it worth buying a signal booster for cellular service? In this review video, we’ll find out if cell phone signal boosters really work. ▶Buy WeBoost Eqo:

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FireMinerMC says:


Luke Ameen says:


Sagenaruto41 says:

They both seem like trash

Sathana Saetiao says:

Cancer alert.

TheCrazyCrook says:


DynamoTightstar says:

That eqo is a lot of monies! In the England some operators offer wifi messaging and calls but some of them use an app and so your messages and calls go to the app and then when you get signal back they all come through again. Very annoying.

Austin D says:

obviously if its priced at 300 it should freaking work

Graphic Ink says:

Just dropped $600 on the 5000sq foot booster from weboost for my business…stay tuned. soon as I get it hooked up im gonna be dead honest about it!

David Lawman says:

Probably worth it for people living in the woods…

Hiidini Nakashona says:

Best Video On YouTube

Thanks, Dom

Mark S says:

When I saw the antenna slide out of the case, my first thought was that looked fragile. I like the idea of the case better, but with my iPhone 6+ which is already big I would be more open to an amplifier integrated into the case as opposed to anything that increases the size!

wendel says:

just get a booster from your cellphone provider that connects to your router. works alot better then this shitty weboost.

Rajan Raj Yesh says:

No no

Dicky prostate says:

if u have tmobile just tell them u got bad signal then for $25 they’ll send u a booster like that

Onesimus R says:

Too expensive ☹️️

deamondeathstone1 says:

Here in my country we really don’t need stuf like that. The 4G network for all our carriers is nationwide. It is a lot smaller than the US though.

Arturo Fustet says:

1rst world country, you dont have signal. 😀

kundan lohar says:

is that booster work in india

Nikesh Panchal says:

Please can you give me a link to that wallpaper on your iPhone?

Mohammed Suleiman says:

Tried to contact o2 at the UK and they gave me 2 boostbox for free. It boosted the signal from no service to full signal bar with reasonable 3g speed (10mb)

Kaiman Parker says:

How well would the weboost work with using my cell phone as a hot spot? I only have 2 bars at my home with a -106 db signal. I can’t get internet where I live, so I’m debating on using my phone or getting an individual hot spot for internet use as me and my wife can’t live without playing video games online or watching Netflix.

NextTimeTech says:

WeBoost/Wilson signal boosters aren’t that great I’ve tried them myself. I don’t believe they are worth the money, in most cases you can contact your cell phone carrier and they may send you a free micro cell tower that works off of your WiFi at home. If you have AT&T or Sprint they offer free wifi calling now with pretty much all of the newer phones which means if you have wifi in a weak signal area you are then given full service that will work through that wifi signal.
IMPORTANT: as mentioned in Dom’s video in order for the cell booster to work you must have atleast one bar of signal! These boosters are tons of money and you don’t want to have to go through the effort of returning it.

ZiTwix says:

hell yeah got 100 mbps here in sweden with fiber yao.

Demoo Abdul says:

too pricy

Tim datoolman says:

I think I would change carriers before I spent $300 + on a signal booster. Great video!

Daniel Cook says:

Have a similar device in the office I work on. All inside walls,one actually being a lead wall. These boosters def help

JSantana319 says:

I don’t think the signal booster is worth the money when your phone has wifi calling.

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