C. Crane’s Super WiFi Repeater System Installation

In this video, we show you the step-by-step setup and installation process of our Super WiFi Repeater System.


RJ rj says:

I set this up today, works great. I did this with the wireless connection. I had to turn off Ghostery spam blocker on Firefox which was not a big deal, just turn it back on after configuration is done.

Rebecca Taliaferro says:

what it the wlan doesn’t light up after you plug the antenna in?

Pau Dal says:


Rudi Warazz says:

dinegara saya masih belum ada, harganya sangat mahal kalau dalam rupiah 😀

IDGAF says:

Using it as a hotspot, Im getting about 2mbps download from my home wifi which is normally 35-38mbps. I want to use my FireTV which requires at bare minimum 10mbps. Will I get faster speeds if I just connect the R36 directly to the FireTV via ethernet??

Bill A says:

This video should be played back at 1.25 speed to sound normal… it’s way too slow imo

William Aguilar says:

It says I don’t need to set up the wifi adapter but I want all the benefits of the long range wifi adapter so do I still need to use the CD and set up for that before following these steps?

Robert O'Connor says:

Dear Bob, The CC Crane white tube antenna is shown attached to RV ladder on website, but in real life clamps are too large…needed to make adapter by cutting 1″ pipe coupler lengthwise as bushing…

msluvtodraw2 says:

I don’t get a list in the site survey even if I’m standing right next to my home wifi router. I’m wondering if setting it up with a laptop is better.

grezinn says:

you need to be on firmware v1.2.1.8 to get this to work can get this here https://www.alfa.com.tw/download_show.php?combo_0=11&combo_1=R36&combo_2=Firmware&keyword=&verify=rm375n&x=46&y=13
now it will let the Crane and the High Power USB-Yagi but it wont let the AWUS036H work after this update to the firmware if you have AWUS036H you need this firmware hope this clears things up did for me and now i can use with all my usb wifi devices

Hope Navajo says:

The repeater should at least have three or four inputs instead of buying separate antennas and repeaters. Hooking up several WiFi antennas to one repeater.

Math Jon says:

can i turn monitor mode with it

Amazing Gracie says:


uchiha suske says:

what iz the hospot for is it for double the speed of yur internet ???or it is normle usb sifi antena

angelisone says:

I am out in the field & I got no AC power.
So this is useless for me?

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