Alfa Network Wifi Booster + Repeater Mac Compatible

Improve laptop wifi connection with a wifi booster. The Alfa Network Wifi Booster and Repeater is compatible with Mac and this review will go into detail of how it works. Access more wifi networks and increase wifi speed with these two products.

Full Review:

Disclosure: TechnoRV provided the Alfa WiFi Booster and Repeater free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review represents our own opinions of the product.

Alfa Network Wifi Booster:

Alfa Network Wifi Repeater:

Top 10 Must Have Gadgets for RVing:

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DiGiTaLLi says:

compatible kali linux?

Todd Reimer says:

Looked for you & Kait at the stock holders meeting. Hope you stayed dry!

Neal Davis says:

Very interesting stuff, Joe! Thank you! 🙂 Thank you, too, for the video! 🙂

ZeebNinja says:

Nice video but it sounded like a paid advertisement. Did you get this setup free for doing this video?

Julian Tan says:

So is it compatible for Macbooks especially el capitan?

crazzi-j north says:

I’d like to see a full tour of your rv

The Deprey's says:

we have the same setup love it

A B says:

I noticed your booster and repeater are both white….the pics im finding of the booster show it to be “green” …I want to buy the white one…where on amazon can I get a white one? did they change the color of them or is there different colorsof them?

roberto abrams says:

Wow, that seems like a really nice addition to your “Must have gadgets”! You’re absolutely right about having a proper line of sight when dealing with digital signals! Im very glad you’re happy overall with your new product Joe! This should be a added bonus when exporting videos in those more remote areas…Cheers buddy!

Nirvana Urantian says:

What comes to mind is line of sight, directional antenna, high frequency, water, signal loss thru cabling and parabolic antennae.

Rich T. says:

Nice review Joe.

The Fosters says:

Thought this was just what I needed so I ordered the booster and repeater. It arrived quickly and I set it up but could not get it working. I put a call in to TechnoRV–turns out the only person who does tech support on these is the owner who was at a rally all week. We finally connected but he was not able to help. He put a call into his supplier for assistance but they hadn’t gotten back to him almost a week later. So sadly I am returning the booster and repeater for a full refund. I may have received defective equipment but the owner says that’s rare. In any event, I am still shopping for something that will work.

Luc Rousseau says:

I just bought a similar set up with the Alfa r36, what transfer speed did you get, mine are really slow?!

ka1133 says:

I appreciated the review. Being an Apple user this has caught my attention. I’ll check out TechnoRV’s web site and consider this for future use while travelling. My biggest issue right now is ordering anything from the US because of the high exchange rate on CDN dollar. Currently running around 30%. OUCH!!! That is what prevented me from heading south this past winter when the rate was as high as 48%. :O . Hopefully it will level off soon.

PS: I just checked out TechnoRV’s site and the prices were not as bad as I expected. That is actually doable even with the exchange rate. 🙂

RV Habit says:

We bought the Alfa Camp Pro Kit. Comes with everything you need. I’ve used it for almost a year. Super reasonable cost compared to competitors and works great. Stay safe.

RV Circus says:

Thanks for sharing! We’ve been considering a WiFi booster and this was some helpful info.

Sozo says:

Nice review. Have you considered a roof mounted solution? They can be even better and more powerful especially with the line of site issues you mentioned.

Roger Olivier says:

I have the same setup, (R36 + awus036h), for very long distances you can use a 20ft telescopic pole with a Yagi 25db connected to your awus036h.PS. The Alfa awus036h although it’s “only” a B/G adapter, it’s the most sensible I ever tested so far. Wonderful !Thanks for the review !Cheers,Roger.

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