Best RV WiFi for $100! RV WiFi Booster How To Setup And Review

This is a how to and review to install a WiFi Booster System for your RV.

Wifi Antenna.
WiFi Access Point
Cat 5.shielded
Short Cat 5.

It is cost effective under $100 to pull in free WiFi. It takes a bit of setup in the beginning but is a very functional dependable system. For a more simple setup check out these two
Simple booster solution.
Cell and WiFi Booster.


COgal H. says:

Real step by step DIY for a rv. Great idea and terrific implementation. Clear, concise and really helpful. So glad that you have started this new channel, I think it will help many people. 2 thumbs up!

Master Chief 00117 says:

You don’t need a router. You just need Ubiqiti PoE 8 port switch like 8 port 60w 4 lan 4 PoE. As you can add 4 PoE M series devices. Without the need for the PoE injectors. It’s all seamless. Just load the Unifi Switch controller software. Adopt it. Then install airOS 6 for M2 and M5 devices. So you can get both 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz broad band connections. They even MIMO antennas. That can reach 30km As I get gig bit speeds using that setup in my Van. As I install only the Ubiquiti hardware. It’s enterprize grade hardware below consumer grade crap that cost more.

You can build a whole system for less then $350.00. That is the cost off a mid grade consumer router alone in some electronic store. Just add an AP wireless AC- Pro to to the switch and you can stream, GIg a bit video and audio 200′ away. to any of you mobile devices or Smart TV…

Nick Bell says:

How has it worked with RV Park’s Wifi Networks where you have had to create an account and pay for wifi or put in Last Name and Site #?

Were you 1) able to go near the wifi access point with your laptop, create an account/enter details, authenticate & create a wifi connection, then 2) go back to your router, have the router clone your laptop mac address (make it look like the authenticated device) then 3) connect your laptop to your router 4) Enjoy internet

Would that work? Any other solution for when it isn’t just a simple survey, find network, enter passcode, connect?

A Heart Beat says:

Thanks for sharing. Great idea.

Ray Boley says:

The eyes are glazzing over

Richard M says:

At ~4:35, you mention to go to That is on a different LAN than you set up the computer for (i.e. your packet would have to be routed between the networks. This is not going to work with your setup) plus the Ubiquity default for the Nano is This is a good solution if you don’t mind going to the web page for the Nano to change wireless networks. Also, you may need to go to an earlier firmware version if the campground is still using WEP. I ran into this in CO and had to drop back all the way to 5.5.11 as that was the last version to support WEP on the WAN side. Great video as usual. Lots of information and a great solution.

Ken Niles says:

I have successfully installed these devices and I’m satisfied with results. Thank you! The wifi signal in this RV park was sooooo terrrible. Now, it may not be broadband speeds, but it’s reliable and has encryption. I can average 4Mbs download, at worst case, when before, the best was .5 Mbs. Heck i can walk 100 ft away from the RV and still get a decent signal.

I configured the Ubiquiti AP first, verified that I had internet, then connected to the T-Link router / AP. I made a simple stand for the Ubiquiti AP out of 1″ PVC pipe, mounted on top the RV, ran CAT 7 flat ethernet cable, down through the underbelly (fifth wheel), to underneath the inside steps where i placed the POE adapter, T-Link router / AP, a power strip with surge protection – found a vacant spot there. No holes; no drilling. The router / AP (T-Link) is run via short patch cord to the POE adapter.

Dan Wood says:

Great video. If cost wasn’t a factor do you have or personally use another setup? Good internet is important for my business. Thanks. I subscribed and will buy using your affiliate links.

siriusjay says:

I just wanted to to say thank you for the video. I was able to set it up like you did. It works like a charm. Keep up on your videos.

Ken Niles says:

Thanks for the video! I plan to try this soon! Already tried something similar with a couple of TP-Link CPE210’s thinking I could receive and amplify with one , then use the other as basically a wifi router. WRONG! Dealing with a Captive Portal at the RV park could make this a little tricky. I’m wondering if I’ll need to request a new passcode since my MAC address will change?

Homestead Survival says:

I got it up for about 3 minutes once. I can not figure out what happened and why I can not get it to work. I have left Oregon and am currently Rving in New Mexico.
Willing to give you a phone number if you ever wanted to chat and help figure it out.
Otherwise, I will scrap it and buy a WeBoost 4G-X…..
I really am at the end of my ability.

Thank you

RV Fishing Adventures says:

OK, so you are doing something that is NOT being done much at all. I’ll admit when I first heard you were doing a new site, I was skeptical because there are so many review style YouTube channels. But a true DIY channel that shows the whole process of doing a function is something that is needed. And you didn’t cut any corners. I really like this.

I’m an IT guy with an extreme gadget “problem” so I’ve done a few reviews myself, but now that we’re really starting to get into the RV stuff, I’m about to dive into some projects, some of which I haven’t seen much out there that really talks you through the process.

Speaking of which, I should do a video on our Peplink MaxBR. We haven’t got the antenna installed yet so I could do the final install and do a video on that.

Thanks for doing this and I’ll be watching for ideas! 🙂


Brent Fessler says:

where are the short cat 5 used? and the link is to patch cables, is that needed? Can you show a flow chart style setup picture or video of your setup? Thanks

RV Legal Eagle & Paws says:

Is the wire to the outside antenna and the outside antenna weather proof?

Tammie Stephen says:

Thanks for finding a solution at an affordable price.

Eddie M Harris says:

Do you have the Winegard system for wifi and cell or two different system?

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