DJI Ryze Tello With Xiaomi Mi Repeater Range Extender Flight Test Review

How to increase the Tello drone’s range and improve video quality using a cheap Mi WiFi repeater amplifier. Find the Tello here and find the Mi repeater/amplifier here or here on Amazon . You’ll also need a USB power source to power it Find the Tello here and here is how to setup the repeater

The Mi 2 repeater linked above includes diversity antennas for improved and extended WiFi signal reception. It also amplifies transmitted WiFi signal to also improve range of transmission. The Mi repeater/amplifier is inexpensive and easy to use once it’s been initialized to the drone. You will need to set it up one time using the Mi Home app (available on Google Play here and iTunes here After its initial setup, it will remember the drone, and automatically connect to it when powered. You simply connect to the repeater with your phone, instead of connecting to the drone. Here’s how to use the Mi home app for its first set up

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Ulises Batalla says:

One lame question, please. I have the Repeater working with my Eachine windmill. It’s great but overkill for this little indoor drone. I get a strange toilet bowl effect if I fly near the Repeater. With repeater the video is great. I will just save a little and get a Tello. I wanted one, to begin with, should have just got it. Ok question is what part of the Repeater is the front and which way do the antennas face. What do you think they look like inside?

Vito DiFronzo says:

Great tutorial, thank you. Followed all instructions, and the extended range works great.
**However, there is NO video transmission when using the repeater. Any thoughts on how to remedy?

Dew San says:

Xiaomi 4x its compatible?

ファントム3だよハルおっさん says:

Today from Kagoshima in Japan I introduce the landscape of Kagoshima

Chris Skinner says:

After owning the tello for 6 months. I can tell you without a doubt. It is a piece of shit. The controls are delayed to almost make it unflyable. And the range is horrible. I’m tempted to throw it in the garbage, as no one wants to buy it from me after I let them fly it. It’s trash.

Adam Bridge says:

Suggest you try the repeater and put it half way between you and the drone. It is a repeater as others have said, not a booster (although it clearly does boost the signal over the original setup without it).

Michael Gardner says:

You do great thorough videos with great test demonstrations!

MyGamingReality says:

I bought this drone because of you…. AND IT GREAT!!!

Joshua C says:

My Tello is on its way and I can’t wait. I bet those light poles had transformers or wifi built in for that school/building you were next too as your video seemed a bit choppier than others videos posted to YouTube. I will probably be ordering a WiFi repeater as well. Great video!!

Koneesha says:

Nice video!

James Williams says:

Only problem is if you like to use a real controller (bluetooth) with this it will effect the range. Only solution I’ve found is a third party flight app Atello Pilot with the Gamesir G3S controller from my Yuneec Breeze connected through an OTG cable. (Do not turn the controller on, which will force it to connect through OTG.) I wish Ryze would come out with a Tello 2 which included a real controller and an SD Card in the camera.

Virtual Reality says:

I really hate wifi drones… what happens if your phone crashes during usage ?

Hotwheel 8687 says:

eachine e014 vs tello vs xiaomi mitu….who the best pls suggest before i buy

Akim Seramo_06 says:

Can i added transmitter antenna on the tello ???

Darran hanlon says:

Have you tried elevating the repeater??
How do these little drones go outside in the wind?
As i dont own one im curious about the stability?
Great vid

Elnenerakoon says:

How can I get audio from the Tello. I have an iPad Air 2

Douglas SPRINGALL says:

i tried to use the repeater , could not get the tello plus network on my iphone just got the repeater network . when i try to connect my iphone to the repeater , the tello will not connect , ideas?…

Graham Hill says:

Will the brushed motors reduce the life of the Tello very much?

Thisisshaz Yessir says:

Infact the repeater can boost further if you placed the repeater further from you.. coz you placed the repeater directly near you.

Mas Mohd Sudianto says:

Hi, good day there. Can you give review about LH-X28GWF drone ? I buy one unit of that drone, but don’t really know how to fly it.

Dave Holden says:

ALWAYS a great review Quad 101 (except the repeating of “goal post”/ “light post” – lets just call it a “post” and save the specific naming – LOL) Those who seem to want to use these YouTube reviews to vent their offensive negatives – your entitled to your “opinions” – lame or childish as they might sound. STOP comparing higher priced items to what this drone is. EVERYONE has there OWN pros & cons that suit their “special” way of flying Quads/Drones!!

Zekel Healthcare says:

Awesome thanks


sweet bro

-Johnnie -Walker says:

I’ve just discovered that it’s possible to use the Octopus app on Android devices to map any bluetooth controller buttons to the Tello app, so I will be able to use my Bluetooth Xbox controller to control the Tello drone after all 🙂


like #

Google用户 says:

ubnt repater is bset

Walid Torki says:

Does it work with jxd 528 drone????

Howard Prince says:

Ok you owe me a dollar for every time you said goal post.

Ben V says:

I bought a Ryze Tello to use on holiday for family photos and recording days out etc. The Tello appeared to tick all the boxes in terms of being portable, affordable, reasonable resolution and stable. And indeed it did, if you used it INDOORS ONLY.
My experience is that it is terrible in anything other than a completely still day. It simply can’t cope with even mild breezes. Even then it sits angled into the wind making pics look like you’ve been on the Sangria too long. I tried it on 4 separate calm days but it’s just not up to outdoor flight rendering it fairly pointless I’m afraid.

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