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Do cell phone signal boosters really work? Absolutely, if you’d like to learn more click here.

There is confusion about signal boosters stemming to nearly 20 years ago when scams sold “signal boosters” which were nothing more than metal stickers. These took your money but did nothing for your signal.

A cell phone signal booster is a sophisticated piece of technology that boosts cellular signal going from the cell tower to your phone and from the phone back to the tower. And before a signal booster can even hit the shelves it must pass through a rigorous amount of testing.

First we must send our boosters to a third party testing facility which runs a gauntlet of tests to ensure that it complies with the Network Protection Standard. From there we get a huge report back which we then send along with a sample of the booster to the Technical Certification Bureau. They double check the test results and if everything passes, submits the booster to the FCC for certification.

If you’re still unsure after all of that check out some reviews:

Check out our Blog post for even more info:


Logan McDonald says:

these video had nothing to do about cell phone boosters like the apps u can download to speed up the WiFi you need to change the name of this video

Ryan Glanzman says:

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joe smoe says:

Love it click on a video so I can click on another video

Ozan says:

Talk faster… You made me yawn!

Timothy Travis says:

we have a family lake house in the mountains of Tennessee. I used T-Mobile barely any signal. my mother-in-law barely gets enough signal to take a call but most likely will drop. would this work to increase are mobile access or is it just waste of time. I heard on the video that it will pick up a weak signal and increase the signal. how true is . I bought it did not like it because it didn’t work the way I wanted it to could I send it back for a full refund.

Vis Celeritas says:

Are you trying to say those stickers dont work? hahah you instantly lost credibility after that. I can tell you first hand they do… probably better than your hocus pocus black box.

kaihtheloner says:

Do you ship to India?

KCircle KL says:

why agc is important? I saw your article explaining this , I quote your explanation “adjust itself dynamically based on the incoming signal to provide the required level of boost on each frequency band”. If incoming signal is weak, AGC will increase the signal strength both ways. This make sense. But when the incoming signal is strong, why is there a need for the AGC to dial back the booster? Isn’t it better to always have strong signal?

Hanspotatoes says:

Never listen to a guy that tell you that is a scam and ours is not.

Fat Lip says:

after watching a video like this i imagine its TOO EXPENSIVE!, more then a huawei router and 11dbi (cant get more) antenna

will this work in europe is another question

KCircle KL says:

and one more question, could you explain what ALC does? Thank you very much

jason molley says:

Your voice is a verbal roofie…

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