BEST Cell Signal Booster For RV (Just Released April 2017) weBoost Drive 4G-X RV

The NEW weBoost Drive 4G-X RV cell signal booster package provides the strongest boost available for vehicles and RVs. It comes complete with the antennas, cable and mounting hardware for a DIY install. In the video I explain why this is the best RV mobile booster package I’ve seen yet.

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Disclaimer: WeBoost did not sponsor this video, but they did provide the equipment for a fair and honest review.

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Terry Burns says:

For these products to cost so much, it looks like they could make the output on the interior ant. stronger. I don’t like the idea of be restricted to having to sit on top of the ant. Can this thing be hooked to a router,to then spread the signal throught the RV.

fiddle1999 says:

I Love hearing you say roof lol. Great videos

hypnosiscenter nyc says:

I’m wondering which one to purchase. Planning on traveling on the road
‘very shortly’. I have two t-mobile lines and I have a jetpack in which I
lease a grandfathered Verizon data line from a company. Can this unit
(or is
there a unit) which allows multiple registrations (or no registrations
at all).

Just wondering … drove across the U.S. last week (route 90), yes, in
blizzards, hail … everything mother nature could throw against us, and
just a Verizon Jetpack (no external anttenna) managed to get us
reception except along some Indian Reservations that went on for miles.)

FMTFXE22 says:

Does it have connections to connect it to a mobile router that creates a private local WiFi network?

Richard Haugen says:

Hi Brian. Minro technical question. Isn’t the weboost a “re transmitter” of the signal it receives? Is so, why do you equate the signal strength and bar meter on your phone with the amount of boost received? You’d think it would always be high since you are right next to the weboost retransmitter

Nomadic Native says:

Did you happen to do any testing of the external antenna from inside the RV? I’m going to get one of these but if possible I’d rather mount everything inside the RV. Thanks!

Kathryn Browning says:

Boy this is still awfully pricey.

Gary Quernemoen says:

Great information. Thanks!!

USA4US says:

with so much talk about boats, its great to see the original RV enthusiasm that TITO still provides. your practical support really makes a difference. thanks

The Kelly Corner says:

Thanks … Great product review.

klyonsden says:

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wind up/down that antenna like a TV antenna from inside the RV with a handle, or, an electric motor to do it. Hmmm…May be a project worth attempting.

My life in a van says:

Very helpful. Thank you for sharing.

Nomadic Fanatic says:

Hey Brian. How do you connect to the booster through your phone? More importantly, can I tell my AT&T Velocity Hotspot to use the booster as well? I keep seeing reviews for installation and success stories, but no one has yet to explain the actual act of how to tell my device to use the booster? Is there a new app that links it? Can you explain how I get my devices to recognize the booster? Thanks. (Or does it only work with a cell phone, and not the hotspot wifi?)

Clint Johnson says:

1) antennas are not an exact science
2) Wilson doesn’t give us RVer much help. Checking online, I was told to increase vertical separation 20 feet or 50 feet horizontal (kind of hard to do in an 8 foot tall, 31 foot long trailer.
3) each component has a different connection type and you are expected to be an expert. So, adapters are required.
4) I was lead to believe that the large inside antenna would have been a good upgrade, but it isn’t. So, off to buy more antennas and more adapters, after I figure out what this and that is.
5) The best gain I have gotten from this kit, is to keep the large outside antenna, cause its directional, which allows me to aim slightly away from the cell site (yes, it can work better that way) and then…
6a) use the standard desktop inside antenna thats about the size of a book.
6b) I place my ZTE hotspot very close to it and it works very well.
7) I also carry a magnetic mount antenna, not the littlest one. Which works well on the road…
8) along with the cradle antenna, which I love.
9) On my truck camper, I can stick the magnetic antenna to the plate near the rear, which is over 11 feet off the ground and adapt and run coax into the truck and on to that cradle mount antenna. Amazing results.
10) Another thing to know is although the particular band (there are 4) is in oscillation and power is reduced it is still working. 11) The signal strength will never reach Wilson’s claims, but data speed, especially upload is “holy cow” fast (this coming from a guy that remembers when 1200 bps was high speed dial up)
12) Don’t bother trying to figure out which light (the band) your device is using, it varies per cell site, but sometimes I think I know which is mine. IMO, there should be a manual button or switch to disable particular bands for testing purposes.

Matt Smedley says:

Great video. Did you hardwire to your house batteries?

ginger ware says:

Please vlog the antenna mount install.

Leonard Boscia says:

Thanks for making this and your other videos. Where did you find the tilting bracket to mount the antenna.

CathyAnn says:

This is something I need to know.  Thank you!

Gary Perkins says:

yes. more details thanx

Al D says:

Terrific review as always Brian! I too would like to see your antenna mount build and how you attached it to the roof of your RV. Only one more year before we hit the road RVing, and I expect we’ll seriously start looking at Class C RV’s in about 6 months! I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas……I can’t wait for it to get here!

jim anderson says:

My trailer is permanent parked on our property in Colorado we have no power lines or cable…. looking for options for internet, does anyone any ideas? We do have a 400 watt solar setup with batteries for power and next spring will be adding a wind turbine to add more power to our battery bank. we actually have 4G with anywhere from 2-4 bars of service but I wanted to add my trail camera to the internet and a weather station for when myself and my phone are not there.

Robert P says:

Did you lose vehicle clearance with the new antenna?

T. David Stone says:

Very cool installation! Yes, I too would like to see how you did the installation – EXACTLY how I want to do mine.

Joseph Schmelzer says:

Love the video, dude! So happy I discovered your channel!

Bill Underwood says:

We just purchased the Weboost 4G-X but we’re thinking of returning it because we realized that we perhaps should have purchased the 4G-X RV (we are installing this in our Rialta).

The newer antenna is rated at 2 – 4 dB gain while the one we purchased (magnetic mount) is rated at .5 – 3.1 dB gain so it sounds like the newer version has a better external antenna.

However the newer “Puck” interior antenna has a rating of -.8 – 3.4 dB gain while the older “candy bar” interior antenna has a rating of 1.2 – 4.3 db gain.

Does this mean that the candy bar interior antenna is better?

Mr Rocker says:

Yes please make a more detailed video on the install of this item. This video is one of the most important videos YET regarding RV life.

Alan Stephenson says:

QUESTION….why did you not simply mount the OMNI antenna to the ladder rack and leave it there….more separation, and I would think it would have withstood the “air drag” while driving easily……..your thoughts?

RVwithTito says:

Thanks everyone requesting a video about the antenna mount. I shot the video over the weekend and will try to get it edited and published soon. Cheers! Brian.

rsprklr says:

How did you build the antenna mount?
What kind of adhesive, part number for metal plate and bracket, awesome setup!

Chris Simmons says:

Would one be able to extend the 13′ to much longer and take the indoor antennae to say.. a campfire location temporarily and then run it back inside when staying indoors? Is the 13′ cable just a regular coax cable?

Steve Blanck says:

Should I just wait for the 5G equipment?

PIMA20132770579 says:

To bad it costs 500 dollars. May as well charge 1000 or 10,000. Too much profit. I can afford it but refuse to let weeripyouoff charge me that much.

Trz Charlie says:

Thanks for the insight. We need one on our RV soon.

Richard Flores says:

I also would like to see your antenna mount build.

Anita Turner says:

new to your channel, this is a great idea. I will look into this once I get my RV this fall

Joe Knapp says:

Brian,  How effective is the new or old weBoost antenna when you park your RV in and around trees?  I seldom camp in a wide-open field. Thanks

jim anderson says:

Question…. If i used the antenna then my hots pot would that improve the other phones signals?

RV Habit says:

Great video Brian. This is a much better solution than the previous Weboost RV kits. Unfortunately it really is out of the price range for your typical RV’er that does not full time. Do I want one?–Yes. Hopefully price will come down a little bit to make this more justifiable.

Tiny Solar Shack says:

Someone may have already commented, but for every 2.2db of added gain the power sensitivity of the antenna doubles. Example: we will use watts as a measure of signal. If your antenna had 6db of gain you might have 10watts of signal strength. By adding 2db that would become 20watts. 2db more would be another factor doubling it to 40watts etc. making it Omni directional is tasty icing on the cake with far fewer adjustments and knowledge needed. My only recommendation is keep the antenna vertical and mounted up above say a metal wall. This will keep the signal pattern equal in all directions.

Richard Betzwieser says:

Yes show the mount build and a parts list please. Thanks!

Joyce'sRVLegacy says:

I too would appreciate a step by step for the antenna mount. Thanks

Daryl Hawkins says:

Great video Tito!

Do you think the antenna can be mounted to a receiver hitch mounted type flag pole?

I don’t require its use while on the move, just when parked up..

Louis N. Batides says:

Great video, much appreciated! Great ideas!

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